Home; News; Event; Newsletter; Organization; Historical Background; About DOA; Link; Welcome to DOA. [5], The DOF's budget was 4,094 million baht in FY2019, down from 4,457 million baht in FY2018. 320 Huaypong, Muang, Rayong 21150, Thailand . Department of Agriculture DOA Thailand. Facebook. Thailand is a leading food exporter: rice is the chief export, accounting for about 17.5 percent of all food exports, followed by chicken, sugar, processed tuna, tapioca flour, and shrimp. DAC&FW Organisation. ThailandToday: Department of Livestock Development will reduce the use of antibiotics in livestock. A royal proclamation on 22 September 1921 gave the Ministry of Lands and Agriculture responsibility for aquaculture, preservation of aquatic animals, and regulating fishing equipment. 2535 (1992), The Enhancement and Conservation of National Environmental Quality Act, B.E. Thailand’s free trade agreements with China, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Japan, Korea, Peru, and India have made U.S. products less … Bangkok Post RSS 'Rung', 'Penguin' freed on bail 19/10/2020. A court has granted bail for three protesters, includin […] Kaset intersection rally ends peacefully … Welcome to DOA. Welcome to DOA. E-mail: jinnajar_h@yahoo.com Tel: +6638 681 515. Welcome to DOA. การพิจารณาใหม่และการทบทวนค าตัดสิน PDF [460 KB, 3 pages] Tests applied to risk food . Director General. About DOA. Department of Agriculture, Cooperation & Farmers Welfare, Soil Health Card. The Act Governing the Right to Fish in Thai Waters, B.E. Its mission statement makes no mention of illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, the responsibility of other agencies such as the Ministry of Labour. Thailand's Department of Fisheries, part of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, is responsible for the promotion the Thai fishing industry while ensuring the sustainability of aquaculture and capture fisheries. 50 Phaholyothin Rd., Ladyao, Chatuchack, Bangkok 10900, Thailand. 2490 (1947) Revised in 1953 and 1985. 2535 (1992)", "The Enhancement and Conservation of National Environment Quality Act, B.E.2535 (NEQA 1992)", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Department_of_Fisheries_(Thailand)&oldid=955891117, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Department of Aquatic Animal Conservation (1926), Royal Ordinance on Fisheries B.E. Its mission statement makes no mention of illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU), the responsibility of other agencies such as the Ministry of Labour.[2]. E-mail: suwit.c@doa.in.th , suwit.doa60@gmail.com Tel: +6629 405 412 'Feld Team' fuer … Thailand's largest export markets are Japan, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Locally consumed foods earn two trillion baht annually in the domestic market. Dr. Suwit Chaikiattiyos. 2482 (1939), This page was last edited on 10 May 2020, at 10:43. Thailand's food exports accounted for 2.5 percent of the world food trad… These are the most salient according to the FAO:[4]:Legal framework, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (Thailand), illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, "Fishery and Aquaculture Country Profiles: The Kingdom of Thailand", "Thailand's Budget in Brief Fiscal Year 2019", "Royal Ordinance on Fisheries B.E. 2560 (2017)", "Royal Ordinance on Fisheries B.E.2558 (2015)", "The Wildlife Reservation and Protection Act, B.E. It conducts, compiles, and disseminates research and technologies to further those aims. [2][4]:Institutional framework, DOF's central administration is composed of 24 units. Thailand's food exports average one trillion baht annually. การทดสอบที่ใช้กับอาหารเสี่ยง PDF [416 KB, 4 pages] Tests applied to surveillance food. The Department of Aquatic Animal Conservation was established on 21 September 1926. Fisheries Act B.E. [6], Many laws deal with aspects of Thai fisheries. 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