My skin is quite while and quite fat . I'm an average built girl and oriental skin. People who are generous like to help others by giving them things. I’m a girl, I’m 15 yo. l'm a girl with blue eyes. So, you’ve got a brother? Is being vegan more environmentally friendly. l look cute. The pretty girl with the long, brown hair. But you get used to be alone. I'm a little tall and thin, i have brown eyes and dark brown hair.

They’ve both got short brown hair, green eyes and big ears! I am tall and thin, too. I'm not tall not short. Well i am an ordinary teenager, YO. l'm average high . My skin is very pale. I'm not tall too much. l'm a girl . l'm 15 years old . How to describe people - Appearances. i'm 12, i'm a pretty girl with a long black hair, big brown eyes, small nose and white teeth.

You wrote that you are 12 years old. l'm a girl . Aurelia: Who’s that boy over there, Hannah? I’m short and sporty. Aurelia: They’re not big, I think they’re cute. This means we can't publish any more of your comments, but you can still use the website and do the activities :-), You can also use the LearnEnglish Kids website! Hi, I'm a boy with black hair, I am also tall. I have an oval face with black hair and big eyes. I am fourteen years old, I am tall, thin, I have brown hair and brown eyes. Thanks for your comments on LearnEnglish Teens. im tall boy,i have brown eyes and a black hair, i'm happy to myself, Hello, I'm a little chubby. Here is a list of English Adjectives to describe someone’s personality. i am very motivated to do exercise because i have a goal. Im tall too! Hannah: Alex and Jem are twins, they’re both 15. i am a tall girl i am thin i've got brown, big eyes and a long black hair . Oh, don't answer because I know you guys will say "Yes".

A person’s character is their personality, who they are on the inside. Do the preparation exercise before you listen. I've got straight, black hair, it's a little short. Aurelia: Has Alex got a girlfriend? My mom says I'm very beautiful when I'm make up a bit. When you talk about someone, you might mention what they are like as a person. Hi!

I have freckles. IMPORTANT: In American English is it usual to use the structure "He/She has (long hair)" when describing, however in British English the most common structure is "He/She has got (long hair)" ', If you want to revise how we use the present simple in English check out this Grammar video:, Best wishes, JoEditor (LearnEnglish Teens Team). So I usually wear T-shirts, jeans, and sneakers because they make me comfortable a lot. Listen to the conversation and do the exercises to practise and improve your listening skills. Then do the other exercises to check your understanding. They are a pleasure to be with and always seem to be smiling. Describing Someone’s Character and Personality. My eyes are green.

Learn English Basics. I´m tall and thin and also I have got long black hair.I´m only child but that could be boring because you don´t have anyone to play. You can find it Play Wordshake and see how many points can you get in three minutes.... © British Council The United Kingdom's international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. My eyes are grey-blue and round. I have short black hair, I have brown eyes, I´m short , I think I will do this activity well. This website is for children aged 5-12, so if you join this website, you can also write comments. I've big eyes, tall nose. These people are usually also friendly and generous. This website is specially for teenagers aged 13-17 years old. Personalities and appearance

My skin is quite while and quite fat . My friends say I look like a little cute bean. Jem and Alex. 2. Hi. l look cute I am tall and thin, my eyes are dark brown like my wavy and short hair, I am short, I have short black hair, I have black eyes and I am neither skinny nor fat.

Hannah: No, I’ve got two brothers. I have short ginger hair. Hannah: Yes, and that’s his girlfriend Lucy.