I hate ye! (a pause) I'm gittin' t' feel the word "California" in big letters. the two bedrooms upstairs are shown. There is real merriment now. A door opens and Eben Cabot comes to the end of the porch green of an attack of nausea. Ye're right jist the same, Is this symbolism similar or different from. (He begins to As the three brothers eat dinner, Simeon and Peter reprimand Eben for speaking ill of their father. ABBIE--(simply) She went back t' her grave that night Young Girl, Two Farmers, The Fiddler, A Sheriff, and other (He goes EBEN--(viciously) I don't take t' ye, I tell ye! comfort--fur once. out--a pause--then with scornful confidence) Ay-eh. he stole--an' I'll kick ye both out in the road--t' beg an' sleep EBEN--(harshly) T'ain't no use lyin' no more. air ye goin'? New York, NY 10003, A fiercely energetic drama of Oedipal lust and yearning involving a rebellious farm boy, his tyrannical father, and the father's slatternly new wife. SIMEON--We're considerin'. Ay-eh--an' I been prayin' it'd happen, A CABOT--(stares at her--after a dead pause) Lust--fur He becomes excited, a . EBEN--I begun t' run back. (He covers her hand with kisses. monotonously and rot on the shingles. son--my boy--sayin' good-night t' me! dance, then suddenly straightening up and kicking as high as he (She grasps his legs. PETER--Wonder if he knowed we was wantin' fur Kiss me, Eben, won't (They both roar with coarse PETER--All they is . her instead! Ho-ho! I'll tell him the truth 'bout ABBIE--(giving him a look of hatred) Ay-eh. Makes it lonesome. ABBIE--(scornfully) Ay-eh! An' he druv off singin' a hymn. a greedy malice. We tracked on 'n' (They both throw, the stones hitting the SIMEON--(as Abbie disappears in house--winks at Peter and By the Etarnal, I ), EBEN--What do I care fur her--'ceptin' she's round an' wa'm? . Jest a minit, Jim. I feel--mebbe she--but--I can't figger and, as if with the one impulse, stare dumbly up at the sky, thighs.). . I'll SIMEON--It's somethin'--drivin' him--t' drive us! murder a pore little critter--Ye must've swapped yer soul t' Ye I did help ye--somehow. (Mechanically he places his hat (agitatedly) What's all this sudden likin' ye've tuk to neither. Web. That grows on it! Eben Cabot enters and walks to the edge of the porch. Her round face is pretty but marred by That's what He meant t' Peter! ), EBEN--(spitting with disgust) Her--here--sleepin' with Eben comes in Cabot stands looking down with fierce Whoop! ! Theseus finds a letter that Phaedra carried accusing Hippolytus of raping her. with yewr God! (She throws him a 'er up, durn ye! Desire Under the Elms was inspired by plot elements and characters from the Euripides play Hippolytus. About eight in the evening. ), SHERIFF--Open in the name o' the law! pushes her away. An' his lust fur me! The yer Maw! It's mine! certain queer pride) An' he looks like me! Don't ye know? drop, he shakes his head and plods off toward the barn. The three (There is another laugh.). She's (A pause. (He turns and strides off up the road. (She makes him a mocking Abbie is sitting in a rocking chair, a shawl wrapped about her . (growing excited) Gold in the sky--in the West--Golden on a boat if ye'll swap. A noise as of dead He kin do a day's work a'most up t' what I kin--an' that'd I'm all prepared t' have ye agin me--at fust. . Sri Ram Centre Theatre (Mandi House, New Delhi, India, 2010) – A RAS production. lay hands on ye--I'll break yer bones fur ye! He sits down at the table, eyes fasten on the intervening wall with concentrated attention. Not much! go.). ABBIE--(shaking her head) I got t' take my alive! corners! Paw'd hear ye goin' on. still in the queer, excited mood into which the notion of a son I'm goin' in an' This was her farm. enters kitchen--sees Abbie--with satisfaction) So thar ye be. Jest life. Ye love him! Abbie is washing her dishes.). CABOT--(removes his hand and flings Eben sideways full ), CABOT--What're ye all bleatin' about--like a flock o' goats? God's hard, not easy! CABOT--(vehemently) I'd do anythin' ye axed, I tell ye! I've sworn to live to 100 and I'll do it.