(Parsons 378-379). It’s when you start saying “amond” to people outside of the industry that you start getting funny looks.

UCANR’s Joe Connell, UCCE farm advisor emeritus in Butte County, is a California native but wasn’t raised on “amonds.” The first time he heard that pronunciation was when he became an intern at the cooperative extension in Butte County in the Spring of 1978 when he was placed with an almond advisor. In the nutrition department, almond flour and almond meal are basically identical, according to Cara Harbstreet, RD, dietitian and creator of Street Smart Nutrition. Then I moved to Chico for college and went to work as a student laborer at the Chico State Farm, which has about 70 acres of almonds, and I found out that they said “amond” up there too! “And the guy said, ‘What do you mean, wanuts?’”, “So I said, well if you shake the ‘L’ out of almonds then you should shake the ‘L’ out of walnuts too, so they’d be ‘wanuts.’”. Another defense is usually a comparison to other similar words in the English language, like the word salmon: “You don’t say ‘SALLmon,’ you say ‘sah-mon.'”. gluten-free almond flour shortbread cookies. “I hear it throughout the San Joaquin Valley as well.”. Ground almonds are made of whole almonds with the skin intact, which are ground to form a coarse meal. It is also low in carbohydrate, which means it’s a much healthier substitute for wheat. ( Log Out /  UCANR’s David Doll, pomology farm advisor for Merced County and a major contributor to The Almond Doctor, has been working with almond growers throughout California for the University of California Cooperative Extension for eight years now. Dairying . Although the almond meal is also made by grinding almonds, it has darker color because the almonds have their skin on during the grinding process. BOTH pronunciations were listed under the word “ALMOND.”. “If you go down to Kern County, you don’t hear it as much, but they’ve been farming almonds for about 50 years, so I think it has something to do with the regional ties.”.

When it comes to almonds, though, the early Dutch immigrants are one of the few who have tended to stand out in the “amond” pronunciation. .

Almonds are a type of tree nut that is known for being produced in the largest quantities and it is the most concentrated with nutrients. The influx of almond products—especially in the baking aisle—though, might leave you with some questions, like: What the heck is the difference between almond flour vs. almond meal? In this case it would be drier and contain less of the healthy fats and oils found in almond flour and raw almonds. . An almond coated with sugar, made around 1200, was the first apparent record of confection that was made for nonmedical consumption. Almond meal, & almond flour are both finely ground almonds, and there is no official difference between the two. I contacted some of UCANR’s almond advisors and interviewed them on their knowledge of where people say amond and almond in California. ( Log Out /  How-to Craft an Engaging Facebook Post for the UC Master Gardener Program, John Bidwell: The Life & Legacy of a California Pioneer. The light texture of almond flour means it is ideal for baking good with fluffier consistencies, for example for baking cookies, treats, muffins and cakes.

Almond meal differs quite drastically from almond flour in texture and appearance because it uses raw, unpeeled almonds, which are ground with their skins on, says Kleiner. “The [almond] acreage really started taking off in the 1970s and a lot of new areas began developing in the San Joaquin Valley when the California Water Project came down there,” he said.

“Since almond flour does not include the skin of the almonds, it looks more similar to wheat flour than almond meal," Kleiner says. . This drier consistency makes it the perfect component to bake macaroons. The properties of almond flour often in baked goods with more flavor and moisture. ), Place the almonds in a high-power food processor or blender (such as a, Seal your flour in an airtight container and store in the fridge or freezer for up to two months. Instead, try to use almond meal in salty and savory dishes that can mask any potential bitterness. So too are descendants of the wave of Armenian immigrants who began arriving in the Fresno area in the 1890s and took early control of the dried-fruit industry. But Who’s Right?“. Get started with these delicious, gluten-free almond flour shortbread cookies by Food Faith Fitness. The entire purpose of this project is to find out, once and for all (if at all possible) who, where, when and/or why the L-less pronunciation of the word “almond” stemmed from in California. (Okay, eating trends like gluten-free, vegan, paleo, keto, low-carb and dairy-free, certainly aren't hurting, either.). I Say Almond, You Say Am-end. . Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Whether you opt for a store-bought almond flour or almond meal, just make sure the product you choose contains only almonds. The Difference Between Bronchitis Vs.

But mechanization and new irrigation techniques like overhead sprinklers and drip irrigation changed job patterns and brought increased demands for skills and higher wages. Almond-based everything—from almond milk to almond flour and almond meal—is seriously coming after wheat and dairy's primo positions in the grocery store aisles. Please note: comment moderation is enabled and may delay your comment. The principal occupations that the Dutch of Ripon followed were dairying, including creameries, and the operation of almond orchards (Miller 185-186). It is light with a cream colour. (Moisture will affect the texture of your flour. Only a few years ago Filipinos were still the most numerous group of field-workers in the asparagus fields of the delta. And can you use the two interchangeably? The terms can be used interchangeably. So you can actually visualize where people say almond and amond in California. The consistency of ground almonds is also much rougher and denser. Allow the almonds to dry completely. Today Nisei repatriates from World War II internment camps are among the most successful growers in the valley. Ripon is also one of many Central Valley towns that predominantly uses the “amond” pronunciation. . Keep your taste buds and your wallet (this stuff ain't cheap) happy, and keep the following differences between almond flour vs. almond meal in mind during your next kitchen experiment. Because almond meal is crumbly, it makes a great gluten-free breadcrumb for coating fish, chicken, and more, says Kleiner. Ever since I moved to Ripon when I was 13, I came into contact with people who called almonds “AHmonds,” without the L. Countless arguments with friends rarely yielded any substantial reason for the specific pronunciation, other than the old almond grower’s joke “It’s an ‘almond’ in the tree and an ‘amond’ on the ground because it got the L shaken out of it!” Almond flour has a smooth texture and light colour, similar to regular flour, since it is made from finely ground blanched almonds. It is also a suitable alternative for gluten-sensitive digestive systems. Why trust us? Women's Health participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites.
. On the other hand, almond meal is made from whole raw almonds that are ground to form a granular meal. In fact, originally he thought “amond” was just something people said in Modesto. I built a survey and a website to house it, along with a backstory of my hypothesis (and other people have actually come to a similar conclusion as mine by the way), along with an interactive map with data points from the survey. Almond flour is made of finely-ground, blanched almonds, which means the almonds have been boiled in order to easily remove the skin, says Rima Kleiner, RDN, dietitian and creator of Smart Mouth Nutrition. Think about it: You’d be cleaning your Vitamix constantly. (Almonds' fat content can make flour stored at room temperature go rancid.