These are all a result of the original "United States" being thought of as a loose coalition of the former colonies with the states being the primary powers and the federal government being much less relevant. In Murray Leinster's story "Sidewise in Time" time fractures bringing dinosaurs to the suburbs and other mixed up time zones. Alaska is fused with the Canadian territories to form another Inuit province, or the Russians take it back. Even the naming conventions in the United States hint at a looser union than actually exists. The USA will then recieve an event which will turn it into the CSA. Technical Specs . In the 1920s there were two different proposals that involved Chicago splitting off from the rest of Illinois. In the 2002 edition of the Encyclopedia of Stateless Nations, the author defines a stateless nation as a group that self identifies as a distinctive group, displaying outward trappings of a national identity (especially, but not always, a flag) and the formation of political pressure groups for great autonomy. After the civil war era, if militancy rises too high or democracy fails in America giving way to other governing systems (whether dictatorship, communism revolution or monarchy) this event will fire and the chances of separatists rebellions rise dramatically. There may appear new rebel countries out of the US continental states like the CSA, the Free States, the California Republic, The Pueblo Nation, Texas and others with their own cores and the chance to fight wars of reunification. One is trying to reunite them, by any means possible. The player can enact special decisions during the course of the war which represent real strategies by the US designed to end the war, such as the Anaconda plan. This is demographics at work—until the 20th Century South Florida was economically useless, much of it being swampland. The backstories of the game mention that nations were constantly rising and falling during the last days of Earth, meaning that the CSA, and the USA coexisted, or the USA became the CSA, or something wild. CSA Leadership set to 80. Individual American states can secede and possibly re-unite the CSA or the northern Free States of America, engaging the old USA in a second civil war for control over America's destiny. Historically, though, scenarios like this, An interesting historical footnote: When Congress started debating the Kansas–Nebraska Act (or maybe it was the Missouri Compromise), some senators from the north threatened to secede from the Union in protest against the way the debate was going. Cascadia is more of a thought experiment than an actual effort to secede, but this is a cession of Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia (and sometimes Northern California as well) from their governments into a separate, socially liberal, environmentalist nation. By the end of the trilogy both Manhattan and Texas are back under control. The Mormon church and the population of the mountain west establish a quasi-theocratic society called Deseret in Utah and the surrounding areas. FSA capital set to Philadelphia. Starts war with CSA using Annexation wargoal. the ghetto sectors are used for plague testing. (points to most of the northwest, labeled "Loveless Land") And a little piece for me to retire on. Documentation may be of general technical interest or specific to CSI Software application. Leading up to the Civil War numerous events will fire, such as Debating the Copperheads, and the Knights of the Golden Circle, which will increase Consciousness among American POPs (Dixie for anti-slavery decisions, Yankee for pro-slavery decisions). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Much like Texas, a certain number of Vermonters still cling to the notion that they have the right to secede, and an active secessionist movement there is "committed to the peaceful return of Vermont to its status as an independent republic and more broadly the dissolution of the Union". So far it's gone nowhere. Oregon, Washington, northern California, and sometimes British Columbia, and discovers he's not capable of keeping the various blocs he's been appeasing from just leaving, Texas, New Mexico, California, Arizona revolve a México, Texas being broken off and renamed Houston, make himself leader of a country called Angelica formed from the Southwest plus Mexico, this is viewed as 'treason' against Heartland, splinter faction of a bigger post-governmental faction, Texas Constructs U.S. Border Wall To Keep Out Unwanted Americans, Pearcy's strategy groups cities together based on population centers, shared services, and similarity of lifestyle (for example, the New York metro area would be one state, rather than expanding into New Jersey and using bits of Connecticut and Pennsylvania as suburbs), so they would make reasonable estimates of the territory each neo-state could control. Even more confusing is that North Florida is considered part of the South, while the more recently developed South Florida is considered 'yankee'. There's a website for the Cascadian independence party. After the End settings can sometimes have this on a more-factured scale, with a bunch of city-states that barely have any contact outside the random trade route. Everything About Fiction You Never Wanted to Know. A highly symbolic move is to break up the Union. He is set free to return to the Union in order not to exacerbate the tensions between the two nations. Video Codec: x264 ,AVC-1 Video Bitrate: CRF 20 Video Resolution: 1280x720 Video Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Audio Codec: AC3 Audio BitRate: 384 kbps Audio Streams: 2.0 Audio Languages: English RunTime Per Part: 78 min Number Of Parts: 1 Part Size: 1.66 GB Ripped by Hukumuzuku [] Links[] Release (torrent) [] Related DocumentariesOh Canada - Our … There are many cultural, economic, and military factors to discourage such a split, and all but the fringiest of U.S. regional and factional interests seem agreed to pursue their interests through the shared democratic process. Many peninsular citizens have proposed secession, either as a state or as their own county. Examples of Divided States of America include: All The Tropes Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. If they had actually done it, the. Any owned province which has USA cores but not CSA cores, or any province neighboring FSA with USA cores and Yankee culture will get FSA cores on them. The CSA is released with all cores except Missouri, West Virgina, and Washington. Welcome to the CSI Knowledge Base. Just. The state was to be run by their own constitution and ruled by their own people in a effort to take back some of which was taken by them before. For the 2000 start date the president is Bill Clinton. Yankee added as accepted culture. Additionally, once the war is over, draft effects for both countries will be removed. This can be combined with some form of Punk Punk. California didn't last. Starts war with FSA using Annexation wargoal. Anime and Manga . The name of the country, the "United States of America" is a phrase describing the political union rather than the name of a State per se. Once this event occurs, FSA cores will begin to spread across the USA anywhere where there aren't CSA cores. The new and smaller nations, without the tempering influence of what voters on the opposite side of the continent think, will be able to run free with their own agendas, resulting in a bit of cultural Flanderization that might actually seem justified. Odds are, most of them won't resemble the smoking husks they were built on at all, unless it was a Cozy Catastrophe. The United States of America (Normalized as America or the US) is a country in North America in the Millenium Dawn mod. As a bonus, your Hollywood Atlas will seem a lot more authentic. Historically, though, scenarios like this, An interesting historical footnote: When Congress started debating the Kansas–Nebraska Act (or maybe it was the Missouri Compromise), some senators from the north threatened to secede from the Union in protest against the way the debate was going. Ultimately however, slavery cannot be abolished in the US until the Civil War occurs, for better or worse. FSA has a Status Quo wargoal. However, the general antipathy between the Northern and Southern portions of the state predates the Civil War at least, and likely has to do with the massive differences in Economics, as South Florida mainly focused on Cattle, Sugar and Shipping, while North Florida and the Panhandle were heavily invested in Plantation agriculture and King Cotton. One is trying to reunite them, by any means possible. CSA has a Status Quo wargoal. Maybe the country was broken up by foreign invaders, dissent with a powerful government led to a break, or maybe regional separatism and nationalism took hold as it kind of did last time. For whatever reasons, the country has now consists of many smaller nation-states.