He leads me beside still waters He restoreth my soul When you become a believer Your spirit is made right And sometimes, the soul doesn't get the notice It has a hole in it Due to things that's happened in the past Hurt, abuse, molestation But we wanna speak to you today and tell you That God wants to heal the hole in your soul Some people's actions is not because their spirit is wrong But it's because the past has left a hole in their soul May this wisdom help you get over your past And remind you that God wants to heal the hole in your soul I have my sister Le'Andria here She's gonna help me share this wisdom And tell this story, Lord Deliver me 'Cause all I seem to do is hurt me Hurt me, yeah, Lord Deliver me 'Cause all I seem to do is hurt me Yes sir Hurt me, yeah, yeah (I know we should be finishing but) Sing it for me two more times Lord Deliver me 'Cause all I seem to do is Hurt me  Hurt me (One more time), Yeah, Lord Deliver me 'Cause all I seem to do is hurt me, yeah Hurt me, yeah Whoa, yeah And my background said (Whoa-whoa, Lord, deliver me) God rescued me from myself, from my overthinking (Deliver me) If you're listening out there Just repeat after me if you're struggling with your past and say it (Oh, Lord oh) Let the Lord know, just say it, oh (Oh, Lord, Lord) He wants to restore your soul He said (Deliver me) Hey If My people, who are called by My name Will move themselves and pray (Deliver me) Seek my face, turn from their wicked ways I will hear from Heaven Break it on down So it is, it is so, Amen Now when we pray We wanna end that with a declaration, a decree So I'm speaking for all of you listening Starting here, starting now The things that hurt you in the past won't control your future Starting now, this is a new day This is your exodus, you are officially released Now sing it for me Le'Andria, I'm saying goodbye (This is my Exodus) To the old me, yeah (This is my Exodus) Oh, oh, oh (Thank You Lord) And I'm saying hello (Thank You Lord) To the brand new me, yeah (Thank You Lord) Hey, hey, hey-yeah This is (This is my Exodus) I declare it (This is my Exodus) And I decree (This is my Exodus) Hey this is, this day, this day is why I thank You Lord (This is my Exodus) (Thank You Lord) Around (Thank You Lord) For you and for me (Thank You Lord) Yeah-hey-hey-yeah Now, Lord God (This is my Exodus) Now Lord God (This is my Exodus) The things sent to break me down (This is my Exodus) Yeah, hey, (Thank You Lord) (Thank You Lord) Hey-hey-hey, hey-hey-hey, hey-hey-hey, hey-yeah Every weapon  (Thank You Lord) God, You, You, You to me, there for me, Deliver Me (This is My Exodus) Lyrics - Donald Lawrence. Lyrics to 'Deliver Me (This Is My Exodus)' by Donald Lawrence & The Tri-City Singers Feat.