Iniya Ravi Kishan. You can update your channel preference from the Settings menu in the header menu. Drona Movie Review: Critics Rating: 3.0 stars, click to give your rating/review,Guru comes in as a physics teacher in a government school. Drona is a 2020 Kannada Film stars Naturally the technical side of the movie are also fine with Ekambaram creating some good visuals and Don Max, opting for only the needed cuts. Malayalam movie drona 2010 Story, Malayalam movie drona 2010 Plot and Malayalam movie drona 2010 Dialogues A K Sajan juggles between a gory tale of revenge and a mystic story that brims over with vedic chants and black magic.

Visit BharatMovies for cast & crew, photo gallery, songs, videos and reviews of Drona. drona 2010 is directed by shaji kailas and starring Mammootty and Mammootty. You can add it using the "Add Missing Songs" button above. Trailers. OVERVIEW; REVIEWS; GALLERY; They say, without a striking clincher, the spectacular build up simply isn't worth much. Thankfully those technical ploys that had almost become a trademark in his films are kept to the minimum here. Drona Release Date is 06-03-2020 and Drona running time is 120 Min, © 2020 Even then, the kicks that it delivers are not strong enough, and there is always a sense of something seriously lacking throughout. Copyright @ 2020 It's here that the film loses its grip; there are too many of those crooks and their henchmen to tackle and a screaming ghost to boot. , Even after an array of flops, it seems that director Shaji Kailas has not yet figured that style and substance alone cannot make a good, commercial potboiler. The base thread of `Drona' doesn't have that zing to keep you hooked into the screen for most parts. With full of references to Brahmin ethos, rituals, mantras, and with plenty of  flashbacks and sub lines,  the movie digs up mysteries after mysteries which can be pretty confusing at times. Drona Kannada Movie Official Trailer. , What essentially needed is a promising story that can make the viewers sing-to its tunes and wonder at its narratives. Mammottys character Kunjunni is very passionate about old houses like this. The story fails, and massively so. Navya Nair is featured in a small role while Kaniha seems misfit as the village belle. This is also a treat for all his fans, for his looks and performance as he breathes some life to a comatose script. Ravi Kishan Produced by DS Rao. And now arrives Patatzhi Madhavan, his elder brother who lives like a sanyasi, to clear off the mystery that is surrounding the house of horror. When it comes to the account, there are some grave lapses in continuity that absolutely flusters the viewers. Drona Kannada Movie Official First Look … Shaji Kailas' … The former half of the movie is the better with spectacular built ups but is not complemented with any good backup in the later half.