audience experience suffering vicariously and leave the theatre feeling uplifted. The two characters never interact with one another, which makes the staging interesting and challenging. "Duet for One (The First Lady of the Land)" – 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Written by Tiffany Weagly-Wilkie. life. a patient in obvious distress. Post-... Beaumont Street, Oxford, UK, OX1 2LW Registered Company No.2397373 Registered Charity No.900039 VAT No.282538973, Box Office: 01865 305 305Mon - Thu 10am - 6pm Fri 10am - 5pm Click Here for further info on opening times. Technical Director: Jim Meady (This portrayal stems from young girls playing the “Lead Boy” in drag in pantomime tradition.) When pulled off, this number moves the room. Thanks to Soundstage Productions, St. Louisans had a chance to check it out for themselves this past weekend. short by multiple sclerosis at age 28. Each duet includes either a strong relationship between the two characters, a strong story arc, and a good length for performance. What is your most treasured memory? relationship with her husband, why she doesn't have children, what the disease is The passion was inherited from her mother and had blossomed into a successful career as a renowned violinist. It’s important to play off of this scene into the song so that the audience understands the context. Her fierce desire to be alone in her pain alienates everybody except her faithful maid. My thoughts: “Freedom” is a perfect number for a best friend duo that can belt their faces off and harmonise to the heavens. expense of having to hire more than two actors. Music was everything to Stephanie. They're also the playwright's best friend: if you want to raise the emotional stakes Thank you for your submission. The Broadway version, starring Anne Bancroft and Max von Sydow, opened December 17, 1981, and ran until January 2, 1982, for a total of 20 performances. It is a challenging piece by Sondheim, full of subtext and innuendo. Also check out the paired cartwheel that follows shortly after. Roof. The story arch and harmonies create a simple, yet compelling performance. first therapy session by asking Stephanie her age, residence and marital status. Stephanie (Christina doing to her life. Email: Stage Door: 01865 305 301, Oxford Playhouse is a registered Arts Award Supporter. It doesn't help that too often he Do you have a secret hunch about how you will die? Randy Stinebaker's direction the cast brings this somewhat on-the-nose drama to It had a successful run in the West End. Duet for One (Original, Play, Broadway) opened in New York City Dec 17, 1981 and played through Jan 2, 1982. My thoughts: Bat Boy: The Musical is based on an article from the June 23, 1992, Weekly World News story about a half-boy, half-bat, dubbed “Bat Boy”, who grew up living in a cave and was adopted by a family. In this scene, Miss Sherman threatens to kick a student out of a festival for having low grades. (Stephanie) is far more developed while the other (Dr. Feldmann) functions they should be: both characters have multiple costume changes and in Stephanie's case My thoughts: A haunting duet to from Sutton Foster’s album Wish. Duet for One is a two-hander about a psychiatrist (or maybe he's a psychoanalyst—it's not crucial to the plot) and a patient. What happens when we go without it? Her star pupil, realizing he will learn nothing more, leaves her. Kempinski and de la Tour were married at the time, and he wrote the role with her in mind. Right is by finding Mr. Wrong. The two characters sing about the problems they have with one another, like dealing puberty, secrets, and traditional sibling rivalry. states. My thoughts: In this duet, two acting rivalries compete for the same role at an audition while mutually insulting one another the entire time. Jim Meady is the technical director and while no one is credited for costumes, Further information is available from the company website and ticket reservations may be made by email at Step 1: Select the amount you would like to purchase: Step 2: Send a customized personal message. My thoughts: Daisy and Violet are conjoined twins who long for separate lives, but also understand that they will always be there for one another. Roles involving disease and disability make great award bait because they let the My thoughts: Two friends, Marcy Fitzwilliams and Diana Bingley sing a song about the rules of dating that aims to determine the amount of time between rebounds. June 2, 2016. An email redemption code has been sent to the receiver. Based on the life of world renowned musician Jacqueline Du Pré, Duet For One premiered at the Bush Theatre in 1980 with Frances De La Tour and David de Keyser and had great success in subsequent West End and Broadway runs, including a major revival in 2009 starring Juliet Stephenson and Henry Goodman. Full Circle and Enjoy get 25% off a pair of tickets for opening night or Saturday matinee. Dr. Feldmann: Ken Haller Overall, Haller does a reasonable The movie gained positive reviews. smash hit in London in 1980 and proved equally popular in a 2009 revival. C.O.V.I.D. subtext. What makes it work is actor’s commitment to the zany urgency and subtle humor throughout the scene. Kempinski doesn't avoid these temptations, but Christina Rios overcomes them with Duet for One is a 1986 British drama film adapted from the play, a two-hander by Tom Kempinski, about a world-famous concert violinist named Stephanie Anderson who is suddenly struck with multiple sclerosis. My thoughts: This show is more of a song cycle which features numbers and monologues inspired by the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt and Edgar Lee Masters’ Spoon River Anthology. in producing plays in a format somewhere between traditional reader's theatre and © 2001 - 2020, The Broadway League, All Rights Reserved. Something went wrong, please contact the box office. The role of Dr. Feldmann is less rewarding for the actor but even taking that [10], "The Diminuendo Of 'Duet For One' - Los Angeles Times", "Clarifying A Few Facts About Ms, 'Duet For One' - Los Angeles Times", "Movie Review: 'Duet For One': A Four-hankie Drama Of The Past - Los Angeles Times", "Movie Review - Duet For One - FILM: 'DUET FOR ONE' -", "Duet for One Movie Review & Film Summary (1987)", "Stage Review: A Gripping Duel For Two In 'Duet For One' - Los Angeles Times", "Theatre review: Duet For One / Almeida, London | Stage",, Films about classical music and musicians, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 6 June 2020, at 01:13. Her beautiful playing (in part of her own original compositions) helps the parodied this tendency in Anton in Show Business and I'm sure others have Belinda Lang is superb. Randy Stinebaker and featuring Bob Mitchell and Sydney Frasure, which opens March 5. This number is best suited for two women with legit soprano voices. In this song, the two sisters, Beth and Jo, grapple with life and death as Jo comes to terms with Beth dying. Over a series of increasingly dramatic sessions, Stephanie is forced to face her deepest fears before she can finally face her future. There's a special bonus in this production: live music by violinist Laura Sexauer This is a strong number for a mother and daughter duo. many changes it is bringing to her life. My thoughts: New friends/co-workers Percy and Shelby connect while writing an ad for the newspaper. through February 7. My thoughts: In this scene, Anna, the owner of a dilapidated roller skating rink has an amusing argument with her daughter who she has not seen in seven years. done so as well. Duet For One is an intensely moving and ultimately life enhancing look at what happens when unexpected events lead you to revaluate your life. Each evening will be a unique experience to its audience, featuring your song dedications and the stories attached to them, declarations of love... Mon 19 to Sun 25 Oct , Can be watched until Sun 25 at 8.30pm. Belinda Lang (Single Spies) and Jonathan Coy (Downton Abbey) unite for this must-see revival of Tom Kempinski's multi-award winning play. Copyright © 2020 PerformerStuff. Diana insists that the best way to find Mr. My thoughts:  Taxi Dancers, Nickie and Helene — Charity’s closest friends — sing a humorous song about not giving up on a dream of a better life. or end a scene on a cliffhanger, just have the afflicted character cry, collapse or A depressed psychiatrist she sees is unable to help with her rage and frustration. This number is typically done with two women and two men, but in this version the men are cut from the number which I think makes it funnier and more of a challenge for the actors. performance makes enduring the play's excessive length and somewhat creaky structure In this humorous scene, the mother and daughter have decided to flee their home to get away from the deranged Father. My thoughts: A funny number about two friends who become romantically involved, but then realize that they are better as friends. If you’re looking for a knock-out piece for competition, you’ve come to the right place! Thanks to But now, struck down by an unforeseen tragedy, she faces a life without her first love. My thoughts: In this duet, Sibella and Phoebe both beg for the other to be arrested and for the character of Monty to be set free. Join this journey of self-exploration and see where it might lead you. audience understand what is at stake when a musician is deprived of her ability to My thoughts: “Ohio” is a great comedic duet about two women lamenting on why they ever moved to NYC from Ohio. Do You Love Me Yet? device for communicating scarcely disguised back-story and exposition to the Beautifully acted, compelling, clever and deeply moving. Meanwhile, the police have decided that both ladies appear equally guilty, and they can’t sentence one woman if they believe the other one culpable. My thoughts: Another Mother/Daughter duet, in this song, eccentrics Little Edie and Edith sing a duet they used to sing together. Duet for One played at Soundstage Too! Why do we need sleep? 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue opened May 4, 1976 on Broadway at the former Mark Hellinger Theatre following a tumultuous out of town period in both Philadelphia and Washington DC. But it can be done more or less (a Clown’s Overly Vivid... & The Great Big Story Mix Up. Each duet includes either a strong relationship between the two characters, a strong story arc, and a good length for performance. The harmonies will bring tears to your eyes. If done with proper comic timing and commitment, it leaves the audience in stitches. has his nose in the script while Rios is giving more of a staged performance (as There's no God, you know, Dr Feldmann, but I know where they got the idea; they got it from music. Unknown to each other. A joy to watch. The trick to this number is the acting, focus, and staging since the women are not able to separate. Duet for One was a smash hit in London in 1980 and proved equally popular in a 2009 revival. My thoughts: As an aside to the audience, in this scene, two friends, both on dates with different men, comment on all the awful traits of their dates. This number tells a complete story and includes a beautiful relationship between the characters. This revival too was lauded by the critics, and it subsequently transferred to the Vaudeville Theatre in the West End. Compelling, brilliant, sublime. The script is not particularly the point of view which it demands he maintain, but is still trying sincerely to help The scene that sets up the song involves the two women being accosted by drunken men and a flirty police officer. Director: Randy Stinebaker No one seriously interested in theatre can afford not to see this. Two actors meet for the first time online. The First Floor of his Townhouse in the East 80's in Manhattan. My thoughts: In this song, two lovesick women sing about the men they love who have been recently imprisoned. My thoughts:  In this scene for an older woman and a younger woman, Madame Armfeldt explains to Anne that you lose a little bit of yourself every day that you are married to a man who is unfaithful and not in love with you. My thoughts: This song is one of the most interesting pieces on this list to pull off because one character is a female actor playing a male character.