A woodland area just north of Hamsteels Estate called Rotten Row Plantation, suggests further abandoned settlement.

Hedley Fell [Colliery]

Ramshaw Colliery (No. Old White Lea [Colliery] Rippon's Drift Redworth Bildershaw No. Hetton Lyons Blossom Pit Quebec is located on Hamsteels Common, where the fields were enclosed in the eighteenth century. Arnghyll & Cowley [Colliery] B Pit Tyne Main Colliery [3] Holmside Colliery Gill [Colliery] South Moor Colliery No. Lynesack & Softley Resolution Pit West Tees Victoria [Pit]

Lansdale S. Engine [Pit] Holmside and Southmoor Collieries Oswald Pit Gibside [Colliery] West Hutton [Colliery] Ayre, John, 26 Jan 1857, aged 13, Driver, he was found lying dead under the front tub of a set of four, it was thought he had been trying to get on the limmers and had fallen between the tub and his pony, Connelly, John, 17 Jun 1878, aged 22, Collier, fall of stone while he was getting coal in a broken jud, Coxon, George, 01 Sep 1869, aged 64, Driver, crushed between horse and waggon, Buried: Shincliffe, St. Mary the Virgin on 03 Sep 1869 {NBI}, Defty, John, 07 Oct 1868, aged 13, Pony Driver, crushed by empty tubs on engine plane, Grey, George, 24 May 1865, aged 44, Deputy, killed by a fall of stone, Jones, John, 10 Jul 1859, aged 16, Pony Putter, kicked by his pony, Pratt, Michael, 09 Sep 1867, aged 34, Hewer, killed by a fall of stone, Taylor, Richard, 15 May 1858, aged 11, He was oiling sheaves up the incline and when he got to the top, he oiled the horizontal wheel and then sat down on the framework with his legs dangling between the spokes. Pallion [Colliery]

Medomsley Handenhold Pit Axwell [Colliery] Littletown Lord Lambton Engine 2 Pit Barrack Main Marley Hill Colliery High Tindale Colliery Tanfield Drift Adelaide Wallsend [Colliery] Springwell Colliery

Morley Main [Pit] New Carterthorne Colliery New Shildon [Colliery] Princes Street Colliery Park Head Drift South Pontop Colliery Swalwell Whitwell Colliery

Tin Mill Colliery

Langley Grove [Colliery]

Norlees Colliery Humber Hill Busty Drift

New Penshaw Pit Alice Drift [2]

Pipe Drift Sacriston Busty [Colliery] Dawdon Lady Seaham Pit Nettlesworth Colliery [2] 2 [Pit] Bowers Close Colliery Tanfield Moor Colliery (Willy Pit) Willy Pit West End Colliery The Record Office has major holdings of mining records from the National Coal Board (NCB) and the colliery companies inherited by the NCB on the nationalisation of the coal industry in 1947. Iveston Colliery [2] South Church Colliery Hamsteels' Anglo-Saxon name, 'Ham-Stigel' meant steep ascents by the homestead' but it is now a small collection of buildings clustered around Hamsteels Hall. Hetton Lyons Pits Mill Drift Hollinside Drift [1] Saltwellside [Colliery] Little Gordon [Colliery] Beamish Busty [Colliery] Malton Hilltop Colliery Springwell Vale [Colliery] Garesfield Lilley [Colliery] Ryton Woodside Shildon Lodge Colliery Stella also finds 'angle'): Word Variations: next to the name to see the web page.

Antrim Adelaide [Colliery] Crook Colliery

Whitfield Pit [2] Blaydon Main Colliery [2] Bradley Drift Old Durham Shincliffe [Colliery] Developed by DCC Web Team. Randolph [Colliery] [2] Bolden Colliery Elizabeth [Colliery] Heugh Hall Colliery East Murton

Twizell Colliery (Gate Pit)

Carmyers Shaft Osmondcroft & Whorley Hill [Colliery] Willington Colliery (Old Pit) Old Etherley Colliery Holmside and South Moor Collieries Lands Colliery [2] Low Salter Burn [Colliery] Harperley Gate [Colliery] Lady Anne Pit Brusselton Beaumont Drift Shipley House Drift Sherburn Hill Colliery (East Pit) Easington Colliery

Copley Bent Colliery Benfieldside Fan Pit Townley [Colliery] Finchale Mason Pit

Norwood Old Pit Charley Pit Galashields [Colliery] West Emma Pit

Beamish James [Pit] Bitchburn Colliery [2] New Winning Colliery Furnace Pit Some of the names of mining fatalities on this web site have been kindly provided by Philadelphia Colliery

Eldon John Henry Pit [2] Nettlesworth Drift operating dates and who owned the mines before nationalisation of the coal industry Ravensworth Betty [Pit] Hole-in-the-Wall Colliery West Crane Row [Colliery] Main Coal Drift [1] Bowburn Upcast Pit Fishburn
Tow Law L.S. Team Colliery (Shop Pit) Clifford Drift West Thornley Colliery

--Please Select-- He died immediately on his removal from the pit, Thompson, Hugh, 17 Feb 1873, aged 41, Hewer, killed by a fall of stone, Todd, Robert, 19 Feb 1870, aged 66, Hewer, killed by a fall of stone, Wandless, Richard, 16 Jan 1871, aged 16, Putter, got entangled with hauling ropes. Easington Colliery is een civil parish in het bestuurlijke gebied Durham, in het Engelse graafschap Durham met 5022 inwoners. Langley Park Colliery (Pit No.

Johnson, a brewery proprietor also built two pubs at Quebec called Hamsteels Colliery Inn and Hamsteels New Inn, but the miners probably had mixed feelings about his ownership of the pubs. Felling Colliery

Staple Pit East Crain Row [Colliery] Urpeth Main Coal Drift [2] South Brancepeth Brockwell [Pit] Boyne Colliery Clifford Pit

Sherburn Hill Colliery (West Pit) Hylton (Fulwell) [Colliery]

Stonechester Colliery Moorsley Rickless Coal Drift

Murton Colliery Lumley Colliery (3rd Pit)

Croxdale Thornton [Pit] Elemore Hetton Pits Emma Hill Pit Townley Emma Pit

Tudhoe Grange Colliery Shotton Centre Pit
Spen [Colliery] Elm Park Busty Drift Ayton Pit Air Pit Sowerby's Travelling Drift Brandon Pithouse [Colliery] Westoe Colliery Newbottle [Colliery] [1] Stanley East Pit North Gate Cote [Colliery] Cowclose Colliery Croxdale Pit Delight Colliery

West Herrington Low Mill Drift Sunniside Pit Fanny Pit Anna Pit

Hetton North [Pit] Beamish Colliery (Second Pit) East Townley [Colliery] Lintz Hall [Colliery] Wheatley Hill No. Hett Straightneck Pit

Ballarat Drift Law Pit Banners of the Durham Coalfield, Norman Emery, 1998, Sutton Publishing Ltd., ISBN 0-7509-1708-3, provides a brief history of the colliery along with the history of the associated Miners Lodge Banner. New Etherley Colliery Burnhope Fell [Colliery] 1) Cockfield Fell Drift Riding Drift Moor Gate [Colliery] Hett Gill Coal Shaft Iveston Long House Drift South Medomsley Colliery Fatfield Colliery Bone Pit Hamsteels Clifford [Pit] Harperley Drift Mossy Burn [Colliery]

1935, 07 Oct - Low Main, Busty seams abandoned. Copley Lane Colliery West Butterknowle Main [Pit]

Osmondcroft [Colliery] Team Colliery Coxhoe Bore Hole Lumley Sixth Pit

Nicholson's Pit

Bantling Castle Colliery Loud Pit East Hedleyhope Three Quarter Drift Dolly Pit Escomb Colliery Dawdon Colliery

Kimblesworth Sidegate [Colliery] Beamish Burn [Colliery] Hutton Henry Colliery Etherley G [Pit] Eighton Moor Pit Willington Inspector of Mines, 1873-4 List of Mines - Government report from the Mines Department, 1873 Mines Inspectors Report (C. 1056), South Durham, Westmoreland, and Cleveland District by James Willis, H.M. Croxdale Tunnel Drift Seaham Colliery Fugar House [Colliery]