He might have a crush on Emma by the end of the film. Alex and Emma have held hands before, but nothing else has happened between them. As they were in there, the two noticed someone was sleeping in the bathroom, it was Marcus lying in the tub, Emma took the car keys from him carefully and then Tuck showed up and she gives Tuck the keys.

Official Sites When Echo blasts a hole through Tuck's parents' backyard to access his spaceship, Alex unwinds the chains of the swings to give himself a way to climb into the portal.

Earth To Echo Official Trailer 1 (2014) - Alien Movie HD, Earth To Echo Official Trailer 2 (2014) - Sci-Fi Adventure Movie HD, https://callhimecho.fandom.com/wiki/Alex_Nichols?oldid=5122, Alex seems to be the only character to form a strong bond with. Tuck Simms is the leader of the group and longtime friends of Munch and Alex, throughout their lives, they were nobodies, invisible, the Good Kids until they decided to videotape their lives. Company Credits After Emma stopped acting, she joins the trio, the boys and Echo were surprised and they followed her as she walks off, then they head to a Bar for another part of Echo's ship, while inside Echo took parts from a jukebox and the kids flee when the people in there got mad. Tuck Simms is a main character in the movie, Earth to Echo.Munch, Alex, himself and later Emma help Echo to get back home. Share. Earth to Echo (2014) Ella Wahlestedt as Emma. I mean...friend... he is a boy." Emma is seen for the first time in the school cafeteria with some girls which are possibly her friends other than Alex, Tuck and Munch. Like everybody, Alex isn't perfect. Tuck, Munch and himself became friends since they were little kids. At some points it was hinted that the two liked each other as he is seen to be rather protective and fond of her as the film develops. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Alex, seems to be the only boy out of the trio she takes an interest in. The extraterrestrial brings out Alex's innate compassion and loyalty: "We're all he's got."
When Tuck comes to pick him up for their quest to the first piece of Echo's ship (the key), he finds Alex's room to be bare. However, he later shows he is grateful to have Emma by being sure to include her in all parts of the quest except when he walks Echo to the inner sanctum of his ship alone. Dr. Madsen and his men put Emma, Alex, Tuck, and Emma in the back of the van and drove to the next site for parts of Echo to get. Tuck decided to tell his story about the time they help Echo get home and it was a moment that change their lives forever. Munch - Munch and Alex are best friends. Tuck, Munch and himself became friends since they were little kids. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Chapter 5/Alex and Emma's first date 548 9 1. by jemma105492. Emma asked if they just go around wrecking places, then she witnessed the backpack started flying when Echo was in it. Reginald "Munch" Barrett is a main character in the movie, Earth to Echo.

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Share via Email Report Story Send. An Alex Nichols x Reader Highest Ranking: #1 in earthtoecho 2/21/19 Started: 6-21-17 Ended: 0-0-0 #alexnichols #earthtoecho #emma #munch #tuck #wattys2017 #wattys2018. by jemma105492 Follow. They hear his ringtone coming from one of the trailers and went inside. Send to Friend. (uncredited), (as Linda Sutton-Doll) (additional photography), key makeup artist (as Jenni Brown Greenberg), production technology executive (as Daniel de la Rosa), executive in charge of production (as Kenneth L. Halsband), unit production manager: additional photography, second second assistant director: additional photography, first assistant director: additional photography / second unit director (additional photography), second assistant director: additional photography, second second assistant director (additional photography), second assistant director (as Johnny Recher), second assistant director (additional photography), second second assistant director (as Erin Stern), assistant property master (as Tommy Altobello), assistant property master (as Kurt DeFilipps), plaster foreman (as Tracy William Stockwell), dialogue editor (as Colette Dahanne) / fx editor / re-recording mixer (as Colette Dahanne CAS) / sound designer (as Colette Dahanne), re-recording mixer / sound designer / supervising sound editor, foley/fx editor (as Willard J. Overstreet), assistant sound designer (uncredited) / sound effects editor (uncredited), legacy effects: lead mechanic (as Dave Covarrubias) / puppeteer (as Dave Covarrubias), legacy effects: concept artist / puppeteer, assistant to special effects coordinator: Mr. Scott, digital art sculpting/modeling: Legacy Effects, visual effects editorial coordinator: shade vfx, digital compositor / lead digital compositor, model (as Ty Chen) / texture (as Ty Chen), digital matte paint artist / digital matte painting, visual effects producer: Comen VFX (as Josh Comen), visual effects supervisor: additional photography, visual effects consultant: additional photography, senior software developer: Prime Focus Film, digital paint and roto / digital paint: lead, vfx producer: prime focus world vancouver, visual effects executive producer: Shade VFX, effects artist (as Xiao Zhao) / visual effects artist (as Zhao Xiao), communications associate: Prime Focus World (uncredited), additional photography (as Tommy Altobello), a camera second assistant / b camera second assistant, assistant video assist / hd video assist: additional photography, additional photography: dop (as Alexandre Lehmann), aerial photography / videographer/online media, digital imaging technician & dailies colorist, rigging chief lighting technician: assistant (as Joe Turrentine), digital intermediate colorist: Technicolor, digital intermediate editor (as Nick Hasson), nextlab operator: dailies (as Timothy Moxey), key assistant location manager (as Rosemary Marks-Carr), executive in charge of music / music supervisor, provider: additional music: The Nerdist Podcast audio, additional music arranger / assistant to composer, score recorded and mixed by (as Satoshi Noguchi), music preparation: Walt Disney Music Library, transportation captain: additional photography, assistant production coordinator (as T. Adam Bayless), EVP of Business and Legal Affairs: Relativity Media, set pa/script coordinator (as Samuel Cieply), production assistant: additional photography, executive vice president of business and legal affairs, assistant to the producer: additional photography (as Josh Mandel), production assistant (as Alexander Noury), set production assistant: Additional Photography, assistant production coordinator: additional photography, vice president: of physical and post production, production assistant (as Geoffrey T. Wehner), the filmmakers wish to extend their personal thanks for their contributions and support to the making of this movie, the filmmakers wish to extend their personal thanks for their contributions and support to the making of this movie (as Tucker Benson Tooley). Like Emma and the others, he has parents and lives with his brother, Marcus.

If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. His life experiences have caused Alex to have a largely serious personality, but he does have a sense of humor: Tuck asks the other two boys to practice the lies they intend to tell their parents before sneaking out to follow the map Echo provided; Alex makes a joke about Tuck's mother: While the other boys say they’ll be at each other’s houses playing video games, Alex says, “I’m sleeping in your mom’s bed . Emma, Alex, and Tuck then enter a room and saw Munch being interrogated on video by two workers, they then saw footage of Echo was examined, Emma called out alerting them, someone is coming and they need to go. Munch and Alex often clash due to the fact that Munch uses more logic and Alex uses more feeling to find solutions to different problems. by iwanttacospls Follow. A security guard caught them and they flee, however Emma quickly realized that Alex got caught and decided to go save him, but Munch and Tuck didn't bother.
She isn't a part of their group until later in the film. She can be bossy and stubborn at times. In the end, the pieces of the ship emerged from the ground, foreshadowed by Alex's trust in the alien. Earth To Echo Official Trailer 1 (2014) - Alien Movie HD, Earth To Echo Official Trailer 2 (2014) - Sci-Fi Adventure Movie HD, https://callhimecho.fandom.com/wiki/Tuck_Simms?oldid=5101. He is the key to a ship which resembles the Millenium Falcon from Star Wars vaguely.

In contrast, Alex's is less about following the rules and is less impulsive than Munch. His friends protest, saying that they don't know what's down there, and Alex responds by firmly saying, "I trust him," in reference to Echo. Alex's most prevalent personality traits are loyalty, kindness, and seriousness. Himself, Tuck, Alex, and later Emma help Echo get back home. They left the party and drove Marcus' car and used Google to learn how to drive. Their relationship was put in strain when Alex was caught by the security guard and Munch and Tuck left him behind.

She seems to develop a crush on Alex.

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They headed to a party where Tuck's brother: Marcus went to but didn't find him until one of the guests informed everyone the cops were here. Not wanting to see Alex get arrested, Emma turned to Echo and said she needed his help, Echo brought some of the machines to life to scare the guard and Emma saves Alex. This idea shows that Alex is clever and resourceful. Also, at the end, when Alex's mother asks him who Emma is, Emma responds with "He's my boyfriend. Emma seems to be a down-to-earth girl with a unique personality. He rode toward his hometown in silence, ignoring his friends. He was portrayed by Reese C. Hartwig. •