I had high hopes of this British Lion production from under-rated director Lance Comfort, which is based on a true story, but it didn’t quite live up to my expectations. Alas Lance Comfort’s Eight O’Clock Walk is anything but a success.

1954. Congratulations on this new site Judy!!!

I had high hopes of this British Lion production from under-rated director Lance Comfort, which is based on a true story, but it … I’m also a fan of Attenborough, especially as an actor – recently got a box set of his films which I will be working my way through. At the start, kindly London taxi driver Tom Manning (Attenborough) is delayed on his way to work by Irene Evans, a little girl from the neighbourhood, who pretends she has lost her doll on a nearby bomb site. The trial is scheduled for London's Old Bailey. Although not the headliner in this movie Eight O'Clock Walk is a solid tense 50's court room drama where Richard Attenborough is accused of murdering a little girl and after which defended by Derek Farr. I’m also fond of Hotel Reserve, his adaptation of Eric Ambler’s Epitaph for a Spy. ( Log Out /  many thanks Judy, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. based on? Many thanks, Ruth, I’m hoping to build this site up, as time permits! 1954 Richard Attenborough plays a man falsely accused of a child’s murder in this 1950s courtroom drama, recently shown on TV in the UK, and also available here on DVD from Network. Attenborough stars as a taxi driver accused of child murder and put on trial. And definitely fills a void as this superlatively-written review attests to! Contrived and unbelievable at times, but most performances are very good and the British court room is always watchable in film. Richard Attenborough Cathy O'Donnell Derek Farr. However I’m still mystified about the original story. I haven’t seen any of those as yet.

United Kingdom. IMDb A London taxi-driver is implicated in the murder of a girl. So how come this was so dull? All in all, I’d say this is worth checking out if you get a chance, but not up quite up there with Attenborough’s greatest roles. – yet the tension never really builds to breaking point. She persuades him to go to the wasteland with her, but then announces that it was all an April fool and runs away, giggling. Curated | Film Noir | Worldwide | Classic | 1940-1965 | Master List, Curated | Film Noir | John Grant | A Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Film Noir | Worldwide | 1915-Present, Films That Have Inspired Morrissey & The Smiths, Suffer Little Children: Kids & Little Ones Abducted, Harmed, Hurt and Murdered, letterboxd.com/12pt9/list/but-think-of-the-children/.

A very polite courtroom drama in standard English fashion. There are also disturbing glimpses of the jury room, with jurors who are jumping to conclusions which have little to do with the evidence – and one who is mainly interested in tucking into free meals. I think Lance Comfort is a bit of an underrated director – he made some quite slick and entertaining features that are deserving of a bit of attention. Richard Attenborough finds himself facing the hangman's noose when he is wrongly accused of murdering a child.

Pingback: Eight O’Clock Walk (Lance Comfort, 1954) | Movie classics. Mobile site. Diverting enough 50s British thriller which features Richard Attenborough as a man suspected of killing a little girl. This is an anti-capital punishment film, and the main question is whether innocent man Tom will take the “eight o’clock walk” of the title” (I won’t give away the answer!) Derek Farr.

Perhaps that is a little unfair, after all Attenborough is decent enough, but this is a film that manages to disappoint on practically every level. I think this could become a valuable resource. It's filled with superfluous sub-plots that go nowhere - Farr's father is the prosecuting attorney, the judge's wife (whom we never see) is dying - the court scenes lack bite, and the resolve depends on one big coincidence, but somehow it's still watchable. Had no idea Cathy O’Donnell appeared in any foreign movies. ( Log Out /  Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Find out about international touring programmes, Find out more about the BFI National Archive, Discover how BFI NETWORK is supporting new and emerging filmmakers, Get help as a new filmmaker and find out about NETWORK, Find out about booking film programmes internationally, Courses, training and conferences for teachers. It shows how Tom’s ordeal is everyday fare for many of those around him, including the father and son lawyers who take on the prosecution and defence (Ian Hunter and Derek Farr). A work in progress, with many films still to add. Country. Featuring. It will be interesting to see Richard A. at such a young age. Perhaps that is a little unfair, after all Attenborough is decent enough, but this is a film that manages to disappoint on practically every level. under lockdown I’m getting to see films I’d never have considered before. © Letterboxd Limited. I mean, with a story like that, along with Richard A. and Cathy O., it certainly has great promise.

How could it possibly work? Many of those in court are distracted by other matters, including the judge, whose wife is seriously ill in hospital, and, on a lighter note, a witness who is having problems finding long underwear for her husband.

Thanks, Colin, I will watch out for more from Comfort. Does anyone know the derivation of the movie? The little girl (Cheryl Molineaux) on the bomb site. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. ( Log Out /  Richard Attenborough plays a man falsely accused of a child’s murder in this 1950s courtroom drama, recently shown on TV in the UK, and also available here on DVD from Network. Directed by Lance Comfort. Courtroom drama. Director. Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. With circumstantial evidence stacked against him his chances of avoiding the hangman’s noose is looking slim. why can’t I find out what the true story was that the 8 o’clock walk was As for this movie, it’s too bad it didn’t quite live up to expectations. Jenni, I just had a look at imdb and she was also in another British film a couple of years earlier, ‘The Woman’s Angle’, though I haven’t seen that one. He didn't do it, but will he be found guilty? If you want gritty crime, go back to America. But, as Irene lingers by the riverside, a shadow looms behind her and the jingling nursery rhyme ‘Oranges and Lemons’ sounds. Only a British cabdriver's (Richard Attenborough) wife (Cathy O'Donnell) and lawyer (Derek Farr) believe him innocent of killing a little girl. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account.

That is just the start of his nightmare, however. Notable largely for such a bold, mature theme and also for featuring Bruce Seton as the investigating CID officer (he would go on to be a household name as TV's Fabian of the Yard, his character here seeming to be a template/try out for that role) Ultimately though, I think I'd have preferred to see Attenborough play the guilty party; there's something about his baby faced barely contained neurotic screen presence that would suit such a role, much like Peter Lorre in M. Indeed, Attenborough would later prove he was more than capable of playing such abhorrent evil when taking the role of serial killer John Christie in 10 Rillington Place. The way you describe it makes the narrative seem rather unbelievable in that sense. Synopsis / Plot Taxicab driver Tom Banning is led to an abandoned bomb-site by an eight-year-old girl as an April-fool prank. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. No wonder you rarely hear people talking about the movie.

This whole scene is excellently done,  creating a tense and creepy atmosphere, and child actress Cheryl Molineaux is very good as Irene. Never seen this but it sounds like it’s worth a look. Films which feature lead characters who are cab drivers.

Kevin Royal Johnson 1,922 films 153 2 Edit. Corrections are always welcome, email is preferred: kevin@royalbooks.com. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! TMDb The whole gradually unfolding courtroom drama is absorbing, and in many ways this is the best part of the film. Year. Lance Comfort. Kevin Royal Johnson 3,249 films 227 Edit, A complete list of the films in John Grant's A Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Film Noir: The Essential Reference Guide, an…, An attempt to catalogue all the films shown on Talking Pictures TV in the UK, 400 coups, Les ("The 400 Blows") [François Truffaut, 1959], A sound sample of kids arguing can be heard at the…, for victimizing little twerps who are not the victims visit letterboxd.com/12pt9/list/but-think-of-the-children/, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prevention_Project_Dunkelfeld. Eight O’Clock Walk (Lance Comfort, 1954) | Movie classics. Despite some powerful moments, Attenborough doesn’t get enough scope to portray a man under pressure as memorably here as he does in The Angry Silence .
Really enjoying my Derek Farr movie marathon at the moment. It’s hard to research data that’s not been digitised. Despite a short running length of under 90 minutes, the film moves at a slow pace. Richard Attenborough Cathy O'Donnell Derek Farr Ian Hunter Maurice Denham Bruce Seton Lily Kann Harry Welchman Kynaston Reeves, British Aviation Pictures British Lion Films, 87 mins   Richard Attenborough. Eight O’Clock Walk (Lance Comfort, 1954) Posted on December 28, 2014. by Judy.

Synopsis by Hal Erickson The iniquities of circumstantial evidence are explored in the compact crime drama Eight O'Clock Walk. More details at

I was four when it came out and remember well, adults talking about capital punishment. Attenborough even has one great scene in the prison cells where he starts to doubt it himself, and to wonder if perhaps he blacked out and committed the murder. Film data from TMDb. A British courtroom drama starring a young Richard Attenborough - surely a recipe for success? However, my main criticism of the film is that, except for the bereaved mother, nobody really seems worried enough about the little girl’s murder. thrilled to see it launched here!!! Solid wrong man British drama with an excellent lead performance by Richard Attenborough.

But this is all too short-lived, giving way to several over-sweet scenes between him and O’Donnell, whose character stays very two-dimensional throughout, giving little hint of the actress’s power in films like The Best Years of Our Lives.

I made this for myself but I thought others might find it useful. I don’t want to be too negative, though. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Reviews, interviews and features from the international film magazine. I like your new site, Judy! Future learning and skills – giving everyone the opportunity to build a lifelong relationship with film. Jill and Tom happily head off for a romantic evening out after hearing that the child is missing, rather than changing their plans to help look for her, and in general there doesn’t seem to be enough fear or anger in the air within the local community. Nonce murder.

Tomorrow at Ten and Blind Corner are good low-budget thrillers. Reblogged this on Movie classics and commented: I’ve recently started up another site focusing on British films, though there isn’t much content there – I’ve just written my first review there, of a little-known courtroom drama starring Richard Attenborough, if anyone feels like taking a look. Registered charity 287780. Love these B & W 50's movies.
Few things. I say this because I’m trying to get to the bottom of an unsolved crime. Many thanks for your lovely holiday acknowledgement!!

Overview of Eight O'Clock Walk, 1954, directed by Lance Comfort, with Richard Attenborough, Cathy O'Donnell, Derek Farr, at Turner Classic Movies