Apparently, the plan would be for Smith to reprise his role as Robert Clayton Dean, who after unraveling the conspiracy at the center of the first movie now works for the government and is sent to track down a young man accused of committing a cyber-crime. See videos: Ewan McGregor to Play Dual Roles in ‘Fargo’ Season 3, Agent Carter (Canceled after two seasons). Brill's real-name is said to be Edward Lyle, which could just be an assumed name. This quirky FX series follows the strange goings-on in the Midwest in an extension of the Academy Award-winning Coen brothers movie. This A&E series serves as a prequel to the Hitchcock classic "Psycho," with Freddie Highmore as Norman Bates and Vera Farmiga as his mother, Norma. Also Read: ABC Cancels ‘The Family,’ ‘Agent Carter’. Enemy Of The State Sequel Reportedly At Works, Will Smith Would possibly Return. Geena Davis stars in this reboot of the 1973 film about a mother who is terrified when her daughter is possessed by a demon. Mads Mikkelsen plays the role of the carnivorous doctor instead of Anthony Hopkins as he tries to help FBI Agent Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) solve grisly murders. Get your answers by asking now. Teen Wolf  (Season 6 premieres July 2016). Enemy Of The State Sequel Reportedly In The Works, Will Smith May Return published first on Robot’ Season 2 Trailer, First Look at ‘Shooter’, ‘Lethal Weapon,’ ‘Prison Break,’ ’24 Legacy': Watch Trailers for New Fox Shows, CBS Orders ‘MacGyver’,’ ‘Training Day’ to Series, Fox Orders Series ‘APB,’ ‘The Exorcist,’ ‘Lethal Weapon’ and Two Comedies, NBC’s ‘Taken’ Series Casts Jennifer Beals as Female Lead, Stephen King’s ‘The Mist’ Ordered to Series at Spike, Will Smith Meets Time, Love and Death in ‘Collateral Beauty’ First Trailer (Video), Will Smith Regrets Tricking His Fans Into Seeing ‘Wild Wild West’, Why Will Smith’s ‘Ali’ Co-Star Called Him an ‘A-Hole’. While there's evidence Brill and Harry could be the same person, it's more likely Tony Scott was a big fan of The Conversation, so once Hackman was cast he wanted to pay homage. The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Toy Confirms Big Spoiler, Tim Burton Developing Live-Action Addams Family TV Series. One of the crucial recorded entries within the rise of Will Smith topped the Hollywood record A through the 1990s, the enemy of the state was Tony Scott’s usually elegant thriller about authorities corruption and the misuse of surveillance know-how. It seems as though someone in Hollywood has realized this, too, because sources close to We Got This Covered, the same ones who told us Deadpool 3 was in development months before Ryan Reynolds confirmed it, and that a new movie in the Scream franchise was in the works, which we now know to be true, say that a sequel to Enemy of the State is being cooked up and that the studio want Will Smith to return. There are also theories supporting the idea Sean Connery's John Mason from The Rock is really an older version of his James Bond, which is how some fans view the movie.