Writer(s): Austin Cunningham, Chris Knight, You will get 3 free months if you haven't already used an Apple Music free trial, Made with love & passion in Italy. You give me just enough slack then you yank me back right before I'm gone

And all the things I don't. / Some days I run a backhoe some days I run a dump. Yeah I hauled 'em all away. Why you get your kicks doin all these tricks I'll never understand, You give me just enough rope, just enough hope, just enough ties that bind I'm happy to be working, instead of wearin' chains. There's a tavern down the highway, I go to drink some beers. Chris Knight lyrics - 105 song lyrics sorted by album, including "The River's Own", "Framed", "Down The River". My boss man is mad. Yeah I get on with my life. Yeah I hauled ‘em all away. But I'm thankful for the things I have, Well I work for the city in the town where I grew up. It was their first album released in the United States, preceding the U. S. version of the self-titled album. Most of the tracks, as with the prior album, were written by guitarists Joe Strummer and Mick Jones, with the exception of "English Civil War" (a reworking of the traditional American folk song "When Johnny Comes Marching Home") and "Guns on the Roof", which is credited to all four band members, being Headon, Jones, Strummer, and bassist Paul Simonon. The album was well received by critics and fans, peaking at number two in the United Kingdom Albums Chart, and number 128 in the Billboard 200. We stood up and said, "I do." Tall He's locked up in the grange. You pull the rug out from under me just to watch me fall. And I've got dreams that will come true,

It was released on 10 November 1978 through CBS Records. How you're gonna treat me changes day to day STANDS4 LLC, 2020. Safe European Home [Album Version] [Version], Julie's Been Working for the Drug Squad [Album Version] [Version], Guns on the Roof [Album Version] [Version], Drug-Stabbing Time [Album Version] [Version], All the Young Punks (New Boots and Contracts), https://www.lyrics.com/album/4092/Give-%27Em-Enough-Rope. Well you build me up then you tear me down and when you've got me standin'

Well I work for the city in the town where I grew up. What else were we gonna say? Like my cousin Willy, he’s locked up in La Grange. Well you throw me down than you snap me up I'm in the palm of your hand

You've got me wrapped around your finger like a yo-yo on a string Playin' games with my heart. And all the things I don't.

Most the time I just walk the line wherever it goes.