While our first two picks for best PvE support characters are not primarily the best healers, Angelica is definite pick if you want to prioritize healing above all else.

His ultimate skill, Summon Ziegfried, also deals damage based on his health and with the damage proportional to lost health, it can deal massive damage if Krau has high max HP and has lost a lot of it in combat especially since it ignores the enemy’s defense.

Despite their differences, building Montmorancy is still going to be very similar to building Angelic Montmorancy. Sage Baal & Sezan is relatively complex to strategize around but once you see how to utilize his skills for different scenarios in combat, you will find his usefulness indispensable. Okok not convinced? The current characters are graded based on their performance on the following areas: World - Adventure mode and farming Abyss - How useful it is in some Abyss Floors Raid - Endgame performance against various raid bosses (Arakahan, Karakanis, Vera, Queen etc.)

Holiday Yufine is a limited 5* Fire Warrior who fills multiple roles as a bruiser.

Her kit lacks nothing except for buffs; she has access to utility in a teamwide stun on a 4-turn cooldown, high AoE damage with burns, high single-target DPS with a small AoE guaranteed, and CR boosts for herself. His kit is somewhat of a mishmash between that of a Destina and a DJ Basar but with 1 distinct advantage, his awakenings grant him 30% innate resistance, making him the perfect comeback counter-initiator for a turn 2 team. Its methods are not always effective, but for an unprepared opponent, it can be almost impossible to deal with. Boasting a total of four Debuffs (Poison, Defense Break, Decrease Speed, and Unhealable) allows them to play an offensive supportive role in a way that not many other Heroes offer creating for a variety of playstyles.

Aramintha is a strong utility Mage with access to AOE damage, painful Burns, a 2-turn Unhealable debuff, self-CR push, cooldown reductions, and a reliable teamwide Attack buff. Free Spirit Tieria's main draw is that she allows players to get a free set of Speed + Crit set gears when she is unlocked. Despite that perception, it is definitely possible for her to kill most targets with refined gear and maximized investment.

However, Sven is Dark-element, while Kayron is Fire-element. October 7, 2020 [10/14] New Hero, Ervalen Sidestory, and Krau Banner!

How does an extra turn of Immunity sound?

Assassin Cidd's buffs in October 2019 were a big deal.

She possesses the unique ability to reset the cooldowns of other heroes in combat, and is the sole carrier of a combined Unbuffable/ Defense Break in one skill. Only time will tell, but it's undeniable that Gunther's in a better space than he's ever been before. Her ultimate skill, Shield of Holy Spirit, grants immunity for 2 turns and invincibility for 1 turn.

She is also a heavily PvP-focused hero, one who isn't going to be much use to a player who is working on clearing Adventure and Hunt content. Epic Seven has been a dominant force in the mobile gaming market, particularly in the RPG genre, since its launch a little over a year ago.

She passively grants barriers to her allies every turn, then actively uses her turn to strip enemy buffs or deal highly accurate Stuns to key targets. Additionally, his S3 also has a 75% chance to provoke all enemies for 1 turn.

We use her everywhere in the beginning and even today for Raids and Abyss (as you can see from our Abyss Guides) If you ever lack damage, Lorina and Captain Lorina is always there for you. That's important to remember.). Her S3 becomes even stronger, and her S1 gains a host of added benefits, in particular self-CR-push to get her more turns. Sinful Angelica is a 4* Dark Soul Weaver who generally used as an offensive support for content such as Arena Offense, Guild War Offense, and World Arena.

Unfortunately, her unique Curse debuff is PvP-oriented and does not work against bosses.

After Specialty Changing into Angelic Montmorancy, Montmorancy goes from one of the worst healers in Epic Seven to one of the best. Specialty Change is a series of missions that is unlocked when the eligible Hero is level 50. For those who aren't aware, Gunther's claim to (dubious) fame is his S2 passive, which prevents him from dealing critical hits in return for boosting his Atk stat to be the highest in the game. Being Dark-element, he is a reliable Defense Breaker for any boss content, regardless of element, which is reason enough to use him.

Soul Destruction is becoming a more common mechanic in 2020, but Assassin Cidd is still a primary source of it for those lucky enough to pull him.

She doesn't fulfill any of these roles as well as a dedicated tank, healer, buffer, or debuffer, but she compensates by increasing her CR with her spammable S1. Her ultimate skill, Guide of the Goddess, is a mass healing spell that comes with a barrier and immunity for 2 turns. Now he's gone from a hero with no damage and no threat potential to a surprise secret weapon who can shrug off his enemies' attacks, crushing the opposition one at a time until they can no longer defy him.

However, you should be aware that before his Specialty Change, the Butcher Corps Inquisitor will not be able to do nearly as much damage, since his S3 cannot chain into his S1 the way it does for the Chaos Inquisitor.

Sol is a welfare 5★ fire warrior earned during the Guilty Gear collab. Another Wyvern slayer has been added to the Connection Heroes. Before Wyvern 11 was released, Surin was the Wyvern Queen, able to keep Bleed stacks permanently stacked on Wyvern 10 to prevent it from firing multiple fireballs in one turn.

Sporting the highest base HP in the game, the 5 ★ Dark Warrior Dark Corvus is the bruiser that packs the hardest punch, with his ultimate, Devil’s Descent.

Corvus has had a tumultuous life, both in Epic Seven game canon and in the history of the Epic Seven meta. Just like her single-minded devotion to justice, Karin’s kit is single-mindedly focused on only one thing: CCritical hits.

Blood Moon Haste is a Light element Soul Weaver with 1 niche: bring defense utilities against revive teams.
Champion Zerato is the ideal solution to the oversaturated Dizzy population in the PvP Defense meta.

She has Unhealable to counter the Breeze Silva add, AOE damage reduction when all of Golem's attacks are AOE, and Silence to delay Statue's Rage. Ravi may not seem like a typical candidate for a tank as she does not have any skills to support her allies in combat. If the rest of Roaming Warrior Leo's kit was strong enough to outweigh the weaknesses of the Bomb debuff, this would be okay. She’s got it. If you can get her to 100% critical chance, you will enjoy consistently above-average DPS, with a good chance to luck into some truly incredible damage. When attacked, her combat readiness increases by 8%. This along with her S2, Larkspur, forms a powerful combo -- pushing up the Combat Readiness not only of Faithless Lidica's team, but also herself so that she can instantly S3 a key enemy and prevent them from using their skills. With one of the highest Speed stats in the game, it is very easy to ensure she goes before the enemy team, and her kit allows her to devastate the enemy before they have a chance to react.

While regular Vildred is well above average in our book, Arbiter Vildred is a top pick for PvP.

She works as a stellar DPS and force multiplier for your strongest units. She is the Wyvern Slayer.

He is commonly used as a support Hero in auto Banshee 11 Hunt teams because his passive -- along with the Wondrous Potion Vial Artifact -- allows him to remove both stacks of the Banshee's poison each turn and avoid the Banshee's curse.

All in all, Hataan isn't a hugely powerful hero, but he is a good source of an AOE Atk buff (especially against Earth-element bosses, such as Golem) who also has some additional. Invincibility?