"And so with this new venture, I'm really hoping, I'm kind of dreaming that Erin and I can work together on one day flipping houses together.". One Instagram user wrote, "I am swooning! Chad worked for IBLP in a number of locations. Then they took a stroll on a dock that led to a swing. Who are you talking about? He was the couple's second child, and they went on to have eight more children after him. He graduated in May of 2010 with an Associate's in Youth Ministry. That’s scary. Their budget was $15,000, and their goal was to complete the project in six weeks.

On March 6, 2015, Erin and Chad announced that they were having a boy. If I'm understanding correctly from the previous update, Chad is not flipping houses but is in construction. Of topic, but do any you know the flavor of Josie bates wedding cake? Charles Steven "Chad" Paine III was born on April 18, 1987, to Charles Stephen Paine, Jr., and Tammy Paine.

In a joint statement, Erin and her husband Chad said, "She has already been smothered with love and kisses, and our hearts are so thankful to God for a healthy little baby girl. The two were struck by the beauty of all of their locations. Although Erin also asked her older sister, Michaela, to be in the wedding, Michaela declined because she didn't want to stand up in front of such a large crowd. I agree. Growing up in a family of 19 kids, there was never a dull moment for her. In typical Bates fashion, it wasn't long before the newlyweds had another exciting announcement: A baby is on the way! @chad_erinpaine and her hubby should have their own HGTV show! On July 25, 2019, they announced that the child will be a daughter named Holland Grace. This seems like a very risky venture to me. Chad met Erin Bates at an IBLP Valentines Banquet in 2011. He is the brother of Tabitha Robertson, Thomas Paine, Nathan Paine, Hannah Pelletier, Abigail Unruh, Gabrielle Hardy, Josiah Paine, Daniel Paine and Johnny Paine.

I think he'll be fine.

Hopefully, Erin and Chad (who started his own construction company) will help them design more rooms because the Stewarts' bedroom is simply stunning. And a dozen more on workers comp or unemployment, who cannot work at all. Our faith, our families, and our friends are the most important treasures that we have. Erin suffered multiple miscarriages after that. Managed and Powered by Johnson Marketing and Media, Inc. Erin's ability to design and me in construction and then Zach with framing and Whitney in real estate, I like to think of maybe what might happen in the future or just around the corner," said Chad. On May 14, 2015, the couple welcomed son, Charles Steven "Carson" IV in Knoxville, Tennessee. Yes. If you share in my curiosity, there's a good chance you'll want to take a tour of Carlin Bates Stewart's house.

Erin graduated with honors and earned a bachelor’s degree in music ministry from Crown College of the Bible. Powered by, Click Here to Visit Ellie's Personal Blog, And Here to Visit Her Blog about the Duggars, 'A Bride, A Groom, and a Love That's True' Recap. Carlin captioned the post. Update: I anonymous above at 12:38. Then they flew to Shannon, Ireland, where they stayed at the Oak Wood Arms Hotel for a night.

On March 14, 2010, Chad began working for the Institute in Basic Life Principles.