Disclaimer: the salary figures provided on this website are based on the Staff Regulations and other credible sources, but they are purely for information purposes and the actual monthly allowance you receive as an EU official may differ from the amounts indicated here. Possible additional allowances and benefits Family allowances Household allowance: 191, Volunteering. You as a candidate can not influence the function group as that is decided when the post is advertised, however your length of work experience affects your grade (hence – pay). ADMIN/RH(2014)15E (updated June 2020) Summary of conditions of employment – all grades. Information and opportunities for young people to volunteer, including the European Voluntary Service and EU Aid Volunteers. Please find below the basic monthly salary (in €) for a 40 hour working week (applicable from 1 July 2019), 1st step:Function Group IV (grade 13-18): 3 531,26 - 6 547,83Function Group III (grade 8-12): 2 758,47 - 4 520,54Function Group II (grade 4-7): 2 154,58 - 3 120,96Function Group I (grade 1-3): 2 074,40 - 2 654,27 . A Union that strives for more The people of Europe made their voice heard in record numbers at last … This note is for information purposes only; it is not contractually binding on the Council of Europe. Yes No. What is the starting salary for contract agents? Types of traineeships available, qualifications and skills required and how to apply to become a trainee at the EU institutions or agencies.

1 1. Most of the time the estimated amounts fall within a range of 5-10% max. Salaries of contract agents (in French – fonctionnaires) mostly depend on which function group and grade they are in. Was this page useful? Brussels, 29.1.2020 COM(2020) 37 final COMMUNICATION FROM THE COMMISSION TO THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, THE COUNCIL, THE EUROPEAN ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL COMMITTEE AND THE COMMITTEE OF THE REGIONS Commission Work Programme 2020 A Union that strives for more . Examples of basic monthly salary Function Group / Grades Basic monthly salary at step 1 in € (as of 01/07/2019) Group I Grade 1 2.074,40 Group II Grade 4 2.154,58 Grade 5 2.437,84 Group III Grade 8 2.758,47 Grade 9 3.121,03 Grade 10 3.531,25 Group IV Grade 13 3.531,26 Grade 14 3.995,43 Grade 16 5.114,82 .

Is there an issue with this page? Salary grid (basic salary in EUR) for contract agents in the FG I-IV function group. 1. since conditions of employment are subject to change over time .