According transparency International and corruption means the misuse of the entrusted authority or power for private gains.And in other words corruption is the unethical conduct by a person entrust with a position of authority to acquire personal benefits at the expense of others.

Agnew, who was living in California at the time, gamely attempted to use this reimbursement as an income tax deduction; California's tax courts politely disagreed. Give money without visiting the office. In a relatively plum deal, Agnew paid a $10,000 fine (which covered the taxes and penalties) and received three years of probation for the crime.

And this leads to suffering by the persons involved in the cases. Politicians are very responsible for all kinds of corruption in the country.

In the final stretch of his 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump promised to “drain the swamp” of corruption in our nation's capital. In this article, we have published and Essay on Corruption for Children and Students in 1500 Words. There are even cases where the common waiting for the justice undergoes sever mental stress and die of it. However, because of unlimited powers, the judges of the courts are prone to corruption.

The era of fractured power and corruption is about to end. Rulers resort to corruption. This is a massive loss for the future of all corruption increasing and also other countries.

In the business corruptions, they also do duplication of medicines, duplication of imported items, contaminated production of health and hygiene products, mix lower quality ingredients in food items, Mixture of spices, stones in cereals, animal fats in ghee, kerosene in gasoline, etc. In one notable example Richard … And the Corruption is found from lowest to the highest levels of government offices in India.Therefore, Corruption is slowly taking all the strength and from the country. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We have explained about – What is Corruption?

However, the same company will produce high-standard products for other countries that have strict quality control regulations. It was created to address a series of technical and political problems that were present in the early days of our democracy—most notably, the issues of slow communications (it took tremendous time and effort to get vote tallies back to Washington from distant states) and of suffrage (the idea of a pure popular vote was a hard sell when you had Southern states containing large populations of enslaved African Americans and unenfranchised women).

This is common and long-lasting corruption. Undoubtedly, every country will be free from corruption one day when our political leaders will be free from greed and will use their power, status and position for the development of the country, not their own luxury and personal wishes.

This is a massive loss for the future of all corruption increasing and also other countries. The major types of corruption are as follows:TYPES OF CORRUPTION: The Petty corruption : Petty corruption occurs at a small scale and takes place at the implementation end of public services and where the public officials meet the public.

All those who have been granted authority through elections should fulfill the promises given to the people. This also includes kidnapping, murder, violence, injustice, etc. A civil court ruling in 1981 revealed that he had actually accepted a whopping $147,500 in bribes while serving as Maryland's governor, and $17,500 of the cash actually didn't come to him until he was already serving as Vice President.

This form of corruption is usually pursued by junior and middle level officials. If anyone wanted Agnew out of office, he contended, they'd have to impeach him. And Over time, corruption has been define differently and the ex is in a simple context. distorts represent in policy make so corruption in the judiciary compromises the rule of law;and corruption in public. But corruption is like a pandemic, people spread it everywhere. Take a look, and consider the question: Is this system really fair? 172. If you’re just in the mood to express your love of all things Mental Floss, you can also get our darling little logo on phone cases, tote bags, mugs, baby bibs, and more. Although many reporters thought he might be announcing his resignation, a visibly agitated Dwyer instead read a long, rambling statement criticizing the judge in his trial and maintaining his innocence. Further, the provision on the election of representatives of the nation must be rigorous. Your email address will not be published. Ex: Colgate Scam and 2G Scam etc. Corruption leads to obstacles for the development of the nation, loss of wealth, and prosperity.

The Electoral College is a process used in the United States to elect our president.

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Over the last ten years, India has shown an increase in the corruption index, in which the country has lost billions of dollars in various scams.

Gerald Ford, who took Agnew's place as vice president and eventually became president following Nixon's resignation. He claimed that not only were the charges untrue, but a sitting vice president couldn't be indicted.

We can classify it as large and small depending on the amount of money lost and the sector where it occurs.

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Corruption has been accept as part of life. Here, some officials are tempted to get illegal money, leaving corrupt people without penalty and punishment. The prevalent corruption in the judiciary is: Political corruption is because of the use of powers by government officials for illegal personal benefit.

If government members and procedures are transparent, it can decimate corruption. Fourth, the government and regulatory agencies should always check the source of income and bank accounts for leaders and their associates. Examples include:

During Dwyer's tenure as treasurer, Pennsylvania's state employees accidentally paid too much income tax, and once the irregularity came to light, the state started looking for a firm to help figure out how much each employee should be refunded. Lack of unity in public to fight corruption and  Attitude of taking shortcuts. They do this by making scams, awarding contracts to their friends, etc.

But it affects the whole society and degrades the quality of life.

It must have taken some serious gall to be so corrupt that even the Nixon White House couldn't stomach your exploits, but Spiro T. Agnew somehow reached that rarefied level.

Political corruption is an effect of policies, institutions, and rules in the allocation of resources and funding by political decision-makers who abuse their position to sustain their status, power, and wealth.