She recognised that only extreme shock tactics and a searing honesty of the type seldom seen in politics could shake the British people out of their torpor. M Lindsay, London SE17, 20. Since 1999, Politkovskaya has spent a great deal of time in the danger zones of the northern Caucasus, trying to inform the world about a war that Russia would rather was ignored. His programmes are committed, invaluable and beautiful. People have had to fight for their rights and the community which faced some of the biggest discriminatory phases is the black community. Despite being attacked, physically and verbally, he has never allowed himself to be bullied into silence. Other women have done so and equally well - Alice Walker, Erica Jong, Joan Smith and so on - but Greer stands out. In retirement, he has become a genial, wisecracking figure who still occasionally re-enacts his past, appearing in Kiev to support Ukraine's "orange revolution" in 2004. Protesting in Parliament Square against the Afghan and Iraq wars since 2001, He stands alone, but he represents everyone who regards this government as too repressive. Rami Elhanan - Israeli peace campaigner He is a polymath whose expertise ranges from the origins of Indian cuisine, through gender studies, public health and moral philosophy, and beyond to the economics of peace and war. Won the OBE for helping fellow burn victims through his charity Weston Spirit, He has turned a personal tragedy into a platform for helping other people triumph over their difficulties, and is an excellent role model for young people. Hosted by Black Chicken. He is the voice for those whose voices are not heard. The Tories have now accepted that agenda, although they will find it very hard to sell to a large section of their core supporters. Through her efforts, more than 100 elderly people were evacuated from an old people's home in Grozny and relocated in homes across Russia. We’re devoting our seventh annual leaders’ list to those who have rallied the world against the coronavirus—including medical workers on the front lines. While TopTenz has already mentioned Raoul Wallenberg and Chiune Sugihara there were others who rose to the challenge, taking incredible risks and saving thousands of Jews fleeing the Nazi Death … There the young Suu Kyi was inspired by Gandhi's credo of non-violent resistance. Nationally, too, he has had a formidable impact. She changed British politics so fundamentally that the Labour Party had to drop socialism and change its name and objectives in order to get elected. Jason Cowley is editor of the New Statesman. About 75 per cent of the UK labour force is in work, compared to an EU average of 63 per cent. He voted for the Republic, but was against the execution of Louis.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'historyhit_com-banner-1','ezslot_14',161,'0','0'])); One of the best known philosophers of the Scottish Enlightenment, Hume was sceptical on a range of philosophical subjects – for instance epistemology and the philosophy of religion. "Solidarity" was born, and the so-called self-limiting revolution (which did not directly challenge Communist political leadership) began. Anna Politkovskaya has been punished more than once for speaking up about what she has seen and heard in Chechnya. What Were the Causes of the American Civil War? Emma Bennett, London E11, Because he cares about helping those who are suffering and does something about it. David Cameron has had to try to move on to Blair's ground to have any chance of success. He is timeless and relentless in championing the underdog, particularly the oppressed people of the third world. Aung San Suu Kyi - Pro-democracy campaigner They put aside some of the old institutions and embraced an age of science and reason. CA Notice at Collection and Privacy Notice, She changed the atmosphere of the pre-emptive cringe that successive ministries of both parties and industrial management had exhibited towards the trade unions ever since the Second World War. He has insisted that the government in exile be run on democratic lines. The kind of permanent revolution she offered did not suit everyone, and eventually she was overthrown. There are plenty of political figures, activists, and artists out there to admire! At Harvard he teamed up with an old schoolmate, Paul Allen, to write the first computer-language program for a PC. At this point, everyone - for or against the intervention - has to hope that somehow a decent society will emerge. "I am Mordechai Vanunu," he said. To the shipyard workers at Gdansk in 1980, he was "one of us" - a jobbing electrician with all the human weaknesses, who was adored for his cheek and cunning but who never asked to be trusted unconditionally. But his real delight was horse-trading, making rapid deals and compromises behind the scenes. Margaret Thatcher told it like it was, in a way that so few politicians seem able to do nowadays. In the event, your response was as surprising in its range and unpredictability as it was overwhelming. They're well developed, memorable, and inspiring. Patricia Bryden, Edinburgh, Labelled a terrorist, he experienced harsh racial hatred and discrimination and was imprisoned for more than 25 years for his political views. Anna Lindsay, Cambridge, He is living proof that one man can make a difference. "I only wanted the world to know what was happening. Although he did make any major scientific discoveries, he did lay down the methods of scientific investigation based on observation and reason as a means of reaching conclusion. But perhaps when people think of bravery and moral courage in South Africa they think first, and inevitably, of Nelson Mandela. "That was a doozy," he once said. Both have been successful. In children's magazines you get prizes for finding differences. L Homayon-Jones, Blackburn, 36. Ian Hargreaves, 38. How Did Imperialism Permeate Boys’ Adventure Fiction in the Victorian Era? The Bush administration's PR machine is still intent on proving he is an Islamic extremist. Editorial credit: Jaguar PS / Emily Dearden, London W7, 43. I applaud Berners-Lee's selfless magnanimity and modesty as much as his life-changing invention. Tim Symonds, Burwash, East Sussex, 35. It is a message that does not seem to date. Sacked for agitation in 1976, he made contact with underground groups hoping to organise free trade unions, and was repeatedly arrested for trying to raise a monument to the dead of 1970. The Queen, wrote Jayne Fisentzides, a reader from Halesowen in the West Midlands, "has reigned through several generations, enduring personal and public difficulties, without once losing her dignity or being sullied by scandal". She has not seen her sons since 1988. The junta brands her a foreign stooge, and now leader of a "terrorist" network. He inspires us all to hold true to what we know is right and to have the courage to speak out when others are silent. Articles have been dedicated to calculating exactly how much she has made through her "anti-Russian activities". The villains are wonderfully awful!) When she came to power in 1979 Britain was in a terrible state, with huge areas of our nationalised industries collapsing, a government in craven retreat from the trade unions and the country teetering on the brink of relegation from the second division of world powers. Who, for instance, could have predicted that Margaret Thatcher, scourge of trade unions and, more generally, of the liberal left, would be there in our top five as nominated by you? Share them with us in our comments or on FamilyApp! She possesses in good measure all the qualities you are seeking. Before 9/11, this would have been admirable. - H Sims, Smethwick, West Midlands, 33. "I am neither a traitor nor a spy," he said. K Salway, Lechlade, Gloucestershire, 41. 17. When the shipyards of the Baltic coast rebelled against price rises in December 1970, only to be met by gunfire, he was one of the Gdansk leaders, but nearly lost his reputation by trying to broker a pact with the police. She changed the ownership structure of vast industries, exchanging the nebulous concept of "national" ownership for the more efficient, purer (and ultimately fairer) one of shareholder ownership. Richard Gott, 12. But the following famous heroes have also helped pave the way for justice for generations to come. New Labour aimed to make Britain more social democratic, concerned as it was to accept cosmopolitanism, invest in public services and alleviate poverty. I once heard him change policy three times in one speech as he felt that opposition was gathering. She has been willing to sacrifice all in order to document the reality and consequences of this most bloody tragedy. This website uses cookies to help us give you the best experience when you visit our website. Meet the 100 Most Significant Americans of All Time A new, special issue of Smithsonian magazine attempts the impossible: to list out the most significant people in United States history When Vanunu left prison in 2004, he did not walk free. Also, in his mid-sixties, he's still on the road and thumping at his typewriter: the poet of the pensions crisis. In 1972, she married Michael Aris, a British scholar of Tibetan culture. There's an integrity to Dylan that has survived many changes in artistic direction: in his own words, "to keep on keeping on like a bird that flew". There was no doubt about our winner: Aung San Suu Kyi, who received three times as many nominations as even the great Mandela in second place. Imprisoned by the apartheid regime for 27 … By continuing to use this website, you consent to our use of these cookies. What Can We Learn About Late-Imperial Russia from ‘Busted Bonds’? Jason Cowley on the winners and losers, When in our issue of 3 April I invited readers and contributors to nominate their heroes of our time, I thought I had a good idea as to who might feature in our final list of 50. Imprisoned by the apartheid regime for 27 years, He has made such an impact on the whole world simply by wishing to be treated as an equal. Blair has made mistakes. Ice-cream chemist who became Iron Lady; still dominates British politics years after leaving office. They soon discovered what the state had known all along - that he had little new to add. Erica Price, Oldbury, Gloucestershire, 37. "We allowed there to be massive innovation on the hardware side and massive innovation on the software side." By encouraging George Bush Sr not to "wobble" during the first Gulf war, she set the international scene that has allowed Tony Blair to finish off the campaign against Saddam Hussein that she started in 1990, further strengthening the "special relationship" with the United States that both she and Blair so fervently believe in. But I would defy anyone to find a political leader who hasn't. No one except Politkovskaya took any interest in the plight of these abandoned people. A Spy’s Perspective. Brian Haw - Peace campaigner This figure has been achieved with a substantial minimum wage.