I like a scandal better than the next person, for sure. Did he come back from the dead? As to #1, this novel was the first Great Russian Novel to achieve international fame, paving the way for--in my estimation—greater works from Dostoevsky and Tolstoy, but it’s also pretty legitimately great in its own right. This happens today and this happened in this realistic classical work, based on the Russian society of the mid 19th century. Fathers feel that they now belong to bygone times and sons feel that they have learned enough to indoctrinate new scientific theories and philosophies to the fathers. Abu Osama is plainly adored by his gaggle of male mini-mes, none more fervently imitative in his devotion than rowdy, bullying 10-year-old Osama. To begin with, I never intended to read 'Fathers and Sons' by Turgenev in the first place; rather, it was one of the lesser known works of this lesser known Russian master, 'Sketches from a hunter's album' that I sought so eagerly. My main issue with this book: too short. I do not recommend them to anyone. Derki was born in Syria and now lives in Berlin, but returned to his homeland posing as a war photographer sympathetic to the jihadist cause. Arkady Kirsanov under the influence of the bright Evgeny Bazarov studying to be a doctor but an ardent, passionate nihilist his real occupation ( destroy all and rebuild a better world), brings to his widowed father's Nicholas large estate this strange , unsettling person, he dominates the novel, in fact the writer's Ivan Turgenev's best fictional character, he himself acknowledged...Uncle Paul is a suave, debonair man, a former Don Juan, an unhappy love affair caused his exile from glittering Saint Petersburg , a supporter of the old customs , feels threatened by the new breeze. Repudiate, repudiate, repudiate, champion only what's useful, no authority other than oneself. Interesting structural repetition of crisscrossing "two on two" dynamics throughout: two brothers and two younger dudes; two younger dudes and two sisters; two younger dudes and their parents. The family that prays together stays together, with entirely chilling consequences, in “Of Fathers and Sons,” an intrepid, cold sweat-inducing study of Jihadi radicalization in the home from celebrated Syrian docmaker Talal Derki. As far as classic Russian literature is concerned, I’ve so far read Tolstoy (, I started reading this book because I was looking for clues to help me decipher William Trevor’s. Well, that would be nihilism and these two young man are very anxious to advocate it. Good to see the young toughs either settle down or succumb. When he finally falls in love, his worldview collapses. The filmmaker explains at the outset how he convinced Al-Nusra Front member and father of eight Abu Osama that he was a jihadist-sympathizing photojournalist out to make a supportive documentary portrait. Dostoevsky parodied Turgenev in his character 'Karmazinov' in novel 'Demons' for writing 'Fathers and Sons'. The excerpt was such: You might not know about this but ol' Turgenev was sortof a big deal back in the day. And then Bazarov dies of something totally different: his intellectual curiosity leads him to attempt a dissection of a guy who died of...I think it's cholera, and he gets infected. They are only in the business to look out for themselves. Fathers and Sons". This book is a real classic of russian literature.The language is understandable and psychological depth. Bazarov anxious, elderly parents await his return, these good people, adore their son, and only child, his father a retired army physician much decorated, the couple haven't seen him in three years...Bazanov has to leave the intolerable situation at his friend's home, his excuse, he must go back and visit his father and mother . I bought copies for my dad and both my brothers. This novel opens up with one son returning to his father. Repudiate, repudiate, repudiate, champion only what's useful, no authority other than oneself. Arkady Kirsanov under the influence of the bright Evge. That’s not enough to stop them quite soldiering on in all senses of the word: Some of the film’s most unnerving (and logistically jaw-dropping, in terms of entry gained) footage comes from the grueling jihadist boot camp where Osama and Ayman are eventually sent to march, fight and jump through literal hoops of fire: The formative stages of the dehumanizing physical and psychological breakdown that enables Al-Nusra’s mentality of unquestioning martyrdom are bluntly depicted, though the boys don’t take to it equally. Refresh and try again. However the students still have a great deal to learn about the ancient land. Now streaming on: Powered by JustWatch. The harrowing “Of Fathers and Sons” opens with children doing what children do around the world: playing soccer. What kind of philosophical system is it? The 'fathers' in the book are in too m. The first time I heard of Turgenev, it was Dostoevsky. An odd thing to think of when the too short object in question is a Russian novel concerning cultural upheaval and aristocracy and all sorts of young ones running around screeching newfangled ideas at the top of their lungs, but 'tis true. Bazarov—a gifted, impatient, and caustic young man—has journeyed from school to the home of his friend Arkady Kirsanov. Also next to the main character you will meet interesting characters and it's just fun to read this book. A Fathers Son - Michael Landon, star of Bonanza and Little House on the Prairie, was adored by millions. Some may question whether the film has essential human and political insight beyond its startling exposition of radical process: What “Of Fathers and Sons” shows its audience behind enemy lines isn’t unexpected, but disconcerting for being presented in such rare, close detail. Blame testosterone plus higher education? A proto-punk and a proto-metrosexual demand satisfaction from one another because the first macked on the latter's bro's baby mama. I re-read Fathers and Sons for a couple reasons; 1) I have been on a small Rereading Great Russian Novel kick the last couple years and 2) I was interested in what the book might have to say about the relationships between fathers and sons. So I tore into it with gusto. They damaged my property I have been very patient giving them time to make repairs and all they do is give me the run around. Abu Osama’s life takes an unexpected turn that forces him to be less of a soldier than he once was, and you can almost feel some sort of mantle being passed down to his eldest. However, the new philosophical system these young man advocate causes Nikolai to feel uneasy. However the students still have a great deal to learn about the ancient land. Brian Tallerico is the Editor of RogerEbert.com, and also covers television, film, Blu-ray, and video games. Fathers and Sons, although not on an epic level in terms of length, does an authentic and realistic job of presenting an account of upper class 19th century Russian provincial life, and indeed it doesn't surprise me he gained greater respect in some parts in regards to the two other Russian greats.