[6] These arcs, along with the two omnibus collections, are also available in digital versions. Sin Eater  Jaeger, a wandering pathfinder, reconnects with an old army buddy only to discover that the old friend appears to be dangerously crazy-- and may always have been. Self-published for over a decade, now published by Dark Horse Comics. The main character is "Jaeger" Ayers, who is half-redneck and half "Ascian" (McNeil's stand-in culture for real-world Native Americans). Min - Minimum number of ratings. Finally, the Library of Congress has online archives of notable comics, mostly for teens and adults. I'm having my fun drawing [REDACTED], coyote attacks, compound fractures, and extremely rude sign language. His personality is best characterized by his astonishing self-sufficiency, and his ability to travel nearly anywhere, relate to nearly anyone, and survive nearly anything. Readers - The number of readers a novel has. Yes, we have some in e-book format, as well as a couple in e-audio format. The world Carla Speed McNeil creates in Finder is so expansive, imaginative, well-thought-out, and just dang enjoyable that I was shocked by the fact I hadn't heard of it when I picked up my first Finder comic. She began the series in the customary comics format of 24-page magazine/pamphlets, which she soon began collecting on a roughly annual basis in trade paperback editions containing extensive footnotes explaining particulars of the story and of the richly detailed world the characters are moving through. Build schools in a Central American village; get to know some of the other freshmen. [5] Dark Horse also individually published the arcs Voice, Third World, and Talisman; Talisman also has a limited-edition hardcover version that is signed by McNeil. Both of these gifts are balanced by self-destructive tendencies, a need to sustain (or self-inflict) serious physical injuries to remain healthy, and a corresponding (and seemingly connected) inability to remain in any one place or relationship for long. Also, emoji. Max - Maximum readers. Our own civilization and its considerably more advanced successors are lost to prehistory save for a few twentieth-century pop cultural artifacts conveniently recovered by well-paid psychics. Overdrive has a bigger selection ranging from the first volume of the Attack on Titan manga to the adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time. Finder has also won one Kimberly Yale Award and three Ignatz awards. Finder: Voice won the 2011 Los Angeles Times Book Prize (Graphic Novel). Type “comic and graphic novels” in the search bar. One of THE most successful Kickstarters of 2014. Royal "Roy" Sudamer Ayers, Jaeger's half-brother and possible love interest of Rachel. Dark Horse has republished eight of the self-published graphic novels as two lovely Libraries, each of which can reasonably be read alone. New episodes of Finder run in eight-page installments in the magazine anthology Dark Horse Presents (new storyline beginning October 2015). Now the town’s businesses are crumbling, its citizens bitter and disaffected. In 2005, prompted both by low profits on the single-issues and by the format's implicit limitations on story pacing, McNeil ended the pamphlet format of the series with issue #38, and moved regular publication of the story onto her website, with two fresh pages a week appearing free on her website, formerly called www.lightspeedpress.com. I hope to release a "footnoted" process version on my Patreon account at some point, with permission from DC Comics. McNeil first self-published the series through her Lightspeed Press. Min - Minimum rating (1 to 5) Max - Maximum rating (1 to 5) Number of Ratings - The amount of ratings for a novel. Some thoughts I had on this endlessly fascinating superhero: Hidden Agendas, "Silver" Free Comic Book Day Offering for 2015, iBooks Best of 2013 Comics & Graphic Novels. Come read a bunch of free stuff and consider supporting me on Patreon! Finder is a science fiction comic book series written and drawn by Carla Speed McNeil, and is currently published by Dark Horse Comics. Aboriginal science fiction deals with alien societies. Bestselling writer Alex de Campi (Smoke/Ashes, Grindhouse), Carla Speed McNeil (Finder), and Jenn Manley Lee (Dicebox) team up for No Mercy, coming from Image Comics this Spring 2015. Max - Maximum number of ratings. The societies outside the domes endure less overt injustice but much more privation and danger. (Some may not be appropriate for teens.).