The collection includes 3/4 linear inch of song lists, newspaper articles, and programs. One 10-inch tape of shape note singing from M. L. Swan's New Harp of Columbia, sung by members of the Wear's Valley Baptist Church. Recorded by Joseph S. Hall of Pasadena College, 1956-1967. [catalog record], AFC 1970/030: Bengt Olsson Recordings of Memphis Boogie Woogie AFC 2004/006: Eleanor Dickinson Interview Collection [catalog record] [finding aid], AFC 1989/009: 1989 Neptune Plaza Concert Series Collection The following lists materials from the August 17, 1989, concert by The Nashville Bluegrass Band: AFC 1989/009: SR9-11: Two tapes and one audiocassette, recorded concurrently, containing the concert. AFS 13,711A: One tape containing an interview with Mrs. Wesley Metcalf on the subject of mountain cooking, and stories told by Vernon Metcalf regarding his background. This trip documented the folk festivals at Asheville, North Carolina, and Galax, Virginia, and made numerous documentary recordings of the Wilmington experiment in Georgia and Tennessee, particularly in Blairsville, Georgia. Recorded in Tennessee by Ron Stanford, June 3-7, 1971. (40 minutes; LWO 9385 reel 10B), AFC 1977/016: Mary Elizabeth Barnicle-Cadle Recordings Collection Hello Select your address Best Sellers Today's Deals Electronics Customer Service Books New Releases Home Computers Gift Ideas Gift Cards Sell [31] Though often performed at Tennessee Volunteers football games, it is not the official fight song of the University of Tennessee (Down the Field). Recorded in Knoxville, Tennessee, May 17, 1947.

(35 minutes; LWO 4872 reel 425B)

The recordings comprise 724 songs and interviews with 20 of the musicians. One 7-inch tape of an Interview of Charlie Bailey of the Bailey Brothers (bluegrass band), in Wilmington, Delaware, 1970, by Gary Henderson and Tom Morgan. “If I Had a Hammer” – Pete Seeger 5.

Lacy Barnes. One 10-inch tape containing transcriptions of 3 early broadcasts of the "Grand Ol' Opry," radio show, sponsored by Prince Albert Tobacco. Also includes "Dry bones in the valley," a church service and sermon by Reverend J. R. Stratton at Fair Field Baptist Church in Tennessee (Nashville). President." (20 minutes; LWO 8011 reels 46B-47A), AFS 10,862: Myrtle Carrigan Recordings 3) containing an article on Work's field recordings by Bruce Nemerov. We don’t share your credit card details with third-party sellers, and we don’t sell your information to others. Greeneville, home to The Band Perry,[55] also features occasional performances by the group. Fifty-nine 10-inch tapes of public speeches and other utterances containing dialect samples, recorded at various locations in North America by various collectors, and compiled by the Center for Applied Linguistics for a project entitled "A Survey and Collection of American English Dialect Recordings."
[catalog record] [online presentation], AFS 6361: One disc containing interviews with Fadie France, Reverend W.J.

AFC 1992/001: Envelope 2: One envelope containing one contact sheet of black-and-white images from the concert (35 images) and one black-and-white promotional photoprint (photographed by Jim Higgins). Instruments: guitar, fiddle, bass, steel guitar, mandolin. Recorded in McMinnville, Tennessee, September 1975. [catalog record] [finding aid]. (includes AFS 14,168) (LWO 5926) [catalog record] AFC 1970/040: Folk Legacy Records Duplication Project

The collection includes 8 pages of administrative material and correspondence. [audio and transcript], AFS 6442: One disc containing interviews with Will Gilchreist and Henry Shook discussing Pearl Harbor, World War II, and racism. Area musicians travel to attend this festival, which features old-time folk and bluegrass music. That has remained the case until now. 10 [49][50][51], East Tennessee State University, in Johnson City, is the only four-year university in the world with a comprehensive bluegrass music program. Recorded by Kathleen Manscill, April 1974. [audio and transcript], AFS 6441: One disc containing interviews with A.J. April 21, 1988, concert features The Cumberland Music Tour, old-time music from Kentucky and Tennessee. The collection includes 5 linear inches of articles, correspondence, logs, and musical and textual transcriptions. Recorded in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, September 1946.

Complete program title: A Tennessee Homecoming: Folk Arts at the Smithsonian's 20th Festival of American Folklife. The collection includes 3 pages of correspondence. “City of New Orleans” – Steve Goodman 4. Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, by Charles Johnson and Lewis Jones, January or February 1942.
AFC 2001/015:PH38-42; PH58-62: Ten color and black-and-white photos documenting the contruction of a memorial erected in Knoxville, Tennessee, after September 11; also includes images of the completed wall with writings on it. The songs presented here were originally collected in the late 1940s and early 1950s by George Boswell, a distinguished scholar and field researcher who died in 1995. (LWO 12,988), AFS 19,559-19,600 Ralph Rinzler Duplication Project Recorded in Byington, Tennessee, May 2, 1948. (RYA 4726-4729) (includes AFS 23,721-23,724), AFS 24,091-24,110: KUNI Radio / 1981 Westfair Old-Time Country Music Contest Collection Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee by Alan Lomax, June 1942. [audio and transcript], AFC 1941/011: Radio Research Project Recordings The Country Tonite Theater, in Pigeon Forge, has operated since 1996. One 5-inch tape of Negro boogie woogie and other folk music recorded in Memphis, Tennessee, by Bengt Olsson and Karl Gert Zur Heide, 1968-1969. See notebook for list. (LWO 5712), AFC 1970/001: Eleanor Dickinson Collection Recorded in Flagpond, Tennessee, September 29, 1950. AFS 20,103-20,104: Archive of Folk Song Fiftieth Anniversary Concert Collection AFC 2001/012: Laurie Sommers / "Wiregrass Ways" Radio Series The women discuss the establishment of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and famous visitors to the park (Henry Ford in 1927 and President Roosevelt in 1940). (40 minutes; LWO 7445) (includes AFS 15,658). Radio broadcast on 107 FM radio, San Jose State University.

Recorded in Limestone, Tennessee, October 3, 1950. (54 minutes; LWO 4872 reel 188), AFS 2878: One disc containing "Boston Girl (Wexford Girl)," "Billy Boy," "Little Mohees," and a conversation regarding "ballits" by Ray Bohannan. The four-day event has featured headliners such as Doc Watson, Ralph Stanley, Mac Wiseman, Janette Carter, and Rhonda Vincent. Through the organization's programming, such as the National Storytelling Festival, the ISC has served as a focal point for the storytelling revival. Handy discusses his autobiography (Father of the Blues), talks of his experiences with a minstrel show, and discusses the African origins of "blue notes." [audio], AFS 24,300B4: One tape containing an interview with a 70+-year old woman discussing withcraft and storytelling. Three 7-inch tapes of recordings from the Clarence Tom Ashley Collection, Oral History Archives, East Tennessee State University.