By Leah Silverman. All rights reserved. In true underdog fashion, a benchwarmer (James Van Der Beek) must step up to replace an all-star quarterback in a team that carries an entire town. An underdog tale that chronicles socioeconomic tensions via family-friendly quirks. by Mike McPadden 2/4/2016. Filling the roster are classics synonymous with football flicks (Remember the Titans, Rudy), comedies to tackle the funny bone (The Waterboy, The Replacements), industry insiders (Jerry Maguire, Draft Day), and the inspirational tearjerkers (Brian’s Song). On the heels of WWII, star-athlete David Greene (Brendan Fraser) begins school at an elite academic institution on a football scholarship and quickly becomes the most popular student. To that tight end, we’ve huddled together the 30 Essential Football Movies, as fine a lineup of critics’ choices and fan favorites as you’ll ever see. Sign up for our newsletter.
These movies are not ranked by Tomatometer scores, but by their stature and impact inside the arena of sports cinema. Based on a true story. Colloquialism_And_The_Like. An unsettled Texas town disputes their social issues on the football field via a hugely successful high school team.

So even if some critics gave these movies a hard time, the fact that they’ve been accepted by audiences and fans as film ambassadors to the football life was the true weighing factor. In football, when a … When the Philadelphia Eagles hold an open tryout for the public, it's not believed that any average Joe will actually make the team.

Successful womanizer and sports agent Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise) gets fired from his firm for sharing a personal crisis company-wide. Starring as a dethroned and incarcerated football star, Sandler is enlisted to spearhead the prison's football league and coordinate a win with fellow inmate and ex-NFL coach (played by the indomitable Burt Reynolds) against corrupt prison guards. He enlists celebrated war hero (Krasinksi) to help him bring more attention to the sport, while both men vie for the romantic attention of a certain newswoman (Zellweger). Lets see what the people vote as the top ten best high school football movies. A solid football flick has plenty of action and a few goosebump-worthy scenes. Poignant, honest, and loosely based on producer Dick Wolf's (Law & Order) personal experience, prepare for a film that takes your emotions the whole nine yards.

Whether they’re set on field, in the locker room, or in the halls, these movies capture the spirit of football in its complex glory.