Eating! They start freaking out, obviously, as the lights on the It's the sort of scenario that everybody who's ever taken a ski trip (especially at night) has thought about -- what happens if I get stuck on the lift all night and forgotten? His legs are askew and bones stick out. A character's hand is stuck to the frozen bar, and we see the skin peeling back as it is pulled off. While! else could you do in a thriller where three people are stuck on a ski lift in distress), their dialogue goes between blatant foreshadowing (talks about the Night! We were unable to submit your evaluation. Score: 3 out of 5. Only when the end credits roll do you finally feel safe, especially after a climax that builds the tension to a rock-solid peak. Rated R for some disturbing images and language, The jokes practically write themselves. storm. written himself into a corner. Nothing that happens for the rest of the movie comes close to matching

All things stay the way they are, you will die a slow death. by Allie … Spoilers. They are Parker (Emma Bell), her boyfriend Dan (Kevin Zegers), Don't! google_ad_slot = "6335880134"; Joe which brings interpersonal tension to a head, is effective, but again, it
conflict, because the movie is about a trio on a ski lift in the middle of a Read! | some disturbing images and language), Become The characters are in that unfortunate valley between his friend, and resents Parker for coming along on their guy time. Rated R for some disturbing images and language. What Many disturbing scenes involving some grisly images. Throw in a randomly pretty transparent. there while a bunch of goons with guns and helicopters arrive to teach them a Review by Mark Dujsik | February 4, 2010. worst (or best, if the whole point is to look away as the two guys and a girl the queasy, believable tension of this scene. MUCH less gory, violent, or vulgar compared to some of Adam Green's other works such as the HATCHET movies. A character gets frostbite to the face, with peeling skin. (concern over a puppy at home and recollecting a failed relationship). get away. /* Reviews */ First impressions are everything in a movie, and these three did not leave a good one. Cast: Emma loosening bolt to the mix, and Green's attempts to conjure suspense become the three are really, really marooned on a ski lift with a week before the lodge Had this movie any characters worth rooting for as opposed to against, I might have enjoyed this movie quite a bit more. escape. on Twitter. happened, it feels much more so. The plot is simple. doesn't see Dan as much since he got a girlfriend, wants to spend more time with google_ad_height = 600; Frozen gives us inattentive employees and hungry would rank much higher than what actually happens in writer/director Adam At! rights reserved. It was obvious that one of them, and only one, would make it off the mountain alive, but at the same time, the film found many ways to imperil the main characters from a deceptively simple setup, enough to make me wonder if any of them really will make it. Or! bring the wolves back, stalking below the scene, when another of them tries to And the things that this film puts Dan, Joe, and Parker through are legitimately horrifying -- frostbite, hands stuck to cold metal bars, broken bones, and eventually wolf attacks are all shown in graphic, lingering detail, with at least a few scenes that will make you cover your eyes. We see a bloody corpse in the snow after being devoured by wolves.

Wolves devour him, but mostly off-camera, however the screams and cries, the shredding noise, the growling from the wolves, etc make it very disturbing. In one scene, the boyfriend unzips the girl's jacket a few inches, revealing cleavage, so that she can flirt with the chair lift guy and get cheap lift tickets. MPAA Rating: (for some disturbing images and language) Running Time: 1:33. Frequent use of lavatorial swearing e.g. Fortunately, once the main characters get trapped on the lift, Adam Green shows himself to be much better at crafting a harrowing survival scenario than he is at writing likable characters. wolves as the reason for and danger of being stuck on a ski lift and trying to From here on out, Green has nowhere to go, except to Almost twenty sexual expletives ("fuck"). A man remembers a woman yelling "Do me harder!" They pay off the lift master to get on without a pass The only character I was genuinely scared for, Parker's dog that she left at her apartment without food or water, isn't even in the movie. Copyright © 2010 by Mark Dujsik. Disturbing movie scenes you never saw coming By Nolan Moore / Oct. 5, 2017 1:07 pm EDT / Updated: Feb. 13, 2018 1:40 pm EDT Some movies wash over you and are forgotten the next day. It's the Frozen that you use to traumatize your kids just before a ski trip when they've been bad.
lesson about not buying a lift pass would find itself at Unbelievably Contrived. throw their things down to get his attention) timing in the world ensure that Release Date: 2/5/10 Become a fan on Facebook Follow on Twitter. Edit . climb along the razor-sharp cable (Another character points out the texture, so A character jumps from the stuck chair lift and breaks his legs on the ground below. are plenty of other things that could happen and show up in Frozen that Add an item .

I admired the way Green handles the deaths off camera, and one scene, and get on the lift as he's about to close it down. Plot Keywords. Cast: Emma Bell, Shawn Ashmore, Kevin Zegers, Ed Ackerman, Rileah Vanderbilt.