Truly considering using it if bean is a girl, […] “meh-row”), Merryn, Morwenna, Tremain, Emblyn, Jory, Massen, Treeve and Cotton. Call this pretty fishing village in west Cornwall Mouse-hole and prepare for a round of sniggers. His name most likely derives from the Old Welsh Morien meaning "born of the sea." Let us know below. Can you think of any more to add to the list? A word with its roots in the old Cornish language, it's thought to have some connection to male genitals, but has come to be used as a more general term of contempt. How many do you know? Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The name is the Cornish equivalent of Geraint. The more modern Cornish form is Gwenna. The name is derived from elements mor, which means sea, or great and budd, which means benefit, or profit. Biased? Have loved Welsh and Cornish names forever. Name of a Virgin saint. Isn’t there a Saint Endellion – or maybe she’s one of those former saints? ", Melyonen (mel-YON-en) — A modern Cornish vocabulary name meaning "violet.". Hedrek, Hedrok (HED-rək) — Derived from the Celtic hedr "bold". Many thanks for your impressions of lovely Cornwall and the many melodious names one encounters there. I actually love Tressa for a mn. The good news is this is most often heard in the past tense, as in: "When she said that to me, I didn't know where to look, I was jumping!". cornwalllive. What struck me was that many houses were named instead of numbered, and these place names, along with those adorning road signs, quickly caught my attention both due to the foreign sound to English ears, and the similarity to my greatest name-love: Welsh names. The name means “white wave.”. Just lurking behind this spotlight is Cornish: the still relatively undiscovered sister-language. Or as a way of expressing sympathy for someone undergoing a rough time. ", Melwyn — A modern Cornish compound name meaning "honey-fair. Eseld (es-ZELD) — The Cornish form of Isolde. Guest blogger and name lover Eleanor Nickerson, aka nameberry’s own Elea, tells us all about the exotic and gorgeous names from Cornwall, the exotic and gorgeous region in the southwest of England. Another word derived from Cornish, in this instance gyki, which means to quickly look over. 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Jenifer — The Cornish form of Guinevere, modernised as Jennifer. Thank you! Elea, I’ve been waiting for your guest blog on Cornish names — this was pure delight! They’re baffling, hilarious and just a little bit rude! Morwenna is actually Morwen (from “The Children of Hurin”). Austol (OST-əl) — The name of a Breton saint who came to Cornwall. Cornwall is a place in which the English language is subject to a number of warping influences. […] more from the original source: CORNISH BABY NAMES – Baby Name Blog – Nameberry By admin | category: baby name | tags: also-choose, billie, billie-holiday, british, […], […] Kerensa, or any name with similar roots. ", Kensa (KEN-za) — A modern Cornish vocabulary name meaning "first. So you might hear someone say they're off to take a geek at something. It is a noun, but it's used differently from the sexist British slang term birds in that there's a feeling that this is someone you cherish, not disparage. that is often used as a greeting in conjuction with "my 'ansum" or "my bird.". ", Morgelyn (mor-GEL-in) — A modern Cornish compound name meaning "sea-holly. Our only criterion is a pub sign that raises a smile. Derowen (de-ROW-en) — A modern Cornish vocabulary name meaning "oak", Derwa — A Cornish saint who is commemorated in Menadarva. Delennyk "little petal" is a diminutive form. I even suggested it to my DH and he loves it too If we had another girl she’d be our third so the meaning is perfect. Clesek (CLEZ-ək) — An old Cornish name derived from the Cornish clos "fame.". I’m so glad this may have inspired you . If you are called a tuss, either the person addressing you really doesn't like you, or they're so sure of your friendship that they're using it affectionately. This is a new meaning that has nothing to do with either wealth or luxury. Kitto (KIT-ō) — Used as a Cornish diminutive of Christopher. this is really cool! Cornwall: home of fantastic dramatic coastlines, beach holidays, pasties, cream teas and breath-taking scenery. Oops! Right at the southern tip of the British mainland, Cornwall has for centuries had its own distinct heritage and culture, and even its own language. Meraud, Merouda (MEH-rəd) —  A medieval Cornish name, possibly a cognate of the Welsh Morfydd, either from mor "sea" or mawr "great" and budd "benefit, profit.". } You’ve got it! Metheven (me-THEV-en) — A modern Cornish vocabulary name meaning "June. This hill on Bodmin Moor gets more than a few giggles but the meaning of the name Brown Willy is actually quite romantic sounding for it is based on the Cornish ‘Bronn Wennill’ which means ‘hill of swallows’. Most commonly used to refer to a grumpy child—"come on, you're only teasy 'cos you're tired"—when applied to an adult it effectively calls them out for being both tetchy and a big kid. The Arthur's queen from Arthurian mythology. All rights reserved. var url = document.URL; Wenna — The old Cornish form of Gwen "white, fair, blessed" and the name of several saints. If you love everything Cornish, then why not name your beloved best friend a Cornwall inspired name? Share ; Comments; Subscriptions; Sign Out; By. An extremely Cornish way of pronouncing bloody, as in bloody hell. Copyright © 2010-2020 AMC Network Entertainment LLC. ", Trueth (TRU-əth) — A modern Cornish vocabulary name meaning "compassion.". Bennath (BEN-əth) — A modern Cornish vocabulary name meaning "a blessing", Berlewen (bur-LEW-en) — A modern Cornish vocabulary name meaning "Venus". Fantastic!! We just couldn’t leave this one out because it’s oh so cute. Her name derived from the Cornish moroin "maiden. She is commemorated in St Endellion, the anglised form, or Sen Endelyn in Cornish. Brilliant list! A confirmation of quality. At 420m above sea level Brown Willy is the highest point in Cornwall and attracts a hefty quota of hikers who scale it for incredible 360 degree views reaching to both the north and south Cornish coasts. I love these! An emmet is a tourist, the kind of tourist who walks slowly down the middle of any available pavement, looking up at the sky or out at the scenery. Who knows but whatever the meaning behind the name the road signs to this small parish, not far from Perranporth, are pure social media gold and attract no end of cheeky passers-by who stop for a mischievous mug shot!