In my ears soft sounds are ringing, Bork thinks it not seemly to fall on his tenant Ingialld; so he turns away to the homestead and there seeks for Gisli, and cannot find him, as was likely. ", So those brothers parted, and now Thorkel rides back to meet Bork, and they ride west across the heath. '", "That is not the way to take it," answers Gisli. There was a man named Thorgeir, called Thorgeir the Gorcock. 'Mighty chief! So Gisli and his men turned after them, and lay in wait for them in the path which they knew they must take. 'Verily the words of the weak are little worth. And when this is noised abroad, Gisli goes from home to Nebstead, and seizes Thorgrim Bottlenose, and brings him to Saltness, and there a goatskin is drawn over his head, that his evil eye may be harmless, and he too is stoned to death, and buried by his sister's side, on the ridge between Hawkdale and Tweendale.

", "Spoke the Valkyr, stern beholding-- Woden's balm so bright and good

Thorkel Soursop asked Asgerda to wife, and got her; but his brother Gisli wooed Auda, the sister of Vestein, and got her. Ten to one beat down my shield "I must be so free as to send a man into thy bed.". The events depicted in the saga take place between 860 and 980. ", As for the brothers Thorodd and Quarrelsome Stein, they spoke together and said: "We will e'en hold on after the thrall, and see if he shows any sport.". ", "I will tell thee my plan in the twinkling of an eye," says Auda. He takes the spear "Graysteel" out of the chest, and is clad in a blue cape, and in his kirtle and linen breeks and shoes. Gisli too learns from his wife that she had been fond of Thorgrim the Godi prior to marriage. ", "The man," said Thorkel, "who knows how to forbear is master of all knowledge. Then I heard the night-hawk shrieking, She was a dashing, forward woman. Now Gisli made ready to lay Vestein in his howe, and they meant to lay him in the sandhill which looks down on the tarn just below Sæbol, and as they were on their way with the body Thorgrim. At the end of the days of Harold Fairhair there was a mighty lord in Norway whose name was Thorkel Goldhelm, and he dwelt in Surnadale in North Mæren. So he set off to find Bard, and challenged him to fight on the isle of Saxa. when I claim it. Now Thorgrim sends his son Thorodd to fetch home the wood, and bade him reckon it and know well every plank as he took it. Just then Thorgerda comes back, and Helgi turns him round as fast as he can, and topples down from the panel. I lie and take my slumber; There dwells a man named Ingialld, and his wife's name was Thorgerda. ", So she went and stood at the door. "I set most store on my life," he says; "as for the other choice, I think nothing of doing it. Vestein went up to his house, and he lent him a horse. With Tinna Gunnlaugsdóttir, Arnar Jónsson, Kristján Jóhann Jónsson, Þráinn Karlsson. Just then Thorkel and Kolbein were going out at the gate, and Thordisa had turned back for the hall. He bent back the coin and broke it in two, and forged it with twenty teeth.

Gisli rows for Hergilsisle in Broadfirth. ", "Good luck to thy hand," said Thorbjorn.
", "Well," they answered, "will it be against thy will if we search the house? the 'shorter version' (attested primarily in AM 556a 4to. So they held on their course for Denmark to that mart called Viborg. Bound my brow with gory hood; They were eight of Bork's band; but Bork himself stayed at Forcewater. High the hubbub, loud the laughter; Once Gisli is outlawed he constantly runs from a group of men who wish to find and murder him, led by Bork. Though this lord is stretched on earth 'All these treasures call thine own; They tell her of Thorkel's slaying, and how things stood. I dream, but slumber soft and well.". These words Gisli heard in the wood, and called out: "Thy house-carles shall have other handier work to do. Then Havard asks Helgi what was to be done, "for thou must be more wont to these things than I can be. After that she went and dwelt at Thordisastead, out on the Ere. Know this, that vengeance shall be mine

Then Kol said: "It had been better now that I had got back my sword when I asked for it; and yet this is but the beginning of the ill-luck which it will bring on thy kith and kin." ", Now men began to think there was some weight in Gest's spaedom. Thordisa heard these verses, and learned them by heart.

Put thine own price on it--any sum thou choosest in money--and be sure I will not stand at trifles if thou wilt come to terms in some way.

her heart is staunch as ever; After that they turned and rode along the firth. That day Ingialld had rowed out to the deep-sea fishing and Gisli with him; but his thrall and his maid were in another boat, and they lay near some islands called Skutilisles. Now they fare in spring-time to the leet, forty men of them together and they were all in holiday clothes. At last they ran their ship into Dyrafirth, at the mouth of the Hawkdale river. At the end of the days of Harold Fairhair there was a mighty lord in Norway whose name was Thorkel Goldhelm, and he dwelt in Surnadale in North Mæren. Now as soon as this happens up jumps Hallbjorn the Runagate; but the lad threw down the sword all bloody as it was, seizes his staff, and so they all ran with Hallbjorn, and all the beggars ran too, for they were almost mad with fright. He bids to it his brother Bork, and Eyjolf the son of Thord, and many other great men. Sets me on her palfrey gray, Then Thorkel brings out the broken bits of "Graysteel," which had fallen to his lot when they parted their heritage, and Thorgrim forged out of it a spear, and that spear was all ready by even and fitted to its haft. ", Then Kol lifts up his axe, while Gisli brandished "Graysteel;" and each smote at the other. But he sends the spear back again to its owner, and aims so that it struck the Easterling in the breast, and slew him there and then. Gisli and his brother row north along the land, and steer for Flydroness; for Gisli says he wishes to look those brothers up ere he leaves Norway for good and all. ", Then Thorkel the Wealthy spoke and said: "This business that we have in hand is little worth.

Both my arms at once lopped off; Besides, we have gone through much together. But when they were ware of those men they clomb the crags hard by, where there was good vantage-ground, and each of the women had in her hand a great club. If dreams be true, as oft they be, Mistress she of hoards unbroken,

He was tall of growth, almost like a giant. Then Ingialld did as Gisli advised, and he showed plainly enough that he was very wroth, and when they part Bothilda asked: "What's to be done next?" Now the weather thickens, and a snow-drift falls that night and covers all paths.

Thorgerda--for that was heir name--made Gisli welcome. So it fell one night, as Gisli dreamed that the better dream-wife came to him, and she seemed to ride on a gray horse, and bids him go with her to her abode, and he went gladly. When he had done that, he takes up a huge stone and dashes it down on the rock close to Helgi's head, so that the earth shook again. he answers, "I cannot bear the sight of my brother's slayers and live under the same roof with them;" and up he jumps, and wants to draw his sword, and burst out into song, "Why should not Gisli draw the sword? He sent word to Vestein, and said he wished to cease partnership with him, for he thought he needed his goods no longer. Gisli gives them into their hands a purse, and in it half of the silver coin, for a token in case Vestein should not believe their story. This he said, mocking; but Thorkel was soothed, and sate down by Kolbein. Gisli was a foresighted man and a great dreamer, and dreamt true. Here we end the Saga of Gisli the Soursop. Shore a leg from off a wight; On those two caitiffs, Bork and Stein.". After that, the guests broke up, and each man went to his own abode. - "I think so too," said she, "but I feel hurt that you laugh at him, and give me little pity. Come now with me and undo the locks at the gate, and watch while I am away, and undo the locks again when I come back.".
Wrath now riseth hour by hour,

cried out Thorbjorn, "thou art likelier to go and beg and pray him not to come hither, and be so eager as even to thank him for so doing, and to show thyself a dastard in every way, and after all to do nothing if he does not listen to thy words! "And," says Gisli, we will only send these tokens between us if our life is at stake; and in truth my heart tells me we shall need to send them, though we do not see each other face to face.". At that time Christianity had come into Denmark, and Gisli and his companions were marked with the cross, for it was much the wont in those days of all who went on trading voyages; for so they entered into full fellowship with Christian men. But the house-carles run on on foot, and call out. As for Thordisa, she took witness at once, and says she will be parted from Bork, for she will never come into his bed again; and she kept her word. Her husband had been that Thorkel of whom we have spoken.

"I want to know whether thou art so deep-thoughted as thou art brave and manly. Thou knowest thou saidst thou wouldst tell me ere I went away.". There in the byre stood thirty cows, back to back; he knots together the tails of the kine, and locks up the byre, and makes it so fast that it cannot be opened if any one came from the inside. He had on a gray cloak, and had bound it round with a rope. But as soon as those brothers parted--Thorkel and Gisli--Gisli takes two sledges, and drives off with them into the wood, with all his goods and chattels: he had already sold his land to Thorkel, Erie's son: and he takes Thord the Hareheart, his thrall, with him.