Curtain Call • Tha G-Code • Crowd's the GCW champion...Nick Gage. Connor Claxton comes out in a suit to a chorus of boos. Kodaka barely kicks out...Colon goes for another charge but again Kodaka counters it and sends Colon through a door set up in the corner. GCW 06/02/18 Tournament Of Survival 3 Results Credit: Wrestling-news Tournament Of Survival 3 First Round Match Nick Gage defeated Takayuki Ueki. This wasn’t really your standard 2019 Big Japan style work rate deathmatch but it was a ton of fun and way over-delivered on my expectations. Suicide dive from Raver...he turns it into an arm-drag which catapults Lloyd into the first row of the crowd. Kodaka grabs a microphone. May The Best Man Win • Clash Of Champions, Mayhem • Colon manages to escape the pinfall, but both men are exhausted. Jimmy Lloyd's D-Generation F • • Colon places Sakuda on the top...he throws a chair at his head. Sakuda pounds Colon down in the corner...tubes placed on top of him...running leg lariat off the chair and onto Colon. Food Truck & Rock Carnival - Night 2 (Evening Show) • Nick Gage Invitational 4 • Tournament Of Survival 3 First Round Match Markus Crane defeated SHLAK. G-Raver is out next. Shlak with a suplex to Colon. Tournament Of Survival 3 First Round Match Markus Crane defeated SHLAK.

He puts over the future of deathmatch, specifically mentioning Jimmy Lloyd, Alex Colon, and of course...Nick Gage. Bar Wrestling 52: Bar Wrestling vs. Game Changer Wrestling • 4/19 • Fight spills to the outside, where Lloyd builds a table out of chairs, oh and yes, there are light tubes attached to the table. 8/20 • The legends stand tall to end the segment. GCW 06/02/18 Tournament Of Survival 3 Results, ROH 6/2/2018 NYC Excellence Results TV SPOILERS, ICW: No Holds Barred 10/17/2020 Volume 7 Deathmatch Horror Story Results, ICW: No Holds Barred 10/16/2020 Pit Fighter X2 Results, General ROH Discussion • Re: Final Battle 2005 Review, General ROH Discussion • Re: Random ROH Thoughts Thread, General ROH Discussion • Re: 15 Years Later: Samoa Joe vs Kenta Kobashi, General ROH Discussion • Re: ALL PURPOSE CONTRACT STATUS/POTENTIAL DEPARTURES THREAD, IWTV Guide: Battle Club Pro // Uncanny Attractions Drags and Dropkicks “A Nightmare on Wyckoff Ave, Ring of Honor TV Review (10.19.2020) – The Pure Championship Tournament Quarterfinal Round Concludes. GCW Results: Tournament Of Survival 3 – Sayreville, NJ (6/2). His first round opponent...Orin Veidt. Kodaka peels off a saw from a board and uses it to rip open Veidt's head. Like the first round, Kodaka takes Colon to every side of the ring to slice him up more. Required fields are marked *. I have a ton of respect for these guys, they put together a great match on the fly while dealing with an awful situation. Fun bout, which is what these scrambles usually are. Reefer showed off his athleticism with some high spots including a springboard DDT. Nick Gage defeats Takayuki Ueki (8:33) Tournament Of Survival 3 First Round Match. He took on another former Spring Break main eventer here in the legendary Great Sasuke. Sasuke climbs again...Lloyd gorilla press slams him onto the chair and through the board of blades. Tournament Of Survival 3 Semi Final Match Meltdown • Location: Sayreville, New Jersey, USA. Gage goes for a lariat...Raver with springboard arm-drag.

It turns into a hockey fight...Colon pushes Raver through the barbed wire ropes! I love both of these guys. They mentioned in the pre-match how Colon went through two of the top Japanese death match wrestlers to get to the finals while G-Raver had to beat two of the top American death match wrestlers, which I found a little interesting.