Shay Gap did really well in its first season. The games were hard and tough with plenty of dust ups but never a hard word said after the game. John went on to play 61 games for Hawthorn. The story floating around is that he went to the races and after doing his money went to the Motel for a reviver. A remark came back “mate we’re the seconds team, you should see our A graders“. I stayed on at his hotel in Waroona down Bunbury way in Western  Australia, and showed the new licensee the ropes and got him acquainted with the locals, it was a one pub town, no clubs so it was the town centre and meeting place. We didn’t need cooking facilities as all our meals were provided in the staff dining room. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The  man that I’d worked for and who’d taught me how to run a pub had to retire; his ticker wasn’t the best and the publicans life was killing him. DO NOT RELY ON IT FOR SUPPLIES - old maps still show it as a petrol stop - IT IS NOT! Hey M’Lord. 1982-Goldsworthy mine closes How much better the people of Iran would be today had they have kept him, One of many Derrick, I’m going to reblog a few more, getting lazy a bit like Andrew.

Change ). His sons went on to play for East Perth. Coach John Green with Port Hedland Rovers, Hedland Times 10 August 1967. ( Log Out /  Nearly 1600 kilometres north to Port Hedland, the sea port for the iron ore shipments, then inland I think it was on a Cessna 421, (I recall it was a small twin engine 8 seater) for the 180-190km to “Shay”. CHECK OUT OUR >>> NEW <<< VIDEO INDEX PAGE. The abandoned pit at Mount Goldsworthy in 2008, 1964 photograph showing iron ore outcrops on the top of Mount Goldsworthy before mining commenced. He could kick a footy over a wheat silo and run through a pack of players with ease.