Madea ends up making a car crash into a telephone line pole and making a fruit stand fall down. In the live-action world, Madea is watching television while eating her breakfast. goes to her and takes the remote control of the device out of her purse.

Uncle Joe demonstrates his lecherous behavior in the tamest way possible, and there are plenty of low brow cartoon jokes. she has Madea escorted out of her office by police officers. She was voiced by Rolonda Watts. Again, it’s unclear whether or not this is a dream sequence or if Madea actually entered another dimension, but that ominous line, the fact that the trailers continually refer to this as “Madea’s First Animated Movie,” and her live action cinematic history all scream they want to do more of these features. As one might expect, a mustache-twirling mayoral hopeful named Betsy Holiday wants to tear down the center and nearby park to build a mall of high end stores, so it’s up to the kids to compete in a series of Olympics-like games for the $25,000 prize money to bring their youth center up to code. Tyler Perry brings a natural performance to both Madea and Uncle Joe as if the shift from live action to animation wasn’t an adjustment for him in the least, and Cassi Davis also reprises her role as Aunt Bam from the movies.

after the social worker confronts Madea about the anonymous tip? After a run-in with the law, Madea is slapped with an ankle bracelet and forced to do community service at Moms Mabley Youth Center. she'll lose both Freedom Park and her freedom? Back in the live-action world, Madea wakes up back at her kitchen table eating breakfast, wondering if the whole thing was a dream. They ultimately defeat the Chastain Park Players in the sporting event and win the $25,000 prize, which they will use to save the youth center. I’m all for more African-American representation in animation, and movies like The Princess and the Frog don’t come around often enough. The screenplay was written by Matt Fleckenstein with additional screenplay material by Ben Gluck.

Writing, Running. Like any politician she promises changes to the city and give people what they ask of her but after the ceremony she insults voters behind their backs and tells people that work for her that she plans to fix Freedom park, 1 day she has the wall of The Mom's Mabley Youth Center's gym torn down and she along with voters and reporters. It’s also blessedly short (64 minutes), which is exactly the type of brevity this character needs to succeed. Tyler Perry's Madea's Tough Love is a 2015 direct-to-video animated comedy film directed by Frank Marino. As one might expect, a mustache-twirling mayoral hopeful named Betsy Holiday wants to tear down the center and nearby park to build a mall of high end stores, so it’s up to the kids to compete in a series of Olympics-like games for the $25,000 prize money to bring their youth center up to code.

After wishing she could discipline the kids in the animated show she is watching, she is transported into the cartoon. Directed by Ben Gluck, Frank Marino. Betsy manages to fix the game by making her adoptive daughter LOSE the 1 of the competitions to HER TEAM but 1 of the children had seen device similar to Madea's house arrest ankle bracelet on the little girl's ankle and Madea after being told by Betsy now that she won the competition?

Considering how animated a character Madea is in live-action, this feels like a natural evolution of the character, but simultaneously reeks of milking the cash cow and trying to hook potential Madea fans while they’re young. Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Tough Love bridges the gap between the movie franchise and the animated film by opening with a live action Madea flipping through the channels. [1] While the film is mainly animated, the beginning and ending scenes however are live-action like the other Madea films. Review: “Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Tough Love” – A Madea Film For The... VIZ Media Announces DVD and Manga Releases for “Pokémon the Movie: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction”, The Animaniacs Trailer We’ve Been Waiting For, Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror Delayed To November 1, Pokemon Sword/Shield The Crown Tundra Gets New Details. The ending promises a sequel, which isn’t necessary, but if Madea must return to action, I’d rather watch her as an animated character than endure Perry in drag once again. She encounters two of the children, Netta and Dang Dang, who are also looking for the purse. Movie: Tyler Perry's Madea's Tough Love However, Madea distrusts Holiday's intentions. It’s surreal how unimaginative all of this is, and the simple character designs and flat backgrounds aren’t trying to impress anyone.

The DVD includes two special features. The youth center is saved, and Madea, her brother Joe, and her best friend Aunt Bam are watching a friendly basketball game, while Betsy Holiday is seen doing community service. Madea and the children celebrate, but Holiday steals the check and speeds away, with Madea and the police able to catch her. Madea’s Tough Love isn’t funny, not even amusing, but it’s palatable, which is a rare reaction to a Perry project. Or she falls asleep in her cereal and the movie is supposed to be a dream sequence. At the Youth Center games to restore both Freedom Park and The Mom's Mabley Youth Center but Betsy tells her that she's created her own team and that Madea along with children from the center can't stand a chance against her team and after the conversation? Madea lands in a shopping cart of a homeless guy and steering after the little girl. Rolonda Watts is a journalist, talk show host, actor, producer, writer, and voice-over talent. Betsy Holiday is the main antagonist in the animated film Tyler Perry's Madea's Tough Love. a video of Madea and 1 of the children on Youtube went vial and the judge forbids Madea from coming near them and. After a hilarious run-in with the law, Madea is sentenced to community service. Madea's Tough Love (2015) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. One day Betsy and her boss from the M.A.N cooperation watches Madea and the children practice for the youth games in a limo and he warns her if she don't stop them and stop the reopening of the youth center? It was released on January 20, 2015. Madea takes the children to Chastain Park, which has since been repurposed into a shopping mall, and explains this is what Holiday intends to do with their youth center.

In the “Madea Gets Animated” featurette, the producers talk about why they felt the already energetic live action Madea would work well in animation. I hope if that’s the case, the next time we see Madea in animation there’s a more compelling plot and deeper characters rather than another slapdash attempt to continue cashing in on a well-known character. Played by Tyler Perry himself, Madea is the voice of sensibility as often as she is the comedic relief. She implies that she is happier now that she is not running for mayor or working for bosses anymore, but Madea teases her by throwing chips on the floor. Madea attends the school's gym class, and is horrified at the kids’ raucous behavior. Rolonda Watts is the voice of Betsy Holiday in Tyler Perry's Madea's Tough Love. With Tyler Perry, Cassi Davis, Rolonda Watts, Avery Kidd Waddell. Her name, face, and now even her distinctive voice are known by audiences everywhere, thanks to her work in radio, television, and film.

Betsy is seen doing community service at the gym but Madea teases Betsy by throwing down potato chips down on floor in the conclusion of the film. Madea learns Holiday also has a team entering the sporting event, the “Chastain Park Players.”. In the live-action world, Madea is watching television while eating her breakfast.

Madea and the police officers arrive to support the children from the youth center that Holiday planned to tear down and because of this? Madea elicits an apology from the skateboarders, but is subsequently arrested by the police. The Youth Center as well as the youth center games but it didn't stop her, At The Youth Center Games? He rose to prominence through plays about relationships, faith, and the human struggle. Walk in and Madea confronts her about it, she tells Madea, reporters, voters and the children at the center of plans to restore it and Freedom Park but Madea doesn't buy it, One day Madea pays Betsy a visit and tells her that she suspects that she trying to close down freedom park and she and the children's plans to compete for the $25,000 prize.

There, she meets a group of youngsters who could easily be mistaken for the Burger King Kids Club.

Betsy arrives at the park where they are and tells the press of that she adopted 2 of the children but still Madea feels and tells Betsy that she's using the children to be on tv. Like it or not, Tyler Perry is a loud voice in the world of African-American entertainment, and if you want an animated comedy with a predominantly black cast, slapping Madea in it is probably a smart move.

Madea rallies the children together. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. That evening, Madea returns to the school to find her purse. Tyler Perry is so well known that the mere mention of his name conjures up thoughts of a 6’5 man dressed as an elderly woman.

Towards the end of the film, one of the antagonists promises “This isn’t over,” hinting at future conflict.

If you find her attitude in the live-action movies humorous, you’ll enjoy it here. They end up going into a nearby park, which is having a ceremony for Betsy Holiday, who is running for mayor. From the youth center she's supposed to look after sleeping another park, the next morning? Even the fast-paced action scenes don’t excite. In the animated world, Madea chases a group of rude and unruly skateboarders, a chase that the police soon join. But Betsy continues to act as if she cares about them and gives them expensive gifts but once she takes them home? Betsy Holiday is the main antagonist in the animated film Tyler Perry's Madea's Tough Love.

The police are alerted to Madea's actions and return her home. Holiday details her plans to construct new buildings and make the city's neighborhoods safe for children. Through all this, however, this movie is a Madea story, never once straying from who she is as a character. Madea talks back to the police and a court judge while being a strict disciplinarian in her own way. Rolonda Watts, Actress: The Stupids.

Sadly, none of these initiatives were bolstered by a real attempt to tell a solid and entertaining story. Madea is placed under house arrest and sentenced to community service at her old school.