Popularly known as, Feeling Is The Key To Your Law of Attraction Manifestations – Success Story, Gratitude Success Stories – Manifestation of Dream Job, New House & Relationship, How to Achieve Phenomenal Success in Exam using Law of Attraction. We are so much more than the terrible things that happen to us and so much more than what the systems of oppression, the oppressors and society tell us and reinforce about us. I want to thank you, my sacred heart, for reminding me of what has true meaning in life. As you give, you shall also receive. Required fields are marked *. The Heart is our Centre. You initiate profound healing for yourself and those involved in your prayer or petition. To revive our ailing planet, each of us needs to infuse the earth with the healing energy of our deep gratitude for all the earth’s blessings.Words of gratitude, thoughts of gratitude, actions of gratitude toward our beloved earth-as we rekindle this spirit of gratitude our way of life will naturally change and the earth will find the power to heal itself… As we deepen our sense of oneness with all life on earth, may we each come to know what it truly means to love, cherish, and make the most of our own lives as well. That’s where the story of your abundant life open its first page. Remember, energy always follows intention: if you set your intention into gratitude and feeling appreciation, more things to be grateful for will manifest in your physical reality for you to experience them. A Prayer of Gratitude for Creation God of the universe, We thank You for Your many good gifts - For the beauty of Creation and its rich and varied fruits, For clean water and fresh air, for food and shelter, animals and plants.
Today, I choose to connect to abundance in everything and everybody wherever I look. This will set into place, by The Law of Attraction, more abundance in your life. A prayer of gratitude (a prayer of thanks that dwells on the many different areas of life to be thankful for) Almighty God, You hold all things together, From the smallest seed to the largest tree, From each microscopic species to the fiercest lion, From the depths of the oceans to the great expanse of the universe. You increase you spiritual connection to the manifesting powers of your being. And thank you for remaining innocent and pure regardless of everything.

Although this is the most obvious around the Mabon holiday, if you live in the United States, most of your friends and family will be giving thanks in November.If you'd like to tie in to that a little, but with a Pagan flair, you might want to consider doing a short gratitude ritual as a way of expressing your own thankfulness. Today, I choose to recognize health in everything and everybody wherever I look. (add anything else you want to be protected from), I pray that for long life, good physical, spiritual and mental health I pray for a cool head and coolness in the world I pray for fortitude I pray for resiliency I pray for clarity I pray for courage I pray for a self-love, I pray for…. By submitting it online you manifest your petition in many different ways: Copyright© 2020 www.RestoreEmotionalBalance.com All Rights Reserved, Disclaimer   Privacy Policy   Contact   About, Discover The Secrets Of Your Heart & Soul, Affirmations For Abundance And Prosperity. (you can add anything else you are thankful for), Forgive us for the harm we do onto you (you can name the earth, the water, other beings, nature overall) Forgive me for the harm I do to myself Forgive us for the harm we do to one another, Protect me (us) from death Protect me (us) from sickness Protect me (us) from litigation Protect me (us) from loss Protect me from the hands of …. We thank You for Your many good gifts - Cultivating a spirit of gratitude in our daily lives. When we extend our gratitude towars something, we open up to it and we connect. Share on WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram and other platforms. To touch the earth with gentleness and with love, Spread the positivity! Your email address will not be published. Show gratitude before, during and after the abundance prayer. Every human achievement or superhuman feat reached so far started with a feeling of gratitude. A gratitude prayer is simply expressing deep gratitude for all things that you have in your life. The earth is 71% water. Thank you for the obstacles you have placed on my path as they lead me in the right direction. This is very important: you need to understand this concept before you can say your gratitude prayer. In order to say this type of prayer one requires having a strong faith.
This important step is gratitude. Respecting all living things.

As, I feel positive emotions each day, I give thanks for their directive powers. And we pray that the day would come when everyone has enough Each of us needs to become aware of the profound relationship that exists between our thoughts and the health and stability of the earth. Many people struggle with finding things to grateful for and the reason is that they are not in the alignment with the Universe. If you ask from a place of lack believing that you are not whole and need something to make you whole, you will not manifest abundance, you will manifest a "grateful state of lack!". You have surrounded me with people who always look out for me. Because that connection is a part of you. A prayer of gratitude has two components: The gratitude portion," which is the act of giving thanks and the "praying portion," which is the act of asking for something. I thank you for my family (you can name one by one if you wish) I thank you for my community (you can name then one by one if you wish) I thank you for my comrades (you can name them one by one if you wish) I thank you for my elders (you can name them one by one if you wish) I thank you for…. For example, when walking on the earth, we can think or say things like, Thank you, dear earth!

As the powerful law of attraction states; we attract what we give attention, energy and focus to. Forgive me for all the times I undermined you. Thank you for having created me as such a powerful loving caring being.