Want a flexible plan that fits a smaller audience? Übersicht. Include banners and promoted posts for sponsors to gain more visibility in your app. The breadth and depth of your audience usage will tell you how successful your guide was. Brochure on Ethics and Procurement Integrity This brochure was prepared by the Office of Government Ethics and is helpful in identifying ethics issues that can arise in the procurement process. The Guides are now maintained by the Office of the Deputy Director of Defense Procurement for Cost, Pricing, and Finance (DP/CPF). Invite external contributors to add content to your guide. Receive real-time chat or phone assistance from our award-winning Customer Success team, in addition to lightning fast email responses. The Guides were developed to provide instruction and professional guidance for contracting personnel. Link a schedule session or list item to a map image (static or interactive). The NGC US Coin Price Guide shows average dealer retail prices based on actual, documented transactions and other information reported by collectors, dealers and auction houses for NGC-certified coins. Legal Disclaimer. Set up SSO/SAML to further gate access to your content.

The Student Training Guidebook is a resource that details the student policies for FAI’s training offerings. Yes!

Preparing Today's Workforce for Tomorrows Challenges, "In accordance with the OFPP Administrator's general delegation authority under the OFPP Act (41 U.S.C § 1122(c)(2)), and with the consent of the Acting Administrator of General Services, the OFPP Administrator is hereby delegating to the Administrator of General Services (hereinafter also GSA Administrator) the responsibility for managing the daily operations of FAI and for supporting FAI's resource management responsibilities." endstream endobj 2635 0 obj <.

The Guidebook serves as a resource for both students and training providers on how training will be administered for FAI’s certification and continuous learning courses. Guidance on Ethics and Procurement Integrity, Brochure on Ethics and Procurement Integrity.

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Invite anyone in your organization to help you build your event guides. FAQs, speakers, sponsors, directories, etc.). Survey your audience with freeform, multiple choice, or sliding-scale type questions. 0 However, as noted in FAR 15.404-1(a)(7), the Guides are not directive and should be considered informational only. Or simply make your guide available to the world.

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Tausendevon Organisationen verwenden Guidebook, um Konferenz-Apps, Meeting-Apps und andere Apps für Veranstaltungen zu erstellen. Why pay more?

We make improvement easy. Get in touch with our super speedy and award-winning Customer Success team via email. Ein sicheres Produkt bereitzustellen ist ein Kerngedanke von Guidebook - erfahren Sie mehr! CDN Publishing, LLC does not buy or sell collectible coins or currency and users are strongly encouraged to seek multiple sources of pricing … For individual or multiple use-cases The PM Guidebook serves as a supplemental text and reference for entry-level P/PMs enrolled in FPM 120 (online) and FPM 121 (resident) courses: “Acquisition Fundamentals of Project and Program Management” (Parts 1 and 2).

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2685 0 obj <>stream If you would like to provide feedback for the ACM Guidebook or if you have any recommendations for how the Guidebook can be improved, please fill out the FAI Guides Feedback Form. Single sign-on extends your organization’s security practices seamlessly to your mobile app by allowing users to login using only one set of credentials. Changes appear within minutes. Send email invitations and track downloads. Create multi-track and preset individual schedules. Setup sessions to require registration and track session attendance. £

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Mehr erfahren, At this attendance level, we recommend the Full Service plan. Meet Guidebook’s Builder: the most powerful content management system in the game. However, as noted in FAR 15.404-1(a)(7), the Guides are not directive and should be considered informational only. Pay the same amount, no matter the number of devices that download and access your guide. u� Once your guide is out there in the hands of your audience, engage them with critical messaging through push notifications. of this Guide addresses market research and techniques as related to making a CID. The price shown is the average dealer retail price… We’re here to help.

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We also give you the ability to generate various usage reports to better inform you about how people are using your guide. Set attendance limits for individual sessions and automatically wait-list attendees. The Guidebook also serves as a desk-side reference containing basic process, procedure, and best practices for use by all P/PMs. Make your guide social by allowing attendees to send each other private messages. The Contracting Professionals Smart Guide consists of 51 FAR-driven Activities associated with the acquisition process and is divided into two sections: Contract Formation and Contract Administration. - OFPP and GSA Service Level Agreement (March 30, 2013), Cybersecurity & Supply Chain Risk Management. What was a success that could be expanded and what could be adjusted and improved next time? Doch das ist uns nicht genug! Extend your brand image by uploading your own icons to use in your guide. Access to our out-of-the-box third party integrations. Pair with one of Guidebook's award-winning expert Account Managers, who'll help to devise game-changing strategies for your mobile app/presence. When your guide is ready, you can publish it to the world with a click of your mouse. The ACM Guidebook Update Tracker lists all of the updates made to the Guidebook since its September 30, 2015, release in chronological order. ��ry�P���y��e(J,=&�XM�(�:��2å쇂/� ���c�juF7�£f˺6�=�*U�m���e��+@y��ͷ���KI�4$���D�����Ub��������Ԧ�l�:x��� ��n[t�d������w��\�Ćh�� G5�w�E>&�R47 �n&C���qD}�E��+\���J��4%vVR[!M��3�6٢�ɠEv��eRs��a{H� ���JZdu}�i̩F:|�F�����Kc g�'�`V@�Xr�K^�!�0%�u�� +��@g�N߱��6��u���:�Z�l�8��c��I�r~��N�ΐ߻�M������1��!���P�S���?yĩr��ni��~Id�èH�Aƀ r�x\ 2F��*0dB��4��mttk0����v��1���\��T�0Uabz| -6�� h������(E* �bF�:]j1_GLj>M�ADF�m8���P��:�V?xˍ�W3M_�\+�ɝh~�5���,���0dx]uN3w\M��}s/����O���Utg��TO�m\����s0 ��-z2� dZ����h�'?��1dv\Jr��0 ��