the base infinite options however should be your first goal and are far more useful than ad infinitum for example.

The only hard parts are finding a group for the Cliffside and Dredge challenge motes, and getting the Matrix Cube Key. Complete the fractal in under 20 minutes. Collect all 13 fractal tier 4 components. Ouch... Not really a fan of that, but for me: Legendary back-piece >> Ascended stuff on alts. hen check to see if theres anything specific you want to buy (gearing an alt or something) then and only then work on the attunements. But yeah anyone who does not have this massive of a stash, that will hurt a bit (well maybe allot).

An Infinite Omni-Potion is a must have for regular T4's and especially if you want to get into CM's later. Not true, the offensive potion increases condition damage. You will need to salvage an Ascended item (non-ring) for 1.

Within 20 isnt even a challenge. Get the infinite potions first, omnipotion if you want. Take it to a pollenated spore beneath one of the towers [I think it should say 'camp' here] in the silverwastes and imbue it. The precision increase isn't that great but a power plus condition damage increase on a condi class is pretty good.

1A single   Fractal Journal requires 28   Fractal Research Page which can be acquired from these sources: Thus, the optimized minimum time required for T4 players is 4 days (8  weekly + 4 days * 6  daily), Explosive Magically Charged Infusion Sample, Ad Infinitum is a survival horror game for PC and possibly PS4 and Xbox One. This article is about the wardrobe skin. Complete the Snowblind Challenge in the core tier (21-50)! They go assuming everyone doing this ran a million fractals beforehand and has 4 dozen boxes of ascended pieces. Dewit! If you have the 3 infinite pots already, the omnipot only saves you 2 inventory slots and doubles your duration. I like omnipotion, it frees 3 slots in my inventory and is infinite so I don't need to remember about buying or dropping new ones. You need to earn that. Hergestellt in der Mystischen Schmiede. their effects alone are big and combined with the stat conversion they make a huge difference (more so for power or support builds, as there's no condition damage or expertise conversion, just powertoughness, precision and concentration) EDIT: just to be clear since /u/Zman1719 seemed to misunderstand my point: offensive potion increases damage and condi damage by 15%, but the AR conversion does not further increase condition damage or expertise, making the conversion part on its own slightly more beneficial to power and support builds (free precision and concentration).