“It was a lovely wedding,” Demelza remarked, glancing across at the bride, as dark and elegant as her mother in a dress of pale gold sarsenet.

It didn’t seem… But to have arranged something like this, and all in secret…”, “You see?” he teased. I may go out with the Carnbarrow after Christmas.

“And none of them staying above half a year. “I’m glad. “Oh, it’s a tradition in our family,” Rachel explained breezily when Demelza queried this. A heartbroken Jeremy does just that, but I suspect it doesn’t end there. People kept saying it was haunted.”, “Stuff and nonsense!” Harriet declared brusquely. “There is something very special I want to say to you, my dear Mama-in-law. The children and grandchildren of men Ross had known from his childhood - his tenants, his farmworkers, his miners. “I remember him even less than my mother.”, Ross made himself turn away from the portrait, and smiled at the younger man. “You know, when I lost Ann, it was… as if I had lost half of myself. “But are you serious? She’s opening at the Park Theatre at the end of January – she said they’ve already sold out three weeks of performances in advance.”, “She’s very well. Now the mine was prospering, as was the village around it.

“I think you’re going a bit senile.

Harriet has appeared in other books ranging from Jane Austen's Emma to Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The garden too had been transformed, with even more enthusiastic support from Demelza, whose own garden at Nampara was her pride and joy. It’s maybe… being a twin...”, “You don’t need to explain,” Demelza said. So the christening of Jeremy Joshua Vennor Poldark was arranged for the end of June. I'm an avid reader of historical fiction and crime thrillers, but I love nothing more than reading about exotic locations. “And the Lords?”, “It’s tight – damnably tight,” Sir Francis said. “And Reverend Odgers looking down his nose at me,” Demelza added with a gurgle of laughter. As they reached the gate to turn onto the well-levelled track down towards Sawle, Demelza’s step faltered for an instant. “Harriet gave it to me after George died,” Geoffrey Charles said. Somehow he had found the words that day to argue his case, but the shadow of the gallows had come very close. Their husbands followed, deep in an important discussion about a cricket match at Lords between the MCC and Sussex. And he was fairly sure that if he had shown himself to be determined, he wouldn’t have met with a rebuff. Could we really get it through this time?”, “I think so,” Geoffrey Charles said. “The north coast is proud of its bleakness.” Harriet strolled from the parlour into the hall, elegant in a dark red riding habit. Now hurry, or it will be dark before you reach Falmouth.”. Ross Poldark was in his mid-seventies now, but still stood tall in spite of the limp from a long-ago musket ball, which required him to use a walking stick – when he could be persuaded not to throw it aside in disgust. “And you slipped in some blood and almost fell over that Frenchie.”, “And he tried to stab at me, and you smashed your rifle butt into his face…”. I was always anxious of what he may lure them into.”. Demelza paused in the porch, admiring the display. He nodded, drawing her into the crook of his arm. Each long wave would roll slowly in, then its crest would begin to fluff up like the short feathers of an eider duck, growing more and more ruffled until finally it toppled over itself, and the wintry sun would cast a dozen rainbows from the mist flying up from its breaking. They had sat in the bank until he had gone in to make an enquiry about a small loan to undertake some repairs to the tenants’ cottages in Grambler village. “Do you remember the day we were married here?”, “With only old Jud and Prudie to be witnesses.”. In the year of 1836 this happy duty fell to the Poldarks of Trenwith. Once owned by Thomas Choake, the pompous local physician, on his death his simpering wife had let it to some cousins for a peppercorn rent. “Demelza, have you seen my gold cufflinks?” he called from the bedroom. “We are gathered here today in the sight of God and this congregation, to bless the union of Ross and Demelza, who fifty years ago today came to this very church to plight their troth together…”, “Quick, come inside, in the warm,” Amadora urged, taking Demelza’s arm. It could only have been gaming.”, “Yes,” Ross conceded reluctantly. Remember that day at Bussaco, Uncle Ross? “Yes – thanks to Demelza.

“Yes, I think I must, though I’m not fond of the journey.” He sighed. It was a terrible burden for a young woman – one she had not been trained to. As Ross had said, it took but a few minutes to drive to Sawle Church. “It’s fortunate we’re staying here for Christmas. I just…”. She had been busy for weeks, mixing plum puddings, spicing wine and weaving festive decorations from holly and ivy and rosemary and mistletoe and lengths of scarlet ribbons. On the other hand, it is currently Number 61 in England and Wales. Since a decade has passed, we have a lot of catching up to do with the other characters who graced the previous novels but none of them have a starring role this time around and we have to be content with a brief glimpse into their lives. It all sounded so reasonable now. Oh, I know I could have walked this short distance, but Pasha needed the exercise so I came the long way round. When Young George comes of age do you think he will do anything with it? “Oh no, Ross,” she had protested. “I always love babies’ fingers, with their perfect little nails. Jim had been sentenced to two years, and had died in prison, for the crime of trying to feed his family. Though Dwight had never seemed to fully recover from his incarceration in a French prison as a young man, he had proved to contain a sinewy strength, surviving and even thriving on his hard work doctoring to the district - in spite of all Caroline’s anxiety. “It was lovely, perfect.”, He squeezed her hand. And as he followed her into the parlour and saw Demelza sitting there, he knew why. “I do hope we aren’t going to be back where we were twenty years ago.”, Ross shook his head. But… she was in a very difficult position.”. He was one of her train of admirers, before she married Edward. One might even find oneself forced to pay taxes to be sure of a decent supply!”. They stepped into the cool shadow of the church porch, and she stopped dead in her tracks. The wedding party continued around them, guests wandering through the gardens and house in the warm afternoon sunshine. “You were supposed to assure me that I’m still a stripling!” Ross objected satirically. “I’m sorry if I’ve got you into trouble, Uncle.”, Ross smiled dryly, shaking his head. And I fully intend to.”.

“She can’t bear to come into Cornwall. The place had rather an unfortunate history. I worry about her now that Noelle has married - all alone in that lonely house so close to the moors.”. But how could she? Cutesy nicknames for Harriet include Hattie, Hetty, and Hatsy.

The chairs are new, though.”.

She was silent for a moment, then said very quietly, “So am I. The waves rolled in lazily in long unbroken ridges until they almost reached the shore, before tipping over slowly from end to end in a delicate froth of white lace which slid smoothly up the flat, wet sand, then drew back for the next to follow behind. Demelza couldn’t help but reflect with a certain pride on how handsome he looked – tall and dark, like Ross, and smart as a pin in a black frock-coat over a plain grey waistcoat, with a spotless white cravat at his neck. “In some ways you’re very like him.”, “I see him in your eyes. I was a little disappointed when Cuby turned him down, for he’s a good man, and she deserves to be happy. You live several lives while reading. Today she wore a gown of rich emerald-green silk, nipped in tightly at the waist and with sleeves puffed from elbow to wrist. “I’ve always wanted the best. “Well, there it is. “But there’s still the potential for trouble. It had become a tradition that the Poldarks of Nampara, the Poldarks of Trenwith and the Enyses of Killewarren would take it in turns to host their neighbours for Christmas. Fitzroy Somerset was there with his wife Emily, who had become quite a warm friend of Demelza’s since that near-disastrous visit to Paris back in ‘15.

“That’s better.”. By the third week of the month the hawthorn along the stream which edged the garden at Nampara was white with blossom, and the thrushes and finches were in full-throated song every morning from dawn till noon. “Why don’t they go inside?” she protested as Ross brought the horse to a stop and jumped down from the gig, handing over the reins to one of the Daniel boys who was standing nearby. “But it took your eye to see its potential.”.

Geoffrey Charles was silent for a moment. It was a bright, cold day. “Harriet!” gasped Verity, genuinely shocked. “Nothing. But then as April turned to May, spring blossomed at last with a sudden exuberance. You were quite satisfied with buttons.”, “They’re the fashion. Leaping down that slope like a buck rabbit, biting your cartridges and stabbing with your bayonet. How very much worse that would have been for Ross and Demelza, to lose their son like that, rather than at Waterloo, where he had died a war hero - a young man who had already been noted for promotion by Wellington himself. Maybe she ought to get Dr Liddicoat to take a look at him.

“I think they will be happy. “Excuse me, my love.”, As the two men walked away, Harriet leaned back against the bench with a contented sigh. Now – he completes me.