Hartley Sawyer has been fired from The Flash after a series of an offensive tweets from his past resurfaced. I regret them deeply," he wrote, in part. The actor -- who played Ralph Dibny, AKA Elongated Man on "The Flash" for the past 3 seasons -- has been fired by the show over the years-old tweets, which … A post shared by Grant Gustin (@grantgust) on Jun 8, 2020 at 11:56am PDT. In her spare time, she enjoys raising awareness about autism and spending time with her two children. A statement from our leader and showrunner, Eric Wallace. “I agree that words matter. She's been a writer ever since high school when she realized she was rather good at it and joined as many entertainment news clubs as she could while in school. The Flash opting to simply recast Ralph makes more sense though, since Ralph already has the ability to change his face.

he changed. Update your browser for more security and the best experience on this site. I want to be very clear: this is not reflective of what I think or who I am now. The Hollywood Reporter was first to report on his termination. One of the tweets from 2012 read: “The only thing keeping me from doing mildly racist tweets is the knowledge that Al Sharpton would never stop complaining about me.”. Tell us about it in the comments. I still have more work to do. Ralph is a metahuman.

An avid reader who constantly buys books before reading the ones she already owns, Rachel is a huge fan of superheroes (especially of the Marvel variety) and wizards and will likely never be able to catch up on all the movies/TV shows she longs to watch. ‘Storage Wars’: Did Brandi Passante’s Father Just Pass Away? Sawyer's Twitter account is no longer active, but in recent weeks users began circulating screenshots of tweets dating back to 2012 in which the actor — who joined The Flash in 2017 as Dibny, aka The Elongated Man — made statements like "Enjoyed a secret boob viewing at an audition today" and "The only thing keeping me from doing mildly racist tweets is the knowledge that Al Sharpton would never stop complaining about me." In regards to Mr. Sawyer’s posts on social media, we do not tolerate derogatory remarks that target any race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, or sexual orientation. My statement regarding Hartley Sawyer and THE FLASH.

Related: Hartley Sawyer's Firing Was The Right Decision For The Arrowverse. Fortunately for fans of the sitcom, her character was killed off, the show was renamed, and the series continued without her. https://theflash.fandom.com/wiki/Elongated_Man_(Hartley_Sawyer) Rachel LaBonte is a news and features writer for Screen Rant with a deep passion for movies and television. News broke earlier today, however, that Hartley Sawyer has been fired. A post shared by Hartley Sawyer (@hartleysawyer) on May 30, 2020 at 11:59am PDT.

So, how do you feel about why Hartley Sawyer was fired from The Flash?

Executive producer Eric Wallace also issued a very long statement on social media. I am very sorry. Wallace said: In order to wrap that up, which we're going to do at the top of season 7, Ralph has to be part of that. He also discussed “date rape” as an alternative for self-pleasure. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement unless specified. While The Flash is set to return to The CW for another season, actor Hartley Sawyer will not be joining his cast mates. Such remarks are antithetical to our values and polices, which strive and evolve to promote a safe, inclusive and productive environment for our workforce.". Comedian and actor Kevin Hart was supposed to be the host of the 2019 Academy Awards. Hartley Sawyer joined The Flash in season 4 as the recurring Ralph, a private investigator with the ability to change his appearance and body at will. The Flash is approaching their major casting change differently than fellow Arrowverse show Batwoman.

After all, why should he be fired from a current job for something in his past? All company, product and service names used in this website are for identification purposes only. The Hollywood Reporter was first to report on his termination. Sawyer would later go on to become a series regular for The Flash in seasons 5 and 6, and the impromptu season 6 finale set up a major story for Ralph after his comics wife Sue Dearbon (Natalie Dreyfuss) was framed for murder. Every Update, Falcon & Winter Soldier Set Video Shows Violent US Agent Battle, Space Force: Why General Naird’s Wife Is In Prison, Person Of Interest: The Machine's God Mode (& How It Works) Explained, Supernatural Stars Describe Emotional Last Day Of Filming, Supernatural Cut a Montage of Returning Characters From Finale, Hulu's Helstrom Cast & Marvel Character Guide, GLOW Writers & Cast Worked To Improve BIPOC Characters Before Cancellation, Friends: Every Character The Show Totally Forgot About, Warrior: Episode 3's Best Surprise Fixes Season 2's Most Annoying Character, The Walking Dead Has Finally Made The Zombies An Afterthought. All rights reserved. But how I define myself now does not take away the impact of my words, or my responsibility for them. And, just what did some of these offensive tweets that got Hartley Sawyer fired? Without giving any spoilers away, there are a couple of ways that we can have Elongated Man still appear in at least one episode this season to wrap that storyline up, that gets us what we need and still allows fans to say goodbye to the character, at least for the indefinite future. Wallace confirmed as much later in the interview, but explained that they were able to put the focus on entirely different character. Required fields are marked *. "My words, irrelevant of being meant with an intent of humor, were hurtful, and unacceptable. He explained that he really didn’t have much to add as it was such a beautiful statement. Well, most suspect it likely has something to do with the fact that it was not just one offensive tweet. At least, they shouldn't until they know he'll be back, because it does sound like the door will be left open for that possibility. And they’re indicative of the larger problem in our country.” (You can read the full statement at the end of this article.). Sawyer's firing comes as activists around the world are holding massive protests against systemic racism and police brutality against Black people. Some refer to him as “rubber man.” So, it wouldn’t be to hard to believe he suddenly had different face and body. "Hartley Sawyer will not be returning for season seven of The Flash," The CW, producers Warner Bros. TV and Berlanti Productions and executive producer Eric Wallace said in a statement to SYFY WIRE. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. A tweet from 2014 discussed how he enjoyed watching a show of a woman’s chest – presumably without her knowledge – during an audition. The individuals noted that what he said was really wrong. yes, his words were ridiculous. In response, Batwoman will pivot and focus on an entirely new character played by Javicia Leslie. The actor issued a very lengthy apology on Instagram. Now, there are certainly some fans taking issue with this news. In talking to EW, showrunner Eric Wallace has revealed how The Flash will proceed with its story without Sawyer's involvement. Most notably, she wrote for Emerson's website Emertainment Monthly, and one of her film reviews won an Evvy (Emerson's student awards) for Best Review. Unlike Twitter, his Instagram remains active. Copyright © 2020 by Tv Shows Ace. I am incredibly sorry, ashamed and disappointed in myself for my ignorance back then. Wallace also commented on the matter via Twitter. Yes, one could say it is a recasting, but we're going to do it in a way that I think honors the spirit of the character and provides not only a satisfying conclusion to Sue's murder mystery, but also it's done with some humor. I regret them deeply. In 2018, he became a regular. However, fans were shocked when Sawyer was abruptly fired in June.

How will they write him out? How Does Kim Kardashian Make Her Money On Instagram? The actor had come under fire for the reemergence of past racist and misogynistic tweets, leading to The Flash letting him go. On The Flash, Sawyer played Ralph Dibny, aka DC Comics’ Elongated Man. The Flash season 7 will premiere in 2021. Animaniacs Reboot Trailer Brings Back Pinky & The Brain, Addams Family Live-Action Show From Tim Burton In The Works, Willow Sequel TV Show Confirmed By Disney+, Jon Chu To Direct, Why Only Some Mandalorians Have Jetpacks In Star Wars, The Boys Season 3: Every Confirmed (Living) Super & Their Powers Explained, Unsolved Mysteries: What Happened to Christopher Dansby? These were words I threw out at the time with no thought or recognition of the harm my words could do, and now have done today. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Hartley Sawyer certainly wouldn’t be the first celebrity to suffer this fate.

Hartley Sawyer, who played Ralph Dibny on The CW superhero series The Flash for the last three seasons, has been fired from the show after offensive tweets from his now-deleted Twitter account resurfaced. but we are human and sometimes we make BIG mistakes. This was not acceptable behavior. but we also know and saw how much Hartley has changed over the years.

The series of tweets, which all happened before he joined The Flash cast, contained racist and homophobic language. I am ashamed I was capable of these really horrible attempts to get attention at that time. She enjoys writing about the Showtime series Shameless, CBS’s Survivor, Netflix, TOWIE, and some entertainment/celebrity news. By Rachel Labonte Aug 24, 2020 The Flash season 7 will recast Ralph Dibny, aka the Elongated Man, instead of writing him out right away. Concerning his social media tweets, they broke my heart and made me mad as hell.