It's more about a faith we believe in. . "They say newcomers have a certain smell. Joseph is calling for empathy, patience, and a willingness to give the benefit of the doubt.

. Song meanings ©2003-2020 He continues by explaining that his people have “trust issues, not to mention / They say they can smell your intentions.” Twenty One Pilots fans tend to be rather deep and to want a lot of meaning in their music so the thought of others joining the fanbase, when those others are simply there to follow popular music or just enjoy the songs superficially, can be threatening to them.

Please read that one too and let me know what you think! 'Sitting next to you. Keep reading for more... [SIDE NOTE: I explained "Heathens" again with an alternate (and, I think, stronger) possible explanation. I believe it is more to do h how we judge people by their cover therefore when we eventually attempt to speak to them, they are weary hence the 'take it slow'. .

And we can definitely hear that here with "Heathens." . And you can read tons of other Twenty One Pilots song explanations I’ve done too! My questions for the song meaning community:Did you like “Heathens”?What do you think about the mentality and “cliquishness” of the Skeleton Clique?The big question: What other issues can “Heathens” apply to? Just because we check our guns at the door doesnt mean our minds will change from hand grenades. The song ends with Twenty One Pilots telling the new fans, “It looks like you might be one of us,” finally welcoming them in and letting the Skeleton Clique know that they should accept these people too. Whether the meaning of “Heathens” is really about the Skeleton Clique, Christian witnessing styles, or just judging and accepting others in general, it’s a powerful song.Twenty One Pilots’s song operates on several different levels and contains lyrics that feel like they can accurately be applied to several different situations.

The song is part grunge, maybe part R&B, and part pop. Tyler uses the outro to bring reconciliation between the deeper new fans and all of the old fans. Last modified September 12, 2020. Please read that one too and let me know what you think! / You’ll think, ‘How’d I get here sitting next to you? The song tells such people to keep low key, and tells others not be careful around such and not push their minds to the limit.

"Why'd you come,you knew you should have stayed." When you first get to a prison you wait for the ones who have been there to approach you the first things they ask is who you know. Tyler continues to explain that this is a dangerous place full of dangerous people. The lyrics tell listeners that at a point in life one’s friends who don’t believe in the same things one does will come asking about one’s beliefs, which is better than trying … . "You'll never know the Psychopath sitting next to you,You'll never know the murderer,sitting next to you. }; The song is about war veterans that have mental illness and is now uncivilized which is a definition for "Heathens".

People hide their issues, and it’s hard to tell from the outside what’s going on with them.

I herd it was a type of worship to the devil and you don't know the 1/2 of the abuse means the singer was abused by his mom a lot and his father watched and laughed and his mom was a meth and drug alcoholic. I think the song is about how you can still be friends with someone even if they've done bad things in the past. This can strengthen the in-group, but will also make them more likely to think poorly of or dislike the out-group even if there’s no reason to do so.

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I'm Clifford Stumme, and I use literary analysis and research to explain the deeper meanings of pop songs. Don’t forget to read the second explanation I did for this song. This song is deep, and it reminds me of two psychological terms: “in-group” and “out-group.” These refer to the way that people build communities. Any group that you’re a part of (in-group) is going to have something that unifies those people (family, interests, location, etc. I like that Joseph not only affirms the Clique’s fear of being infiltrated by fair-weather fans but also allows a pathway for the those new fans to become part of the core fanbase if they stick around long enough (especially after being warned away). Fans will compare notes about which bands they follow and what they listen to. "-Meaning you better make sure you're ready to commit,but if you aren't, you're in the wrong place.

(I skip the chorus after the being cause you don't want me repeating myself.Sorry:C)

He sings, “Just because we check the guns at the door / Doesn’t mean our brains will change from hand grenades.” It’s a fragile place in the Clique. Don't say I didn't warn you. SONG MEANING: "Heathens" by Twenty One Pilots is about Tyler Joseph encouraging new TOP fans to be careful when encountering the Skeleton Clique. Due to their odd appearence they are subjected to abuse too hence the 'you don't know half of the abuse' so you have to slowly gain their trust as they are viewed as outsiders by society.

I just Brainstormed my best ideas an this is what I came up with:

These people–the clique–have suffered loss, terrible loss related to losing loved ones (whether to death or other issues). "I tried to warn you just to stay away. Once you are in with this group They will ask you who you know.

"-Repeat of my last definition. Alternatively, the song could be about outsiders being careful with the clique and not being too quick to judge them.

Song Meanings and Facts © 2020. ',sitting next to you. -Meaning People online asking what songs other people know. [or] murderer sitting next to you. Essentially, these kids have problems and issues, and anyone who thinks they can come in and convince everyone to become a Christian and solve everyone’s problems is in for a rude awakening.]. To conclude, I believe Heathens warns against prejudice towards other people and promotes getting to know people. This song was made as a soundtrack for the movie 'suicide squad'. Thanks!}. They have been abused, and he's trying to help them veer away from their "criminal actions", and is trying to help them have a better life.