Ericka first appears when she hops on the rail bars, leaps off of a high ledge and does acrobatics on a rope in front of the crowd. She lands on the Crow's nest and happily welcomes the monsters in multiple different languages. Ericka Van Helsing is the (former) secondary antagonist in Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation. ", "Don't worry great-grandfather. Once she is inside, she drops her cheerful smile and scowls at a portrait of Abraham Van Helsing as she expresses her disgust to him about the monsters on board. Hotel Transylvania 3: Monsters Overboard She immediately sets off another trap, and Drac again saves her from being split by a battle ax. Ericka is breathless when instead he asks her to marry him. Ericka first appears when she hops on the rail bars, leaps off of a high ledge and does acrobatics on a rope in front of the crowd. As Abraham starts to get angry, Ericka confesses to Drac (which Drac was still unconscious), that she was trying to kill him, but she realized that she was wrong about killing monsters, and that monsters do love each other. Kill Dracula (formerly; failed).Be with Dracula (succeeded). After Ericka had finished flirting with Dracula, she slips away into an underground part of the ship. She lands on her feet on another tentacle and skates down it, avoiding the other tentacles trying to grab them, until she leaps off and the pair roll toward a cliff edge. Crimes my laptops on life support, take a poorly filtered phone pic instead :’( ”, “Drericka Week - Day 5 - Free Day ” The kiss that Sony Animation ROBBED ME OF… YES YES i know i’m late but as you can see, i don’t know how to do anything simply. cute ( ᷇ॢ〰ॢ ᷆ //)♡⃛, Ericka and her inability to keep her face away from Drac’s , fandomspaceinpolicebox: “ «Are you sure?..» «Yes…» ”, i couldnt choose which i liked better… so here’s both . Relatives When Mavis refuses to release her, Drac confesses that he zinged with Ericka, which surprises Mavis enough to remove her hold on her. Follow/Fav hotel Transylvania Dracula and Ericka's love story. Cruise ship captain ", "You can't do this! The last of the vampire hunters have turned. Ericka frowns in guilt, but is quickly distracted from her feelings when she realizes she doesn't know why Drac is here at all. At the restaurant, Ericka tries to poison Dracula while feeding him chips with guacamole (Which Ericka had already poisoned, the guacamole with garlic). I was trying to kill you this whole time, but when I realize how wrong I was. Ericka questions him about what a zing is and Drac tries to explain it is similar to "love at first sight". Thomas McGregor | After defeating her great-grandfather in a DJ battle hosted by Johnny, and the monsters were all dancing to the song "Macarena", Ericka looks into Drac's eyes and says to Dracula, that he is so amazing, and then Ericka and Dracula zinged again. As she enters the room, she drops the "nice and silly act" and just feels disgusted around Dracula and monsters. After Ericka heads to see her great-grandfather, she sadly pauses for a moment before opening the door, and then she gives the Instrument of Destruction, over to her great-grandfather, which Abraham happily celebrates, while Ericka sadly looks out at the ocean, thinking about Drac's words. Ericka's outfit for the cantina scene was originally planned to have red, orange and yellow ruffled sleeves, a large red rose in her hair and a red choker, but it was changed to the off the shoulder sunflower jumper. -1894) aka Lady Lubov is the late-wife of Count Dracula, the late-mother of Mavis Dracula and the late-maternal grandmother of Dennis Dracula. King Leonard Mudbeard | Van Helsing still has an agenda against Drac sorry canon, NO TE QUIERO DE BISYERNO DRACULA...TE ODIO, If you're thirsty for angst then here's a real treat. While the monsters cheered, Drac slips the engagement ring onto Ericka's finger, and Drac and Ericka share a romantic hug before Tinkles chases after them.