In June 1983 Abel moved from Houston into a pleasant middle-class neighborhood in League City. Tara later "abducted" the boys and planned to give San Joaquin District Attorney Tyne Patterson information on Jax and SAMCRO, but she ultimately didn't go through with it. “It’s time to try to live out the rest of my life in peace,” he says. In our conversations Abel always denied every allegation they had made against him. “All I want to do is prove my innocence,” he said. The whole thing seemed fruitless but understandable—a way for a father to deal with his grief. I wouldn’t know how to kill.”. In February 1962 he took a job at NASA, and in the evenings he attended graduate school—first at the University of Houston, then at UT-Austin, where he wrote papers with titles like “Analytic Solutions to Interplanetary Transfers.”, NASA put Abel to work sizing the Saturn rocket: He determined how much weight should be in each of its three stages and then performed a trajectory analysis to determine the most efficient way to get the third stage and the payload into orbit. His reasoning to Jax was a direct quote from Abel's grandfather, John Teller. Heide’s father, who had worked as an automobile tire salesman, hunted for her himself, walking the fields around League City almost every day. Whenever any of them stopped in a certain place and “alerted” (that is, barked to signify that they smelled something), Miller would head over there and dig. “Sometimes, at night, the wind would begin to blow, and the house would start to shift, and the bed in Laura’s room would start to squeak,” says Laura Smither’s mother, Gaye, a gentle woman who sometimes swallows when she talks, trying to keep her voice in control. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Bittner came up with nothing, however, and he wouldn’t for nearly five years, until a new set of decomposing remains were found in the field about one hundred yards from where the other bodies had been discovered. And remember, he had a new trail-rides business going.

Yet God offered Cain a chance to make it right and warned him that the sin of anger would destroy him if he did not master it. “That’s where we need to dig.”. Neighbors liked Abel, though they were aware that he did not have much luck with relationships. He was the first martyr in the Bible and also the first shepherd. They greet you at the door, lead you inside, and pull out scrapbooks filled with photos: their girl posing in a soccer uniform, pushing dolls in a stroller, laughing at Showbiz Pizza. “All we know is that there was a terrible scream the night she disappeared,” says her mother, Kathy Richerson. “I was about to pull the trigger when I realized that it wouldn’t have mattered,” Miller told me. When she went missing, the police suggested to her father that she had run away from home. Descended from a family that came to Texas seventeen years before the Civil War, Abel was raised on a ranch in Bellville, a tiny town between Houston and Austin. Very little else is known about Abel, except that he found favor in God's eyes by offering him a pleasing sacrifice. A blood sacrifice, such as Abel brought to God in Genesis 4, has always been necessary to atone for sin (Hebrews 9:22). I couldn’t have picked a girl up. I sat on the tailgate of a pickup truck with Miller’s construction buddies watching the late-afternoon sun turn red and then a sullen orange before it began to sink beneath the horizon. And there were other occasions when I felt as if Abel talked a little too much about the allegations against him. “The police tell us that she is probably dead, murdered like the others.

Father Kellan Ashby put Abel up for adoption to a "good catholic" family.

As the police looked around the field for more clues, they came across the skeleton of Laura Miller—Tim Miller’s daughter—a mere twenty yards away. Yet despite a variety of sometimes desperate measures—one department followed leads provided by psychics, and another had police officers hide in trees at a cemetery to see if a suspect might visit the freshly dug grave of a murdered teenager—no arrests have been made. My throat suddenly went dry: Was I looking at a serial killer’s scrapbook? “Every day since 1986—every single day—I had been waking up thinking about the last moments of Laura’s life.

Before leaving, Paula told Bittner he needed to talk to Cindy Jacobs, the woman Abel had been married to for 41 days in 1989.

This never came true, as Gemma murdered Tara, believing that Tara had turned on Jax and got him arrested. “Hold it!” one of the workers yelled, reaching down and pulling up the remnants of a purse. Still, perhaps because no other legitimate suspect ever emerged in the case, Abel never could erase the suspicions about him. Clay lied about the accident, and Gemma went along with it, saying that Gemma's car had been ran off the road by a van that had earlier attacked Jax and Chibs. He seems almost shy—he tends to put his hands in his front pockets when he speaks—and has the soft Texas drawl of a small-town high school civics teacher.

And, indeed, one former girlfriend did tell me that Paula had contacted her, asking that she, too, go to the police and talk about Abel’s behavior when she had dated him. (Abel denies this ever happened.) It is known as the “killing fields,” and it is a lonely, spooky patch of land: In the stillness of the day you can hear the yips of small wild animals and the distant rumble of traffic along Interstate 45 about a mile away. “Look, there are still many questions that need to be asked,” Bittner told me. One man brought his thirteen-year-old son. (The rest of the photos were of family, friends, and various people he’d shot as an amateur photographer. A FEW DAYS LATER I RETURNED TO League City. Detectives from other agencies, frustrated with their own unsolved murders, began calling the police in League City to ask about Abel. Trying to build confidence in his son, Jax told Abel the truth about Wendy, and that he'll always have a mother and father who loved him. The cross he had put up for Laura had been knocked down, and he believed Abel had done it just to spite him. Abel was born, raised, and tended his flocks just beyond the Garden of Eden in the Middle East, probably near present-day Iran or Iraq. “You wouldn’t be intimidated by leaving those bodies in your own back yard.”, Since Bittner’s promotion to assistant police chief in April 1997, the new League City detective on the case, Marty Grant, has raised the money to put up a billboard along I-45 asking for help solving the murders, and he has had a small retention pond on the old oil field drained because of a single comment Abel made last year when Grant paid him a courtesy call to tell him he was now running the investigation. On the advice of another father whose daughter had been murdered in another town, Miller checked himself into the psychiatric unit of a hospital for ten days, promising when he left not to hurt Abel but vowing that he would keep pressuring him to confess. He had wanted to check on the horses he still kept there, all of which came up and nuzzled him. “Is that right?” he said. (Jane told me that the split was amicable, “really just caused by us growing in different directions over the years.”) Abel started spending his evenings meeting women at the little bars and restaurants around the Johnson Space Center in Clear Lake; sometimes he’d stop by Elan, Houston’s hottest nightclub. Abel, however, remained wary: He told me he still worried that Miller would drink too much one night and try to kill him. Since Tara's arrest, Gemma had been taking care of the boys. What Abel did not know was that a new investigation was about to begin at the killing fields—one conducted by Tim Miller. “As long as Pat Bittner and these other police departments have that FBI profile, they’re going to do anything they can to make me fit it.”. We just want the chance to tell our daughter good-bye.”, It is impossible for an outsider to understand the shattered psyches of parents whose daughters will never grow older.

If a local law enforcement agency could identify a suspect that fit the parameters of that profile, a judge could rule that there was sufficient reason to search for more evidence.

As it turned out, this was indeed a ghost story, but not the kind that I or anyone else really expected—for just as the sun was setting that August afternoon, a few of the dogs went into a frenzy, barking and pawing anxiously at one particular clump of dirt. Abel Teller is the son of Jax Teller and Wendy Case on the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. He offered discount trail rides to youth groups and charities, provided catered barbecue dinners, hired country music singers to perform cowboy songs, and often threw in free hayrides for toddlers. Then he turned, got into his pickup, and headed down the dirt road, away from the killing fields, disappearing behind the dust like a ghost. Wendy returned having sobered up, and tried to become more involved in Abel's life, much to Tara's dismay. Some young women have never been found: More than ten years after René Richerson, an achingly pretty college student, vanished from a condominium complex in Galveston, her parents are still paying a private detective to search for her. Inside were a series of photos of the places where each body had been found. Although Abel is long dead, he still speaks to us by his example of faith. SAMCRO went to Northern Ireland to track him down. He said the photographs had been taken by a private investigator hired by his attorney. Playing a recurring role through the series' first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh seasons, Abel is last seen in the series' finale episode, "Papa's Goods", in the series' seventh, and final, season. But right then, as I stood over this remote patch of earth, I felt a chill. Qābīl and Hābīl (Arabic: قَابِيْل وَهَابِيْل ‎, Cain and Abel) are believed by Muslims to have been the first two sons of Adam and Hawwaʾ (Eve) mentioned in the Qurʾan.. Abel was taken into SAMCRO's protection after Tara's life was put in danger, but Abel was later returned home. “Even after all that time, I’d find myself running in there, calling her name, believing that she was back home with us.”, The number of mothers and fathers left to grieve is staggering.