What we do know is that Vatican Bank, officially titled the Institute for the Works of Religion, manages €5.9bn ($7.3bn, £4.64bn) of assets on behalf of its 17,400 customers. Not to mention that the Vatican is a city and needs to generate income. The Catholic Church of Australia has an estimated worth of 20.9 billion US dollars, while t… However, several other branches should be mentioned. This is the one whose worth is not and cannot really me estimated in numbers. The Apostolic Nunciatures, which function as embassies in 113 countries, require more than $30 million dollars annually. This generates approximatel… There are however estimates of two other branches, mainly those of Australia and Germany. There are many administrative costs which do not generate any income, for example: The Vatican Radio, which has 330 employees and spends $37 million annually, but makes less than $1 million dollars in advertising. There has been talking about the USA branch. When we say the Catholic Church, we mostly mean its seat in the Vatican. Experts estimate between 10 and 15 billion US dollars, which is simply too low. The majority of this comes from tourists and pilgrims who visit the museums.