In tribute, the following are 20 lesser-known facts about the epic film. It was too unreal. I remember a moment nearly 10 years after the film when the poet Allen Ginsberg asked the Clash’s Joe Strummer if he believed in reincarnation, and Strummer jumped the gun and said he’d like to come back as “Tony Manero, the guy from Saturday Night Fever—he had great fucking hair.” Bay Ridge calling! My client came in and looked at this, and he’s interested. Before John Travolta became a teen idol, he was a dancer. Filming in Brooklyn brought a whole new set of challenges. Travolta found himself in the wilderness, too, after the success of Grease. In 2005, a memorabilia company called Profiles in History put the 2001 Odyssey dance floor up for auction, but the attempt just ended up in a lawsuit. In its first 11 days, it grossed more than $11 million—it would go on to gross $285 million, and the soundtrack became the best-selling movie soundtrack album of all time (until Whitney Houston’s The Bodyguard, in l992). That’s why he was in second position.”. “We wanted to see how much of it we could do in one shot,” Badham says about that scene, which was filmed through the restaurant’s window, so you see them through a glorious, dreamlike reflection of a city skyline—“magic and distant.” They try to impress each other with their savvy and their cool, but they are hilariously unpolished. “Baby,” she said, “you’re going to learn!”. Before they could start filming, they had to get the setting just right. Travolta, ultimately, wasn’t happy with Avildsen, either; he felt the director wanted to smooth Tony’s rough edges, make him the kind of nice guy who carries groceries for old ladies in the neighborhood—another Rocky Balboa. By the end of the 1980s, despite a brief comeback with the Look Who's Talking series, featuring Kirstie Alley, Travolta's lackluster films landed him in the has-been actor category. Though we cringe at the way her character is abused, we see her strength and her resilience. Later, Tony and Stephanie dance at the competition and end up winning first prize. To get him to go out was a major achievement.”, Travolta believes that “the big difference between me and Stigwood was, when something is that big, people feel in a way that they’d rather get out if they can’t replicate that incredible success. In the long run, your life is better if it’s not like that on a constant basis. “The Bee Gees weren’t even involved in the movie in the beginning,” says Travolta. Other projects from the decade included Love Song for Bobby Long (2004), Ladder 49 (2004) and the hit bromance comedy Wild Hogs (2007). And, more than that, he acts like someone who loves to act…. He was the presiding spirit of the movie. What Brando and James Dean had been to the l950s, Travolta was to the l970s. You couldn’t even see my feet!” The sequence had been edited for close-ups, so that all his hard work—the knee drops, the splits, the solo he had labored over for nine months—had been cut off at the knees. The film significantly helped to popularize disco music around the world and made Travolta, already well known from his role on TV's Welcome Back, Kotter, a household name; he was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance. The film Saturday Night Fever was released 40 years ago this week, and soon became one of the biggest dance movies of all time. “And he had no financier. It was followed by two more hits: “To Love Somebody” and “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart.” Quick fame and riches put tremendous strains on the group—they broke up, tried solo acts, regrouped, and by the time of Saturday Night Fever were considered a dated 60s band, awash in drugs and alcohol and legal problems. The network was receiving l0,000 fan letters a week—just for him. You couldn’t sense danger then. Légende : Doublage de 1978 / Redoublage de 2000. Tony's older brother, Frank Jr., who was the pride of the family since he was ordained a Roman Catholic priest, brings despair to their parents and grandmother when he tells them he quit the priesthood. The high winds posed additional threats to the camera crew and stuntmen. Saturday Night Fever received positive reviews and is regarded by many critics as one of the best films of 1977. The film reportedly had a production budget of $6 million yet eventually earned almost $400 million at the global box office, becoming the top-grossing live-action movie musical of all time. Barry Gibb suggested a few titles, including “Stayin’ Alive” and “Night Fever,” but it wasn’t until they convened at the Chateau D’Heuroville studio, in France, to mix a live album called Here at Last Live, did they flesh out those songs—and they wrote them virtually in a single weekend. After Welcome Back, Kotter and Saturday Night Fever, it was the third time a character named Vincent would transform Travolta’s career. [citation needed], John G. Avildsen was signed to direct but was fired three weeks prior to principal photography over a script dispute with producer Robert Stigwood. Some of the suits at Paramount were made uncomfortable by the way Travolta was so lovingly photographed in one scene—preening in front of the mirror in his bikini briefs, his gold chain nestled in his chest hair—by the cinematographer Ralf D. Bode. They were a mess. We had one or two stages that were decent. “They gave us an office on the lot the size of a broom closet,” Oakes says. “I was crying and very angry because of the way the dance highlight was shot. We talked about it a lot before we did it. “I heard ‘Stayin’ Alive’ at the lift, at the bottom, and then we went up to the top, to the restaurant, and they were playing ‘Stayin’ Alive’ there, too, so I called up Barry Diller, head of Paramount, and I said, ‘Do we have a hit here?’ And then it opened,” Eisner recounted, and Travolta “was the biggest thing that ever happened.” When the film debuted, at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, it was a phenomenon. And what did she really want? In 2010, Saturday Night Fever was deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" by the Library of Congress and selected for preservation in the National Film Registry. I became almost a victim of my own success. I liked black dancing better than white dancing. They sent someone to take control of the film, and I’m sure they burned it.”, Stigwood released the music before the film—his strategy not only worked, it changed the game. “We were buying all these polyester things, picking out all this costume jewelry. We had to go into this choreographed situation where you’re violating your friend with no concern for her feelings whatsoever. The movie was directed by John Badham and starred John Travolta who was nominated for Best Actor for an Academy Award. Eventually, the group gets their revenge on the Barracudas, and crash Bobby C's car into their hangout. At l49 pages, “it was way, way, way, way too long, but quite wonderful. John Goodman is an actor best known for his role as Dan Connor on the hit sitcom 'Roseanne,' for which he was nominated for several Emmys. Based on the sci-fi novel novel by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, the 2000 film was a pet project for Travolta, a Scientologist, and was almost universally drubbed by critics. The very thing that made us trapped us.” Pescow, who won the New York Film Critics Circle Award for best supporting actress for the film, later got rave reviews playing a waitress on television in the short-lived Angie. What Brando and James Dean had been to the l950s, Travolta was to the l970s. At previews in Cincinnati and Columbus, half the audience walked out because of the language and sex scenes. For Stigwood, if it wasn’t the pinnacle every time, he wasn’t going to stay.”. Pape admits how difficult it was to film that scene. But Stigwood’s option for Grease stipulated that production could not begin before the spring of 1978, because the musical was still going strong. “I got a phone call from the production manager, and he said, ‘This is chaos!’ I came out and there were l0,000 kids on the streets, and we only have four security guys. The Abraham & Straus department store in Brooklyn even opened a “Night Fever” men’s-wear boutique. “I was fired by my agent,” he told friends gleefully, before returning to playwriting. As for Nik Cohn, he admits that “in America I have always, and will always be, the guy that did Saturday Night Fever.” Twenty years after its release, he published an article in New York magazine explaining how he had come to create the character of Vincent, cobbling him together from all the Faces he’d seen while trawling through pop-culture venues in the U.K. and America. “The first day’s location was outside the dance studio,” recalls McCormick. "[16] At Metacritic the film has a score of 77 out of 100, based on 7 critics, indicating "generally favorable reviews". La Fièvre du samedi soir (Saturday Night Fever) est un film américain de John Badham sorti en 1977.. La musique du film a beaucoup contribué à populariser le disco, notamment avec les chansons originales des Bee Gees comme Stayin' Alive et Night Fever.L'album de la bande originale, Saturday Night Fever, est d'ailleurs l'une des bandes originales les plus vendues au monde. Pape felt that it was just Travolta’s fate: “Sometimes it’s time for you to have the brass ring. He had a career revival with 'Pulp Fiction' and has starred in a wide range of additional projects. Among those songs were: The Trammps’ “Disco Inferno” (1976); KC and the Sunshine Band’s “Boogie Shoes” (1975); Walter Murphy’s “A Fifth of Beethoven” (1976); and the Bee Gees’ own “You Should Be Dancin'” (1976).