In fact, many rotating door handles can be removed quickly and switched to a different position.

Insert the end of a door handle tool or small flat-head screwdriver into the hole. If prying faceplates with a screwdriver or other tool proves difficult or you are concerned with marring the door, place a pencil or rolled-up rag beneath the shaft of the tool. When installing one of Schlage's levers with a curved design, you may find that you need to switch the handing. That’s it! Here's a checklist to help you be sure: To see all these steps in action as well as how to change the handing and test your lock, watch our.

My handle-set style included a lever handle for the lower position. Remove the shaft screw by turning counterclockwise with a screwdriver or hex wrench. If the door handle comes off, an intruder can easily bypass the lockset. This website will not look or function as originally intended in your current browser, We recommend upgrading to the latest version of A loose lever requires some readjustment to … Press in on the handle until it locks in place. Look for a small slot in the doorknob between the handle and the plate. Stay up-to-date on the latest style and design tips, trends, DIY tutorials, product updates and smart home news.

Levers and faceplates are typically mounted with screws, spring-loaded mechanisms or a combination of both. The keyholes and the decorative affects of the lever and will be upside down, making this not necessarily a practical method for latches or knobs with writing on them. Pull out on the handle on the key-hole side after you remove the key to make sure it is firmly locked in place. Insert the key into the lockset.

Note that some lever assemblies provide a special tool for this purpose. It really wasn’t so hard, was it?

If screws are not visible on the shaft, plate or both, refer to the next section. 6 simple things to consider when shopping for door hardware. Find the door knob, lever, or hardware design that completes your home's look. Submit your info below to receive our next update.

The Accent lever gets its understated style from the Colonial Revival period of the early 20th century. Rather than replace the locking knob with a closet knob, simply reverse the doorknob, placing the lock on the outside, so little fingers can’t lock themselves in where they do not belong. The plate will unsnap from the interior mounting ring and will remove by pulling outward along the lever shaft. How to Change the Lock Cylinder in an Entry Door, Best Access Systems: Installation Instructions and Template for 5K Locks, Hager Companies: 4700 Series Key In Lever Trim Installation Instructions, Schlage: Back to School - All About Door Knobs and Door Locks, How to Remove an Escutcheon Plate From a Baldwin Doorknob, How to Replace an Interior Screwless Doorknob.
Accent lever . Turn the key 90 degrees counterclockwise, until it is vertical in the key hole. Mechanical deadbolt vs. smart lock: How to choose.