1, A New Hope – Reflections on Natural Love and Divine Love. © 2020 - EternityofSpirit. There are no emotions there at all. If you want to know if you are making any progress on your spiritual path, ask yourself whether you’re experiencing Divine love. It is manifested through, for example, motherly love, sibling love, married love, and love for friends. Growing in the likeness of the Father and having their souls transformed from the image of God into divine substance, they would be becoming more and more at one with God. Don’t do this – it’s not good, don’t do that – it’s not good. What will he do with them? Copyright © 2020 Spirit & Truth Fellowship International. But it’s when people, so to say, have escaped from the embrace of consciousness a little bit. Without the Holy Spirit, no man can be forgiven and enter the Celestial Heaven. The Sun doesn’t need any particular object to direct its rays toward, nor does it require our gratitude in return for its generous outpouring. But Divine love can only be realized if we’ve become one with the very stream of love, with the River of Universal Life. Here is the third of my posts quoting Dietrich Bonhoeffer on the subject of spiritual love vs. human love from his book Life Together. Whereas mostly they… As there was an old movie, “I am,” she says, “walking, and men are falling and falling down like stacks.”. It’s here for the entire life, the same way the Sun shines on anything and everything, no matter what. And to understand all this, one should develop spiritually, then everything is simplified. I am beautiful, walking along the street, and all the oncoming guys are getting stunned. This is what that World is. Tag Archives: human love versus spiritual love. I know, it’s not February. Yet the yogic view is that all of our experiences of human love are actually glimpses of the Great Love. True love can grow only in deep meditation or in true. Inform us please. Posted on May 7, 2019 by mariner2mother. Because they cannot exist there. I love love to explore spiritual and metaphysical topics, and probably you love that too. But I’ve been thinking about love. You may also want to check these quotes about divine love. Therefore, this is normal, this is natural. I dare say that our human love won’t bring us anywhere. Where is your love? If there’s such an order, so let it be. If humans, both in their physical life and when they enter the spirit world after death, refuse to ask for and receive the Divine Love, they will remain separated from the Father. It actively works to help you remove the veils of illusion, so that you can be free, if you choose to be free. The Divine energy is everlasting. Whether you are aware of not, the Divine love is all that you’ll ever want. If you choose to strive to experience Divine love, I can promise, it’s so worth it. However, in many of the great spiritual traditions of man, personal love has been downplayed, and even strongly criticized. This is how our consciousness works. He practices daily meditations, prayers, and invocations and meditation trying to improve his life and achieve self-realization. But to call these things “love”, well, say, it’s sort of possible, but quotation marks should be used. Why are there no negative emotions? The world always values people and things based upon their usability. Sure, but then you will have to love God in them, not themselves as such. Of course, their existence is sustained by the creating and life-giving Spirit – which is not God, but emanating from God – the universal energy or life force and consciousness in and behind all things (Acts 17:27-28). But in order for this simple to become a reality, a reality for all people, everyone who understands this, who cares, who really cares, should perform an enormous hard work. Like this! But until a person learns to love, meaning, until a person himself becomes a source of these spiritual powers – the Allat powers, he will be going around in circles and will be listening to his actors. The Divine love is joyous, because it can give, and be what it is. The system is simply saving on them. At the same time, this also means that the key of spiritual development is having and experien… This is what redeems humans from the way of sin and error that they are naturally prone to in their earthly life, and from sin’s consequences in the spirit world. I believe it’s not. Human love is a mere shadow or image of the Divine Love. In previous posts, we learned that there are forces of attraction that affect everything from self-attracting free energy to gravity, which is a function of “universal love,” according to Guy Needler. And why not, why not communicate with these people, like-minded ones, right? Personality means action" The Divine love has an enormous power of attraction. And these thoughts make us act and behave badly towards others, even towards ourselves. The movie was filmed by the novella of the same name, written by Boris Bedny. But we are not being taught what’s behind that which makes us act one or another way. Couples who have a spiritual love are happier, they understand each other, and they fight less. Yet, can people coexist, say, married couples? How do you love? Did he ask himself? I know, it’s not February. And how can it be otherwise, if we have such a lifestyle, if we’ve abandoned the communal order? There’s, first and foremost, egoism. Resisting and rejecting the influence of the Holy Spirit consists of sin against the Spirit and as long as this persists, the person cannot be forgiven – it becomes the unforgivable or unpardonable sin (Matt. So, it turns out that people waste their spiritual powers on what is empty. Certain manipulation will take place anyway. In expressing love to God, it is in obeying God’s commandments – but may not go much beyond that as shown by the example of the rich young man who asked Jesus what was needed to inherit eternal life. However, the absence of sin doesn’t mean that all will be equally happy. We’ re learning about #Living T ogether This is banal, this is simple. They are in three-dimensionality. They are destined to live as immortal sinless spirits or divine angels through all eternity in the presence and at-one with the Father. If there is some gathering of people, and they speak about your native city or your native village, well, of course, it’s interesting to be there. The human love is limited to natural abilities but with God’s love you will surpass your human ability. And now let’s consider what do we know about emotions, about suffering, and about all the rest? Why? You know that you'll return there sooner or later. That’s the problem. Most people don’t realize that there are really only two ways to love, with either a worldly love or with the love of God. It is the Love that God loves the world with. So many times I’ve experienced this on a small scale in my life. This is his choice. Nobody strives or asks, “I love.” Everybody strives to be loved: by people, by God. Manipulation, comfort, hormones, and all the rest. Most people don’t realize that there are really only two ways to love, with either a worldly love or with the love of God. Personal declaration for the day. 4 LOVE Introduction: Why study love? Part 7. Stay up to date on all of our latest Biblical resources! Galatians 5:22-23, Romans 5:5. The Divine love is unconditional. 1, pgs 312-316, Graphic: Courtesy of John Doel of Pascas Health Foundation. But I’ve been thinking about love. If they are not awakened to the need for the Divine Love, there is nothing divine in them and they will remain in this state with no assurance of immortality or even continuous life. It is always about the other person, what is in their best interest, how you can best serve them, and what you can do for them. Whereas for people consciousness always tries to copy. 2013-2020 allatra.tv — all rights reserved. The Divine love stands behind all fatherly love, all gentle motherly love; it is the most desired love of the lovers. But where are you? Our loved ones promise us that they will love us forever. It will leave your free will intact to make your own choices. They cannot be ruined even if one person in the family has really stepped on the spiritual path and is engaged in spiritual development, while the other one is engaged in or is keen on some religion. Worldly love causes people to control and manipulate others so they meet your needs. If in childhood we were taught to monitor our thoughts, to control them, not to accept what is bad, and if we were told how to do this, then in adult life we wouldn’t make mistakes either. The system mixes up, consciousnesses of the couple start working almost like of a single person due to the long side-by-side stay. If you realize that God is greater than all His gifts, you will find His love. In this post I will try to describe the main qualities and differences of human and Divine love. It has a totally equal effect on sinners and on saints. Whenever I feel the energy of love, I’m inspired, I have a strong urge to create something beautiful. That’s why we say it is selfish. It envies what others have, is rooted in pride, and causes division and separation between people. With the divorce rates increasing, ... as a community, will be able to understand love, and its importance to the survival of the human race. All photographs are copyrighted. Is it really worth spending your entire life’s energy on that goal only? That's because the state we call being "in love" is simply a peek preview of an authentic spiritual experience -- the experience of true human relationship -- which CAN and ultimately WILL become our permanent realization. If something isn’t self-sufficient, it cannot be Divine, because it’s based on separation, duality, and limitations. And here, it would certainly be interesting to look back into antiquity, when these expressions initially appeared and what they meant. It is possible for all to seek and receive the Divine Love, but each individual needs to ask for it. Your email address will not be published. Often it far surpasses genuine Christian love … Doing this, they would be becoming perfect like the Father, who showers favors on both the just and the unjust, is perfect (Matt. You might think that you are looking for human love, prosperity, abundance, social status, money, or something else, but actually behind all these manifestations there is your Higher self calling you from the distance. In sharing various insights that I have gained over a nearly 50-year-long spiritual journey, I invite visitors to join me and glean what resonates with them. What is human love vs. divine love? When you experience Divine love, you’ll see no difference between a flower and a dog, between one human being and another. By contrast those with the Divine Love become a part of divinity – as if they were very God – and never be subject to temptation or unhappiness. As a result, they will only experience the limited happiness – though great from their perspective – that the natural love affords them. In a way, this site represents my spiritual biography.