shooting, Anti-mask motive suspected in 3 Kitchener-Waterloo Walmart fires, Trump lashes out over debate rule change to mute mics as campaigns enter final stretch, As Bermuda braces for hurricane Humberto, forecasters say other storms brewing, Bermuda plans for shutdown in face of Category 3 Hurricane Humberto, Mental health counsellors fan out across the Bahamas in wake of hurricane Dorian. The U.S. National Hurricane Center said Humberto had become a post-tropical cyclone out in the Atlantic, but would still kick up high surf at Bermuda and on the U.S. coast for a few days.
It was staffed by 30 people from various agencies and provided accommodation for up to 100 residents. The storm was centered about 525 miles (845 kilometers) south-southwest of Cape Race, Newfoundland, and moving to the northeast at 20 mph (31 kph). Data from a reconnaissance aircraft mission on the evening of September 17 was used as the basis for upgrading Humberto to a Category 3 hurricane around 00:00 UTC on September 18. [1] The hurricane developed a large eye, 35–40 miles (55–65 km) diameter, surrounded by very cold cloud tops, a hallmark of intense thunderstorm activity. [31], After the circulation dissipated, the remnants of Humberto brought moderate rainfall to the southeastern states and spawned several tornadoes across portions of South Carolina and North Carolina and caused widespread damage in some locations. [34] In Alabama, rainfall up to 5.06 in (129 mm) caused minor ponding in low-lying areas but aided in short-term drought relief. [1] At 21:00 UTC, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) upgraded the disturbance to a potential tropical cyclone, given that it posed a threat to land but its circulation did not yet meet the organization necessary to designate a tropical cyclone. Associated Press. [1][2] The combination of a weak surface trough and an upper-level low pressure system produced disorganized showers and thunderstorms from western Cuba into the eastern Gulf of Mexico. José Ignacio Peralta said Thursday.

2 missing Idaho children found dead, police confirm. Devastated by Hurricane Dorian earlier in the month, the Bahamas were spared significant compounding effects from Tropical Storm Humberto. Meanwhile, a brush with land near Puerto Vallarta knocked newly formed Hurricane Lorena back down to tropical storm force, though forecasters said it would soon become a hurricane again on a track that would carry it close to the Los Cabos resorts at the tip of the Baja California Peninsula by midday Friday. [1][10] Many farmers suffered significant losses of fruit and vegetable crops; in particular, 90% of the banana crop was destroyed, requiring an estimated 18 months to recover. This worsened an ongoing shortage of bananas caused by pest insect infestations in imports of the fruit. Hurricane Humberto was a Category 1 hurricane that formed and intensified faster than any other North Atlantic tropical cyclone on record, before landfall. [21], A few hours prior to its development, outer rainbands from the depression began moving over portions of the Texas coast.
Subscribe to ‘Here's the Deal,’ our politics newsletter. The passage of the hurricane caused one fatality in the state; a Bridge City man was killed when his carport crashed on him outside his house. [1], Immediately upon the designation of a potential tropical cyclone, tropical storm warnings were issued for the northwestern Bahamas, except Andros Island.