A truck drives through a flooded street in Lake Charles, La., Saturday, Oct. 10, 2020, past a home with damage from Hurricane Laura, after Hurricane Delta … Laura had weakened to a tropical storm by Thursday afternoon, but daylight brought the first glimpses of the scale of destruction left in its wake, particularly in Lake Charles, Louisiana, which bore the brunt of the storm as it crawled inland.
The Texas governor, Greg Abbott, and his Louisiana counterpart, feared the dire predictions were not resonating with the public, despite authorities putting more than 500,000 coastal residents under mandatory evacuation orders. Houses in Holly Beach, La., have been built on stilts since Hurricane Rita all but erased the community in 2005. Mr. James chuckled at the reason he had moved to Lake Charles six years ago: “The weather.” He had been living in Pennsylvania, and his girlfriend at the time had an aneurysm; they needed to move somewhere without icy winters, and his girlfriend’s sister lived in the area. President Trump said he would visit Texas and Louisiana this weekend. ‘By the grace of God!’: Seeking shelter in a sanctuary in the heart of the storm. Hurricane Laura, which began the day rolling ashore as one of the strongest storms ever to hit Louisiana, plowed trough the state from south to north, gradually weakening to become a tropical storm but wreaking destruction all along its path and killing at least six people before the afternoon was through. Hurricane Laura’s punishing storm surge and winds swept through some of the most industrialized parts of the southern United States: a broad stretch of coast studded with plants that produce fuels, petrochemicals and other products, and that can release toxic chemicals into the air, water and soil when damaged by storms. Updated 6:11 PM ET, Thu August 27, 2020 . You will receive notification letters from FEMA either by U.S. mail or by electronic correspondence. Declaration Date: August 28, 2020. Four of the deaths tied to the storm in Louisiana were caused by trees falling on homes, according to Gov. Farther east, the city of Orange has dozens of chemical plants. The statue has come down several times before — including in a 1918 storm, just three years after it was erected — but has always been restored. A few tornadoes could also form, the center said. It is a legacy that has forged a level of self-reliance, an attitude that those who were clever enough or willing to invest the sweat equity were capable of unlocking the city’s promise. More than 3,000 of those evacuees were being housed in 21 Austin hotels, as well as the city’s convention center, under a government program as of Thursday morning, said Bryce Bencivengo, a spokesman for Austin’s emergency management agency. Chunks of roofing and siding littered the street.

It goes by the maximum sustained winds anywhere in the storm — but very few locations are actually measured, and measurements taken on land tend to be lower because the solid, bumpy land surface slows the air down, compared with the flat, fluid ocean. The woman was pronounced dead at an Austin hospital and had no identifying information, Liuetenant Greenwalt said. Abbott said that evacuation efforts "no doubt saved lives.". Can FEMA Help My Family Return to our Home?
It destroyed her home. A chlorine leak from the BioLab facility appeared to have started the fire. Laura caused significant damage to … LockA locked padlock The scene looked less like the aftermath of a hurricane than of a tornado. Read more on what Hurricane Laura survivors already registered with FEMA should do if impacted by by Hurricane Delta. Photo by William Widmer for The New York Times. Barns and sheds had collapsed, and large swaths of open land were littered with debris. Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards advised residents in the area to shelter in place. Apply for assistance. The fire has now reached a “stable point,” he said, and officials don’t believe the incident to be endangering anyone off site.

Laura blasted through the Louisiana coast and made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane early Thursday, wreaking damage on the industrial, casino city of Lake Charles. At landfall, about half the storm is still over water, so it’s likely that the storm’s strongest winds are there, too. She conceded that she had been tempted to leave. Officials confirmed at least six deaths tied to the storm, and hundreds of thousands of people have lost power. Resident Paul Heard took shelter in his car as the hurricane tore part of his roof off around 1 a.m., he told CNN. “It was very big and it was very powerful, but it passed quickly,” he said of the storm. Mr. Branick said that other than the electricity problems, the reports were good so far in Port Arthur, where officials had worried about a hard hit from wind damage and storm surge.