I was a fool yesterday but not this morning. The little boy, who had apparently had his throat zipped into his zipper at some point, always put his mittened hand beneath his chin to prevent it from happening again. What Miss Beryl looked for in each adult face was the evidence of some failed lesson in some distant yesterday that might predict incompetence today.”, “probably horse doo had a name in french also, but that didn't mean god intended for you to eat it.”, “Like many men addicted to sports, Clive Sr. was also a religious man.”, “The nurse who came in to take her blood was the same one who’d taken her blood pressure earlier, and she slapped the flesh on Miss Beryl’s arm with some annoyance, as if she’d have preferred it to assume some other shape. Subscribe Sully is a rascally ne'er-do-well approaching ... Sixty years old and still getting crushes on other men's wives. All Rights Reserved.

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He allowed himself the vague wish that things had turned out differently, without blaming himself that they hadn't, any more than he'd blamed himself when his 1-2-3 triple never ran like it should at least once. - Sully: Go home, you jerk. “- Miss Beryl: Do you still bet on that horse race of yours? Here”, “I know,” Peter said, zipping Will’s jacket. Sully”, “«Y a Raymer, mientras la esperaba, le dio por pensar que esperar a una mujer que había olvidado algo era uno de los placeres más infravalorados de la vida.Cuántas veces, a punto de ir a cualquier lugar con Becka, ella había tenido que volver atrás porque se había dejado algo encima de la mesa de la cocina. Showing search results for "Nobodys Fool" sorted by relevance. This in response to Sully's key being turned in the ignition of the pickup.”, “Hell, at twenty, he’d been ready to junk everything and start over too. By rights, satire is a lonely and introspective occupation, for nobody can describe a fool to the life without much patient self-inspection. He wanted to keep going forward, not stop and turn around and analyze the validity of decisions made and courses charted long ago.”, “One of the unfortunate side effects of teaching for forty years was that the task was so monumental, even in recollection, that it sometimes seemed you’d tried to teach everyone on the planet. Let nobody fool you, most couples are conjoined on earth. “- Toby Roebuck: Oh, you're a man among men, Sully. Quotegeek. It was Sully's policy to stick by his mistakes....”, “You want a poke in the eye with a sharp stick?” Sully offered. I got my truck out back whaddya say we get in the back get, “- Sully: Which one of your fancy doctors advised you to, “- Carl Roebuck: Sixty years old and still getting crushes on other men's. “- Ollie Quinn: Officer Raymer is currently under suspension. Who would find out that I am a natural fool if I kept always cool and never let nature come to the surface? “- Peter: If you're not a father to me, how come you're a grandfather to Will? “All through eighth grade.”, “Like many men addicted to sports, Clive Sr. was also a religious man and one who’d been raised to accept life’s mysteries—the Blessed Trinity, for one instance, a woman’s reasoning, for another.”, “They turned down the narrow alley that led to the Woohvorth’s”. Where transgressions exacted a terrible price. Nobodys Fool Quotes & Sayings . It's just we're a different kind each day. Fool Foolishness Life Lesson Self Awareness Wise Wisdom Delusion Funny Government Smiling Hurt Feelings Deception Being Broken Lies Deceit Deception Computers Relationship Advice Kissing.