Though he speaks severely when Kagura indulges in women and alcohol, he never oversteps his bounds as a secretary. LIES! Since Ragna didn't respond how Terumi evidently expected (presumably with despair), and he gathered Jubei already told Ragna the truth which annoyed him. Ragna was then interrupted by Valkenhayn on his way to the NOL base as he complained that he might not make it to the top by nightfall. Desperate for revenge against Relius, Carl joined the NOL, then left to become a bounty hunter, using the skills he and Nirvana learned. Hazama then commented on how he could kill all of them at once, but was stopped by Relius, who shared that the Imperator had arrived, who Ragna saw and recognized as Saya. Ragna? Tao arrived shortly after their recovery. He also loses his crush, Saki Konishi, to the Midnight Channel, and his refusal to admit Saki hated him and that he hated Inaba formed his Shadow, who transformed into Jiraiya. He soon blacked out from the pain and shock of losing his arm. Get outta my way! I hate to tell you, but we know little more than you do. [70] Noel woke him up when he was sleep-talking about Jin and Saya, and they both went to have breakfast, which was made by Celica, as he had to stop Noel from cooking at all. Her Shadow form is a huge, bipedal demonic lion-like Taokaka, with overbloated body with mouths containing More Teeth than the Osmond Family all over her body, and the face of Taokaka, just instead of innocent, it was more beastly and has tons of sharp teeth. I am Hakumen. The vampire introduced himself as Clavis Alucard, the father of Rachel and Valkenhayn's master. I have to kill her! She moved to Inaba to take a break from show business, and her insecurities over her identity (she was unsure who people loved: Rise Kujikawa or Risette, not helped that she was bullied as a child) lead to the ridiculously sexualized Shadow Rise, who turned to Himiko, a scanner-type Persona. The only way to see that your will becomes a reality. Amane challenged him to a battle and an angered Ragna complied. Hmm? You mean Nine? Nothing will change with you. Kokonoe: What, you think I've got time to waste explaining this to an idiot like you? After her departure, Ragna turned and headed to the location of the grave of his dead foster mother. The two traded blows until Celica stopped the fight. The protagonist of BlazBlue. When Noel disappears, Makoto is on the manhunt for her, but little does she know that her old issues with racism are popping back up.... An Ikarugan man's soul in the body of a cyborg demon, Iron Tager is completely loyal to Kokonoe, and is Sector Seven's top fighter (bar Azrael). Jin told Ragna that he'd be waiting outside for him just as Noel entered the room. With Rachel's powers weakening, I'm the only one who can do that for you. However, when she was transported to the BlazBlue universe, she ended up becoming young again, with her powers and appearance set to P1. He once succeeded in blowing up the whole world and turned it into a living hell, and was nearly able to repeat the process, but was stopped by a group of Persona users guided by Philemon, and was sealed. Hakumen referred to Ragna as the "Dark One" and insisted that he would destroy Ragna. This "tail" has the NOL emblem printed on it. Once near the city's cauldron, he was met by Relius who decided to fight him in order to verify some brief thoughts. If this Azure Grimoire is real, then... Heh heh heh. [76], Ragna and Noel fell back down to the Embryo, and were told about Doomsday still continuing. HAHAHAHAHA! He took her to a restaurant, where she revealed her mission to capture him and showed his inaccurate wanted poster, causing him to spit out his food in shock and disgust. Truly, pathetic. Ragna: Sector Seven...? They battled and Ragna won, knocking her out and taking her out of Take-Mikazuchi with Minerva's assistance. While he has a tendency to run his mouth, he's a good guy, but often feels insecure and lonely. What the hell are you smoking? Their journey took them across the desolate wasteland that was once Japan, and both Celica and Mitsuyoshi explained nuclear weapons to Ragna as they were largely forgotten in his time. It is time for the eternal wanderer to meet his demise. He explained to Ragna what the cauldron was also considered: The Gate to the Boundary, the entrance to the Origin, and Ragna himself. Despite the difficult conversation she had earlier with Clavis over Shuichiro, she demonstrated her resolve to still find her father. Tager: Feigning ignorance till the end...? Hazama inquired if Ragna agreed that the power of the Azure Grimoire was "wonderful", to which a scornful Ragna replied he had nothing to say to him. Her Shadow Labyrinth at first takes form of something of a common Level Ate... but the true nature hidden within was the ruins of the Kaka village. Ever since then, he has supported Kagura as a secretary. You're just delaying the inevitable... History is going to repeat itself. [75] He travelled with Minerva and Noel to find Requiem, and was told of Kagura and Jin's victory over Azrael. He asked Ex Machina: Minerva to take Celica to the NOL's Yabiko branch, waiting in case the memories of the chosen had yet to return. Impressed by the youth's potential, Valkenhayn puts him through grueling training, and for now, is helping Yosuke and Fuuka with Hakumen's Shadow Labyrinth. [40] Inside there, he was assaulted by Arakune, who relented his offense upon realising that Noel, a holder of a piece of the true Azure, was nearby. He forced Carl's retreat but not before being injured by Nirvana's deadly claws. Aren't they just running away from the result ? She ends up in the clutches of the NOL, but luckily, is kept safe by Litchi Faye-Ling, who protects her from the seedier people in NOL, but ends up in the crosshairs of one Tsubaki Yayoi... After saving Tsubaki from her Shadow Labyrinth, they became fast friends and Yukiko usually accompanies her. His transformed form is similar to a miniature Black Beast, with Ragna's head attached to each of them. You wanna settle the score, you just come and find me. Makoto: ...? Ragna then gave Noel to Rachel to help awaken her memories and accept her powers as the Godslayer. He's a bright bulb, but can at times be extremely blunt and even hurtful. Hakumen: ...Regardless, it is what must be done. I see you've improved, Dark One. Nine: I'll say it as many times as I must. Nothing will end! Though once that's done, she's back being one. Hey, wait a sec... You mean you actually have memories!? I will support it with all that I have. He is Kagura Mutsuki's loyal servant and aide-de-camp who provided him assistance with the coup d'état against Izanami. Ragna: A "reason"!? Are you trying to catch me off guard? Ragna: Yeah, I'd like to know the answer to that, myself! He was awoken by Rachel, who taunted him until he agreed to battle her. Why don't you drop the hero crap, so we can get this over with!? Rachel arrived and explained that something had greatly changed and told Ragna that his Grimoire was artificial, but did not elaborate on that point. Just as he was about to engage with Azrael again, Kagura stepped in, to Ragna's discomfort. To become one... Ragna: One, two, honestly I really don't care. Ragna: Damn, Red Devil...again? Now get outta my way, or I'm gonna rip that stupid mask off and make you eat it. Hehe... You think you can defeat me? Thus he dissuades that Jin is a perpetual baby and should drop whatever half-assed efforts he did (such as trying to become a hero) and just concentrate on a direct approach on getting his brother's attention, which includes ditching everyone else and possibly killing them. We can finally be together, but you... you... You're so mean... Ragna: It's too late for me to ask for your forgiveness.... Nu-13: Don't wanna talk, hmm? Ragna: At last? Rachel: I imagine your guess is as good as mine. After the fight, she asked about Ragna's Grimoire, saying she wanted it to grant her wish to save Arakune. Nothing is "saved". Kagura, with the help of Kokonoe, was able to defeat Azrael, locking him in a dimensional prison. So that's what the bastard's after! This is destiny! Rachel: ...I've come to stop you. Yukianesa feels it too, but...something...something is different...! Only she knows where to find it... Ragna: Jin! The same goes for me too. Ragna reluctantly agreed to help Kagura, but he wasn't let out of his cell. Rachel: Whatever you are thinking is likely not far from the truth. As Terumi teased and beat Ragna senseless, Kokonoe, Celica, and Tager arrived to Ragna's rescue. Kagura punched him twice, and threatened him with his life before continuing his conversation with Tsubaki. The following morning, she passed away – Ragna did not look back, having accepted her death, and the group teleported to Yabiko. His legs were soon frozen and she again put him under her heel. The Shadow of Noel. That is why this is my task. He took several injuries from an angered Terumi as a result as the man brutally attacked him for having the nerve to think he could talk like that to him. Alongside Jubei, Ragna went to the outskirts of Kagutsuchi to search for a Prime Field Device. Hehehe. What the hell are you going on about!? The Grim Reaper refused and explained that he was going to create new possibilities for the world using the chosen's dreams since there were none left. Ragna broke down, asking her why she would even die for him. It's a story that can't be rewritten. To Ragna, it is impossible to differentiate the two, and earned some rare praise from the witch for his open mind. The group continued into the laboratory, seeing a giant lynchpin hanging in the back of the lab. They talked about the Ikaruga Civil War, and upon finding that Kagura was the Hero of Ikaruga in this reality, Ragna was startled, although he was unaware why. Get out of my sight. At all. How the Imperator consumed your consciousness in the blink of an eye? And I'm afraid I must resort to force... Amane: Boy are you strong ! Where am I--!? Initially just an overseer, he made a bet with his opposite, Nyarlathotep, to test humanity's potential: would they become a higher being (Philemon), or would they lead themselves to destruction (Nyarlathotep)? Izanami revealed that she is Amaterasu's Drive, that she is immortal, and he saw a vision of the woman inside the Master Unit. Ragna expressed glee with being able to take Meifang on, but Rachel mass-teleported the group away from the situation. Ragna: Dammit, I think I get the whole "worthless" thing. His Shadow Labyrinth is a giant castle which is decorated with how his nation would look like, without the 'hero mask' on.