The goal of the Forest Dwelling program is to prepare participants to live wisely and well during their remaining years so that in the words of Henri Nouwen, “they might be able to give both their life and death away” for the sake of the world. The Institute for Spirituality and Health is dedicated to the concept that all humans are spiritual beings and research affirms that spirituality plays a vital role in an individuals’ health and in healing. It is a place to learn about the spiritual life of Christ within us. 817-257-7598 (o) Connecting the contemporary quest for spirituality with the deep wells of Christian tradition, the Institute for the Study of Contemporary Spirituality (ISCS) was founded in the fall of 2013 to serve as an international center of study. Carmelite spirituality is Christian spirituality – It is not reserved to a select group within the Church or to a spiritually elite, but is accessible to all whom the Spirit calls to follow this way. The following degree programs are approved by the Commission on Accrediting: Master of Divinity, Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry, Master of Arts (Theology), Master of Arts (Spirituality), Doctor of Ministry, and Doctor of Philosophy (Spirituality) degrees. St. Therese described her mission as that of “evangelizing the evangelists.”  Spirituality does just that, as it brings the light of the Gospel to the deepest recesses of our beings and teaches us to draw on the lifegiving Spirit of Christ as we face the challenges of our day, challenges for which there are few clear answers. Lipscomb University Please visit our MIND BODY GROUPS PAGE to see a list of virtual offerings, and check back frequently for upcoming virtual seminars, movement classes, and more. As dean of the College of Bible & Ministry, I am eager to see the institute continue its good work and to creatively branch out in its mission. With their support, a four-story building was constructed behind Methodist Hospital in the middle of the rapidly expanding Texas Medical Center. You’ll also see ICS’s commitment to church leaders. This month's meeting will be hosted virtually. For scholars and people within academia, the ISCS offers three distinct degrees in the field of Contemporary Spirituality: Master of Arts in Spirituality, Doctor of Ministry in Spirituality and Ministry and PhD in Spirituality. Our website offers downloadable resources in the field of Spirituality and Health. Lipscomb University's comprehensive plan to return to campus. Brite Divinity School Five offerings do this in different ways. Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program ISCS also offers spirituality-based programs, conferences, workshops and seminars for those working in secular professions, such as healthcare, social services, education, social justice and counseling. How do we make sense of and cope with suffering and injustice? Our mission is to foster and encourage spiritual growth to all who are looking for a deeper union with God through Spiritual Direction, Days of Recollection, Retreats, assistance to Parishes and support to OCDS groups (Lay Carmelites) and the Carmelite family. The Institute for Spirituality and Health at the Texas Medical Center was founded in1955, and was originally known as The Institute of Religion. Check the events page to find a list of our conferences, seminars, classes and panel discussions. We pursue this mission by exploring spiritually forming practices and facilitating the journey with others through spiritual friendships and spiritual direction. Houston IANDS (International Association for Near-Death Studies) at the Texas Medical Center serves as a safe space to support those who have had a near-death experience as they integrate their experience into their lives. Seminars, classes, programs, and conferences abound. In our sixth decade, the Institute has an outstanding Board of Trustees and Adjunct Faculty. The Carmelite Institute is a place where people come to drink of the spirituality of Christ in Carmel. For all who want to accompany others in discerning the presence and work of God in their lives, and who want to become more aware and responsive themselves, Lipscomb offers a unique ministry training program. While there are many generic paths to God, the path of Guru’s Grace is the most important from the point of view of achieving the ultimate in spiritual evolution. The Institute for Christian Spirituality nurtures the discipleship of Christ followers by cultivating a deeper awareness of and participation in the Holy Spirit’s redemptive activity among us, within us, and through us in the world. 800.333.4358, Flourishing Through Ministry Trials Luncheon. This is a full-time residential program designed to give each student the tools to assess religious experience, critically evaluate contemporary movements within spirituality, help mentors others in spirituality, and do scholarly research and publishing. In the contemporary search for immaterial sources of happiness, well-being, and purpose, drawing wisdom from the deep wells of Christian Spirituality has never been more relevant. In 1982, as a result of a joint agreement between Baylor College of Medicine, Rice University and the Institute, the Center for Medical Ethics was created. The program can be taken in two forms: either on a semester basis (for residential or commuter students) or on an intensive basis (for students at a distance). The ISI team is available to explore possible programming with and for Diocesan Offices, Parishes, Schools, and other religious organizations. As the medical center grew, Baylor College of Medicine took over our Ethics department and TMC hospitals took over our chaplain training programs. The new S&HC program underscores
and directs the current interest in spirituality within health care in the formation of educational programs on spirituality for the healthcare profession. Ph.D. in Spirituality: The Doctor of Philosophy degree was established in response to an expressed interest for academically rigorous graduate formation and scholarship in Spirituality. Accessibility Notice: GW is committed to and is working towards accessibility for all. Medical and Nursing student education remains a key focus, as does empowering healthcare professionals and the general public with skills to enhance well-being. Under the direction of Founder and Director Christina M. Puchalski, MD, professor of Medicine, GWish is changing the face of healthcare through innovative programs for physicians and other members of the multidisciplinary healthcare team, including clergy and chaplains.