Memory implants could be used to speed-up time for prisoners, allowing them to serve maximum sentences in a day, Scientists can erase and restore memories, Tobacco is largely eradicated due to farm land increasingly reserved for food production, A new generation of hi-tech supercarriers, World population forecasted to reach 9,157,233,000, Share of global car sales taken by autonomous vehicles equals 50 per cent, World sales of electric vehicles reaches 19,766,667, (Moore's Law) Calculations per second, per $1,000, equals 10^20, Average number of connected devices, per person, is 19, Global number of Internet connected devices reaches 171,570,000,000, Predicted global mobile web traffic equals 644 exabytes, Global Internet traffic grows to 1,628 exabytes, Optimistic forecasted rise in global temperatures, above pre-industrial levels, is 1.62 degrees Celsius, Largest age cohort for the Brazilian population is 35-44, Largest age cohort for the Mexican population is 40-44, Largest age cohort for the Middle East population is 30-39, Largest age cohort for the African population is 0-4, Largest age cohort for the European population is 50-54, Largest age cohort for the Indian population is 25-29, Largest age cohort for the Chinese population is 50-54, Largest age cohort for the United States population is 15-24 and 45-49. If so, to what extent? Being a bit bullish on the geographic shifts of population & banking on the GOP ultimately getting its social act together: In the long-term, I can actually see the Great Plains becoming Democratic-leaning for the first time since 1916 (a mix of a more populist Democratic party and alternative energy bringing more people to the Midwest/West). 1 year ago.

It depends on how far in the future you want to go.

Growing Hispanic population in both states and their socially liberal stances, (Oregon more than Colorado), would probably keep them on the Democratic side.

Add Video The 2040 Presidential Election was the fourth of the critical elections.

Demographic changes aren't the only factor.

Technology related predictions due to make an impact in 2040 include: Business related predictions due to make an impact in 2040 include: Culture related predictions due to make an impact in 2040 include: Science related predictions due to make an impact in 2040 include: Health related predictions due to make an impact in 2040 include: Suggest a correction to improve the content of this page.Also, tip us about any future subject or trend you'd like us to cover. Note that the only states on the map are the ones that are presently in the United States for there are many that will be part of the country then that are not now. But, many people watching the debates thought the better looking Nicklas Zande won the debates, and he went on to become the Democratic Nominee for President. This is bad for my reputation as a singer!

The Democratic Primary had many candidates, Kelvin Hawthorne, Ethan Fitzgerald, John Lampros, Ely Loew, Chelsea Clinton, Joshua Huntington, Malia Obama, and Nicklas Zande, all wanting to challenge Kid Rock for the Presidency. The slow death of the carbon energy era | Future of Energy P1, Universal Basic Income cures mass unemployment, The last job creating industries: Future of Work P4, List of future legal precedents tomorrow's courts will judge: Future of law P5, Automated judging of criminals: Future of law P3, Mind-reading devices to end wrongful convictions: Future of law P2, When Generation X takes over world politics | Life in 2030 podcast | S1:E4, The job-eating, economy-boosting, social impact of driverless vehicles: Future of Transportation P5, Your future diet in bugs, in-vitro meat, and synthetic foods: Future of food P5, Our future in an energy abundant world: Future of Energy P6, The end of meat in 2035: Future of Food P2, China, rise of a new global hegemon: Geopolitics of Climate Change, Thought reading machines to convict future criminals | Life in 2030 podcast | S1:E3, Engineering the perfect baby: Future of Human Evolution P2. (b)(2). There are too many variables unknown to really make an educated guess even.