The Silverbird Group is a diversified multi-media company with holdings in Radio, Television, Real Estate, and Cinemas. One cannot say. We are still quivering from the revelations from the recently concluded Gubernatorial elections in Edo State and some have argued that this may be a tell-tale sign of what to expect in the forthcoming elections in Ondo State later this year. Dogs have over the years been known as man’s best friend and it has been shown that a dog offers more than just companionship to its owners.

In its place, we are beckoned on, as compatriots, to arise and to obey Nigeria’s call. According to the World Bank, Nigeria is classified as a mixed economy emerging market, which has reached lower middle-income status.

Choices and decisions – the difference between a rich man and a poor man is their decisions. We then resonate in the belief that the labour of our heroes-past shall never be in vain. Thus, at independence, we were given a constitution which tied us somehow to the Monarchy of Great Britain.

Health and Lifestyle Culture in Motherland Nigeria.

The origin of the word “Rag” according to the Oxford English Dictionary is “an act of ragging; especially, an extensive display of noisy disorderly conduct carried on in defiance of authority or discipline”. The Nigerian movie industry popularly called Nollywood has come a long way from the days of Living in Bondage.

Ever wondered how our mothers were able to space their children even before modern contraceptives were made? Unlike what we have in the west where marriages are not a ... Beautiful Inspirational quotes about time are perfect for those who are looking for encouragement, motivation and positivity in their lives. In-between when we are born and when we eventually take the last breath, thousands of events will pass. Technical Feedback: whatsapp 08023469027 Where is the barometer with which we can measure the economic mayhem arising from sustained militancy in the Niger-Delta which, fortunately, was ameliorated by the amnesty programme initiated by the Federal Government?

Having over 500 ethnic groups, it boasts of a rich cultural heritage and is ... Nigerian 419 Scams are some of the most common scams online, and thousands of gullible people have become victims of these scams.

It had been conceded that the argument of the majority, which is that we are yet to arrive at our destination, 60years after the journey began, must remain part of our national conversation. This persistent violence calls for a firm governmental decision in Ondo State. What of the disruptions occasioned by IPOB and cattle herdsmen? Newspapers no longer lead their pamphlets with stories of the casualty in Boko Haram insurgency because those are stale news. But remember that one of the most important things you can do for that innocent baby is to choose a very good name for him. Honey is produced in most of the countries of the world. All that can be said is that for a nation, the burden is often cast on the proverbial ‘founding fathers’ whose dreams, wisdom and foresight propel the nation to greatness. The world of Illuminati is fast changing and the people in that world are of a much younger generation. Also recently, a 72-year-old woman was gang-raped in the Odigbo area of the State and the hoodlums are yet to be brought to book. Chief Oladinni, outside the court, operates a live-and-let-live life. Whichever of the two anthems you choose or prefer, there is no iota of doubt that the ingredients of a national ideology are inherent in both. It is hard to stare at them for more than five seconds. The Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, has been on its latest strike since March 23, 2020. Becoming a millionaire never happens by accident or by magic, rather, it is something that is systematic and also demands a level of wisdom and discipline.

Though his squash strokes are like the strokes of music which Bob Marley says when they hit you, you feel no pain, the strokes however come without empathy on his opponent. Perhaps astounded by the upswing in cases of bloodletting that hitherto sounded weird, virtually all newspapers now have what they call the Crime Page. [Facts & Figures]. The tsotsi pulls a knife as a muscular fellow commuterconfronts him but the sudden jerk of the train deflects the knife and pierces the muscular man. The world power seat is dominated by the male folks with the singular ideological that it is a man’s world, however, women are better leaders as they have innate skills to handle humans better. People were seen trooping out into the streets in their numbers to praise God and the Police for the arrest of the kidnap kingpin who had terrorized them for long.

It bothers this writer that Nigerians are no longer shocked at the shedding of blood. We may never know them.

It is also considered as the secret world, there are lots of hidden facts and secrets ... You would never pass lime fruit in the market again after reading this rejuvenated discovery of the healing powers of lime juice. Our humanity is frozen and replaced by a cold animalism that is beyond compare. A beautiful skin is part of what defines a woman’s beauty and makes her stands out in the crowd. Refined sugar has been tagged as potentially detrimental to your health, but there are tons of rich and natural sugar substitutes you could indulge in. Just a few words of wisdom can inspire you to succeed, pull your self together, galvanise your ambitions, and inspire you to take action. It has also been a far much global marketplace that has injected some ”enticing” and ”fantastic” lifestyles among groups and societies. What do we make of the past wave of destruction of oil facilities on which our economy, as well as our well-being, depends? It is addictive and high sugar intake is also associated with some of the world’s most deadly diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, and ... Like the famous saying goes; behind every successful man, there is a strong woman who has made his path to success smooth. If one should consider the great enthusiasm and do-or-die spirit with which Nigerians in lower institutions seek to gain admission into the degree awarding institutions or other institutions of higher learning, one would begin to wonder if that is all it takes to stay alive. Time to clone Fayose. Many times, people would just stuff anything into their mouths in the name of food without knowing that such edibles could wreck havoc ... Ankara styles have come to be accepted as some of the most gorgeous African dresses. If the number of times citations are made of an artist’s work approximates African invocation of the spirits of the dead, this writer’s excessively frequent intrusion into Themba’s graveyard to cite his short story, The Dube Train should have worn out his spirit. The concern that children and youths are becoming more and more inseparable from smartphones has continued to grow. If you have ever been a student or is still a student in Nigeria, you’ll be in a better position to understand what I am talking about here. This is one of the core responsibilities of parenthood. They were part of the black apartheid era young writers who lived by the weird dictum, “Live fast, die young and have a good-looking corpse.”, The narrator prefaces The Dube Train with a description of fellow commuters as “sour-smelling humanity;” exhibits his impatience with this “hostile life” and “the shoving savagery of the crowd.”. The history of soups can be traced back to almost twenty thousand years ago and was considered to be one ... There’s a wide range of Nigerian foods available today. The Isale Eko Descendants’ Union has condemned the attack on the palace of Rilwan Akiolu, Oba of Lagos.Advertisement The monarch’s palace was looted by hoodlums on Wednesday.

We hailed Nigeria, our own dear native land, and we pledged that though tribe and tongue may differ, in brotherhood we stand. They were summarily tried by the Winnie boys, sentenced to death and executed. When a hair looks great, it adds confidence to the carrier and attracts more attention from the male folks. It seems to come back to me that the inexplicable stagnation of Nigeria all these years can be traced to wanton bloodshed. Apartheid brought out the beast in South Africans. On a daily basis, the pages are populated by stories of a man who had just sodomized a minor, son who just decapitated father, father who slept with his daughter, wife who invited assassins to murder her husband or a young girl on whom was found the head of a fellow man. Over the past few months, tomatoes have been in hot demand. The usual quantity that normally cost N200 now goes for N1,000 and above. Fela Kuti was not actually killed in the line of duty to Fatherland. Born as Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa, the popular Nigerian singer/songwriter, producer, television presenter, and publisher has carved a name for himself as the weirdest being in the music industry. We question our career choices and whether there is anything we can do to change our financial situation. Going by the consistency of lies and the culture of untruth that had almost become the middle name of government under the less-than Honourable ministry, France seems more believable of the two in this equation. In A walk in the nightfor instance, you will encounter District Six, a suburb of Johannesburg, home to all sorts of sub-human activities and why horrendous murder became part and parcel of the people’s existence. In the 1930s the expression “the Fatherland” was widely used to refer to Germany. It regulates and maintains body temperature, and balances body fluids. The writers of the bible acknowledged this when the blood of Abel was said to have cried unto the heavens. The love of food has always encouraged people to venture out and experiment with different types of cooking, but it is the food made from leftovers that have always been popular since the earliest times. Between Adebajo and Daniel Canodoce, popularly known as Can Themba, a young Marabastad-born South African writer who died in 1968 at the age of 44, was hemmed Nobel prize in literature winner, Wole Soyinka.