For the new Burgundians, opportunity knocks on one door, while confusion beats down another. Very funny, well-crafted, well-acted, meticulous attention to detail. Metacritic Reviews. Rutherford and Holloway led a cast of actors who provided strong, distinct characterizations in a way that seems to have been forgotten in the corporate film era in which we live. [8] At the close of the story, when the summer heatwave turns to a torrential downpour, the film has "something of the quality of a fever-dream", according to Aldgate and Richards. [6] The view of the community put forward in the film has been criticised as being anachronistic, as the wartime unity had already passed by 1949. [3] Barr suggests the actions "re-enact, ... in miniature, the war experience of Britain itself". The whole "Keep Calm and Carry On" thing, so roundly derided when it was actually used, is very popular these days, but I think this is closer to the real attitude of the British people at the time. Still, I recommend this film for lovers of golden age British cinema. Residents of a part of London declare independence when they discover an old treaty. International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers. We had the same kind of price controls that were kept in place even after peace was declared in the USA and American moviegoers could have truly related to what the residents of Pimlico were going through. Barr, Charles, Ealing Studios, New York, Woodstock Press, 1980, 1999. sings a chorus of common folk who eight years prior chanted "This is England!" But the historian? I like the movie but the quality of the print and sound were unsatisfactory. Hail Burgundy! Neither country had a…, Attenborough, Richard Carrying on? This moment alone distills some of the film's central premises about the tensions between pragmatism and imagination, forward-thinking and backward-looking, inhibition and liberation, and the role of the individual within the community. Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. Poi ci siamo noi italiani, lì a testa a testa coi francesi. IMDb Passport to Pimlico reinforces the inwardness of the British character, but emphasises a determination amongst the British people to see justice be done in an experiential rather than legal sense. Facts about Passport To Pimlico. The people of Pimlico may like ignoring things like closing time and ration books, but that doesn't mean they don't have pride in being British. Passport to Pimlico continues to be an incredibly amusing comedy from Ealing Studios released during the heights of their popularity, and in the same year as Whisky Galore! 'Passport to Pimlico' is a lively glimpse into a post war world that has now gone. When an unexploded bomb goes up in a street in the London area of Pimlico, it exposes a cave containing goblets, gold, art and other valuable artefacts. A fun comic romp with real-life allusions. Directed by Henry Cornelius. After the accidental discovery of an early medieval treaty and some treasure, the residents find out that they are actually part of the Duchy of Burgundy. My #7 film from the studio is 'Passport to Pimlico (1949),' directed by Henry Cornelius {in his directorial debut}, which tells the peculiar story of a small London district that unexpectedly becomes its own separate nation. It's got an excellent cast including Stanley Holloway and Margaret Rutherford and plays like an acknowledgement to the disposition and alliances of London during WWII, or as an accurate allegorical foretelling of Brexit, take your pick. I enjoyed it very, very much, with a sparkling, intelligent humour. Not only is it an enjoyable and thoroughly entertaining comedy, but it is a cinematic flashback to a bygone age, with attitudes and scenarios sadly now only a memory in British life. [25] The film was shown at the 1949 Cannes Film Festival, although it was not entered into the competition. The film's very first shot takes us from that rooftop down to real life on the streets still littered with the rubble of homes destroyed in the blitz. I saw it years ago on TV and enjoyed watching it again. Passport to Pimlico has the distinction of making pouring rain and the onset of cold weather the satisfying and suitably up-beat coda to its story. Great light comedy. 'Passport to Pimlico' is a lively glimpse into a post war world that has now gone. Since citizenship in the Netherlands is by blood, not by birth, this made the baby princess solely Dutch. Greed and deception are the source of many miseries of modern life. Loved the last scene, where as soon as they are "back in England!" Cornelius left Ealing Studios after working on Passport to Pimlico and did not work for the studio again. KORDA, (Sir) Alexander Passport to Pimlico contains numerous references to the Second World War to accentuate the spirit within the small Burgundian enclave. (Quello che segue ha la forma di un dialogo, ma in realtà è un monologo. Enjoy! This Ealing comedy, like so many others, has such an interesting and entertaining story that you don't always notice the clever and rather perceptive touches. Each begins with a story idea that might not even seem funny when described in brief. There is also an intense British pride to the film. The council begin discussions with the government, particularly about the Burgundian treasure. [28], The acting was also praised by many of the critics; Lejeune thought that "the acting of the countless small character parts that the plot brings together is splendid",[28] while the reviewer for The Monthly Film Bulletin considered that "each character, and indeed every individual member of the lengthy cast, provides a gem of comedy acting at its highest and best". Technically, the digital restoration job that has been performed on the film is excellent. and Kind Hearts and Coronets. Icon Books, pp.320, 16.99. Born: Sándor László Kellner in Túrkeve, Hungary, 16 Septem…, BIBLIOGRAPHY We didn't have much but we were happy with what we had, and we dreampt of better. There are some problems with the set-up - most notably with the fact that many of the problems the Pimlico citizens get into are their own fault by deliberately spiting the British government (ridiculing the police a few minutes before demanding they have police protection is a good case in point) - but overall the film gets by with its charm and almost fantastical quaintness. Just like in the film’s story, Pimlico is not quite as it seems. A classic. As the British government has no legal jurisdiction, it requires the local residents to form a representative committee according to the laws of the long-defunct dukedom before negotiating with them. The explosion reveals a buried cellar containing artwork, coins, jewellery and an ancient manuscript. Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. One of Ealings all time classics, I urge anyone who hasn't seen this hunt down a copy and watch it right now. I was quite young at the time, but was impressed about the resiliance and spirit of the British after W W 2. Poi dopo, boh, i giapponesi? Say what you like about the cinematic importance of the Ealing Studios comedies of the late 1940s and early 1950s, but nobody can deny that pretty much all of them have a lot of heart, and always provide 90 minutes of solid, quirky entertainment. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on August 13, 2016. With the final piece of the deadlock eliminated, Burgundy reunites with Britain, which also sees the return of rationing for food and clothing to the area. No human toilet with this Duke of Burgundy! The only point I can add to the already, and rightfully so, glorious observations is that every performance in this film should be, and particularly by today's standards, Oscar nominated achievements. I saw this film as a boy living in Chelsea (next door to Pimlico) and found it utterly charming. It's very much a wish-fulfilment story, aimed squarely at the working classes, who suffered the most during the war, and deliberately invoking the spirit of the blitz (while snubbing its nose at authority figures) at a time when post-war austerity had begun to take some of the shine off military victory. [9] The airlift of food supplies into the Burgundian enclave was influenced by the flights of food and supplies during the Berlin Blockade of June 1948 – May 1949. Nationality: British. Even a bit after the War, there were still unexploded bombs in London. The treasure is only found when Pemberton himself inadvertently falls into the bomb-sight. Reviewed in the United States on April 19, 2017. Therefore, the Canadian government issued a temporary declaration that the maternity ward of the Ottawa Civic Hospital was Officially Not Canada. The cacophonous Nazi explosion that created Burgundy (and buried Pimlico) is now rivaled by the vociferous crowd, swarming through the former British district like Bedouins over the dunes of Arabia. ... Taylor-Lehman points out that Bates Snr was born in Ealing, home to the film studio responsible for Passport to Pimlico. Sealand: The True Story of the World’s Most Stubborn Micronation Dylan Taylor-Lehman. Passport to Pimlico essentially examines the problems of this transition by demonstrating the possibilities inherent in having particular freedoms. What we get is a great romp which hasn't dated a bit. While the British government entangles the issue in lengths of red-tape, the newly-realised nation of Burgundy tries desperately to sort itself out. Armes, Roy, A Critical History of British Cinema, London, Secker & Warburg, 1978. (Duke of Burgundy); Margaret Rutherford (Professor Hatton-Jones); Raymond Huntley (Wix); Hermoine Baddeley (Eddie Randall); Basil Radford (Gregg). 1949 And it brought Post WWII London to life with clarity and power, with cinematography and dialogue that were entirely to the point. Things get harder as the political tensions between the two `countries' increase. Pleasant enough way to spend a late Sunday night. Ancient Burgundian law requires that the Duke himself appoint a council. Clarke, who embodies that warm side, and his script for Charles Crichton's The Titfield Thunderbolt (1953) feels like a … Filmed in bombed-out London. Passport to Pimlico continues to be an incredibly amusing comedy from Ealing Studios released during the heights of their popularity, and in the same year as Whisky Galore! I love old British comedies and Ealing Studios in particular. When one goes off in the London district of Pimlico, it reveals a cache of treasure. Sealand: The True Story of the World’s Most Stubborn Micronation. Oddly enough, this is sort of based on real incidents. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. "Passport to Pimlico This starts a trend of people throwing food into Pimlico to prevent the people from starving without forcing them to give in to a hostile government.