It’s legit and really really great.. I’ve ordered maybe about 10 t shirts from it.. though they can be overpriced and as each product is custom made to order it can take up to a week to be dispatched.. the quality is really good.. They terminated my account and said how I had copyrighted stuff.

Customer service does not exists for this site.

Redbubble has collected 614 reviews with an average score of 2.75. I received a mask totally unrelated to my order. There are 255 customers that Redbubble, rating them as bad. Even more than that, you might just as well make a good income using this platform. Bank payments may take up to 7 business days.

68 Redbubble purchases later… I’m hooked!

Also it's virus free, and safe. Redbubble Review 2020 ... Redbubble is completely safe to use and you don’t have to worry about your hard-earned money getting blocked or anything. I’ll explain exactly how Redbubble works, how to sell on Redbubble, and give you some practical Redbubble selling tips.. It’s just that I, personally, would not take the risk.

... March 17, 2019 at 9:52 am. Making Money on Redbubble. So if you want to order something and get another product unrelated- this is the site for you. Redbubble is definitely safe and reliable”, and this article will tell you why I think this way. Refunds are easy, also if you order a t shirt in the wrong size, you don’t have to return it.

If you buy Christmas gifts from Redbubble, it’s a good idea to order by the beginning of November. Speaking of Redbubble we can say for sure that this brand is legit. It’s possible to purchase something from Redbubble in December and receive it on time for Christmas. Redbubble is a scam guys, I made few designs and made around 400$. They also paid me 300$ and said they will ban me if I make account ever again. If you want to learn how to sell on Redbubble – and how to make money on Redbubble – then this guide is for you.

Redbubble is a good site for sharing art, decals, stickers, and shirts. So, from my experience, I can definitely say, “YES! Today I received my beautiful masks, well packaged and I am thrilled! 1,897 reviews for Redbubble, 3.6 stars: 'I ordered a mask with a character from Crash Landing. Artists on this site maintain all rights to their work, so you can sell here, as well as with the site’s many competitors. You will get timely payments to your account whenever you meet the minimum threshold in earnings. The site says that the average artist earns a 17% commission. This is my new and updated guide on how to sell art on Redbubble.. After that, if your product gets chosen to buy, the order is sent to one of Redbubble’s global network of 3rd party printers. You’ll be paid once your earnings reach our $20 threshold.. We start processing payments on the 15th of each month; however, it may take a couple of days to reach your account.Paypal payments may take up to 5 business days to transfer. Your products get posted on your store and within the product’s category, alongside thousands of other artist’s products. Another positive: RedBubble sells your designs on a breathtaking array of different products, from stickers to clothing and device covers to home goods. I had never ordered anything from Redbubble before and I didn’t know if it was safe to buy from them. It’s based in Burgess Hill, West Sussex! You can set up an online store through the Redbubble website. I would suggest this site to anyone who feels the need to spice up "the house". After receiving a gift from a friend, and assuming it was my Redbubble order, I left a one star review. A lot of the stuff you order can be shipped rather quickly and brought to your house quickly. This gives you PLENTY of time if there’s some kind of processing or shipping setback. I went to returns to request a refund or return and received a message that it is not returnable. But I followed my gut and bought the print anyway (I still have it and love it today). It is definitely possible to sell your stuff on this site and get paid with no unwanted difficulties or inconveniences. They arrived 3 weeks later than estimated, however, that is the delay from postal service, both US and Canada, and no fault of Redbubble.