In 2009 two more departments Finance and Banking, and Statistics— were established. The most distinguished, most highly ranked and most prestigious, are Central Tehran and Science and Research. Our university is committed to spreading beneficial knowledge that is easily affordable and will benefit not only individual students but also empower entire communities. Moreover, every faculty building, library, residential halls have cafeterias on the campus.

Although, it has a total of 47 Bus to ensure transportation facilities of the students, teacher officers and support staff residing inside and outside of the campus, but it is not adequate. Earn your education without ever having to leave your home! I'm from India but I'm based in Oman since 1994. Jazak Allahu khair. Not eligible for F-1 or J-1 visa sponsorship. These campuses are under the direct control of the Board of Trustees and the President. Cairo University (CU) is the best Islamic university on our list. The vice-chancellor is the executive head of the university. An international seminar on "Innovation of Healthy Products through Biotechnology" "Innovation of Healthy Products through Biotechnology". Alhamdulillah, this online course concept of Dr.Bilal is the greatest blessing from Allah to all mankind. [10] Over the years, the university has accumulated assets estimated to be worth $20–25 billion. There are 8 units (A to H) for admission test; each unit has its unique questions patterns .i.e. [15], The Islamic Azad University has international offices in Russia, Italy, Germany, the UK, UAE, Lebanon and Afghanistan.[16]. [14][15] M. Shahinoor Rahman has been the pro vice-chancellor since 20 February 2013. Search for Islamic Studies institutions in the USA and start your trip abroad now.

Institutions of religious educations (most are classified as "madrasas", a term that means "school" or, literally, "place where lessons are given") founded during colonial era: Jamia Nizamia, Hyderabad, India; Post-colonial era. A two-day national workshop on 'Bioinformatics and Computational Biology'. ), M.Sc. Barak Allahu feekum. [21] Since then, a second convocation was held on 5 December 1999 and the third on 28 March 2002. Our Students enjoy great opportunity having a course with one of the prestigious universities in United States of America. The IOU provides an equal opportunity for all students and makes earning a degree a real possibility even for the neediest of students. The library has 'Bangabandhu Corner'[20] Muktijuddho Corner (Liberation War Corner) which provides the opportunity to learn the history of independence of Bangladesh against then Pakistan. Degree Awarded: B.Sc.Engg./B.Engg., M.Sc.Engg./M.Engg., M.Phil. Health services are provided by a medical center of the Islamic University.

Shamsuzzaman Khan, former director general of Bangla Academy, was appointed as 'Bangabandhu Chair' Professor at Islamic University (IU) in Kushtia on 1 October 2018. An international seminar on "The influence of world literature on the Tagorean characterization of women" was held on 3 March 2018. I'm going to try my best to be a good Muslim.

In addition, every hall of residence has its own library, give opportunities to the residential students to read books, journals, newspapers and borrow books. However, on a global scale, this Muslim university ranks 747.

Our curriculum is based on correct and authentic knowledge based on the principles of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama’ah. ISLAMIC ONLINE UNIVERSITY have made my dream come true by introducing the BAIS program.
-Dr. Bilal PhilipsFounder and Chancellor, The International Open University. ALHAMDULIILLAH! Educational institutions founded since end of colonial rule that are not religious seminaries, but have an Islamic or Muslim identity or charter, or devoted to sciences and arts usually associated with Islamic or Muslim culture and history: This is a list of Members of the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW), an organisation working whose stated aim is to support universities and higher education institutions in the Islamic world. Present Director of the Computer Centre is Paresh Chandra Barman (Ph.D, KAIST, South Korea; Professor of ICE, IU).

AsSalaamu alaykum.

Our virtual doors are open to everyone across the globe.

The Centre also has dental unit, eye unit, x-ray department and two ambulances. Some hospitals are listed below: 2018 Best Global Universities Ranking[18], 2017: International rank: 938, National rank: 5, Regional Rank: 24 (SRBIAU)[19], 2013: International rank: 87, National rank: 1, Regional Rank: 1[20], 2012: International rank: 231, National rank: 1, Regional Rank: 2[21], 2014: World rank: 252, Country rank: 11, Regional rank: 194[22], 2013: World rank: 161, Country rank: 1, Regional rank: 25[23], 2012: World rank: 226, Country rank: 2, Regional rank: 34[24], Coordinates: 35°43′58″N 51°23′20″E / 35.7328°N 51.3889°E / 35.7328; 51.3889, URAP – University Ranking by Academic Performance, Cite error: The named reference "statistics" was defined multiple times with different content (see the, Encyclopædia Britannica World Almanac, ed. [16] The treasurer is Selim Toha.[17]. Moreover, these two venues are very popular for inter-university football and cricket competition. The government-approved recent organogram of the university sets out to operate 59 departments and 3 self-contained Institutes. There are six academic buildings in IU to operate academic activities of 34 departments, which are: Islamic University Computer Centre was established in order to accelerating research facilities for faculty, staff and students.[37]. In 1995 three other departments — of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, and Computer Science and Engineering— were established. In 2019 the Department of Fine Arts was added to the Faculty of Arts. We are happy to have partnered with Islamic University of Minnesota as an affiliated College. Asalmu o alikum brothers and sisters Now I am proud to call myself Muslim. An international seminar on "Music and performing arts as the exposition of Lalon's philosophy". Islamic University, Bangladesh (Bengali: ইসলামী বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়, বাংলাদেশ, Arabic: الجامعة الإسلامية بنغلاديش‎), commonly known as Islamic University, Kushtia shortly (IU) is a major public research and PhD granting universities in Bangladesh and the largest seat of higher education in the south-west part of the country. IU has two large playgrounds, one is for cricket and another for football.

The 'Bangabandhu Chair' was established at IU under Bangla department on 20 July 2017 to carry out extensive research on the life, political activities and ideology of the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the Father of the Nation. In the world of delusions, IOU is one of best institutes from which we can collect knowledge. Special thanks to Dr. Bilal for his contributions and efforts to Islamic knowledge. Not relying on government funding, it receives charitable donations and charges tuition fees.[9]. AsSalamu Alaykom.

All Rights Reserved. Iran's supreme leader has declared the financial endowment of Islamic Azad University to be "religiously illegitimate and unlawful", prompting a change within the administration of the institution.[11]. ALHUMDULILLAH!!!!!!!!!!! My name is Fadxi Baashe and I am a Muslim. The university has about 16,000 regular students.

It's really a great achievement from Dr.Bilal Philips and his team.

Initially two faculties (Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences) with four departments (Al-Quran, Dawah, Accounting, Management) were established and 300 students were enrolled in the session of 1985–86.. HE Rector of the Islamic University welcomed members of the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet's Mosque.
Each medical center serves as the primary teaching site for that campus's medical school. A seminar on "Role of University to Revive River Economy". There are 621 Sama high schools affiliated to the university, along with 124 technical and vocational colleges.[2]. California Islamic University constitutes a program of study that is catered to Muslims living in the West. Doors that were once closed have been swung wide open for the impoverished and disenfranchised who would normally not have the means to afford higher levels of study.

There are five departments under this faculty and the medium of instructions are English based on each department, which are: There are three departments under this faculty and the medium of instructions are English, Bengali & Arabic based on each department individually . Most are universities with a broad charter for comprehensive education in the Muslim communities they serve. In addition, these universities look to educate students in the proper methods of Islam in order to perform wholly as a Muslim each day. Islamic Studies courses increase the understanding of Islam as a world religion through critical analysis of primary and secondary materials. An international seminar on "Current Trends in Folklore Studies". [10] The university admits students through the National Wide Entrance Examination held by the National (Iranian) Organization of Educational Testing.

Admission to the Program. In addition, It subscribes to hundred of foreign journals. Applicants must have completed an undergraduate or graduation introductory finance course, or equivalent, or have sufficient career experience in a finance field as approved by the finance department chair or department faculty designee. The objective of establishing Islamic University is "to provide for instruction in theology and other fields of Islamic Studies and comparative jurisprudence and such other branches of learning at Graduate and Postgraduate level as the University may think fit and make provision for research including Post-Doctorate research and training for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge"[Clause 5(a), The Islamic University Act 1980(37)]. Institutions founded before the colonial era and which are still in operation: Institutions of religious educations (most are classified as "madrasas", a term that means "school" or, literally, "place where lessons are given") founded during colonial era: Religious institutions (or madrasas) founded since the end of colonial rule in the respective countries: These are institutions founded during colonial era that are not religious seminaries. Salam alaykom brohters and sisters. By 2021, a total of three institutes will be established at IU as per newly approved program of the university. The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) CELL is to deliver technology services to support the Teaching, Learning, Research and Administrative goals of the university, managed by the Computer Centre. آرمان ایرانی برای جهانی شدن Students can benefit from tuition-free accredited Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in various fields of study. The chancellor is the ceremonial head of the university who appoints the vice-chancellor. [5][6] It offers undergraduate, graduate, M Phil and PhD degrees. The IOU provides students the opportunity to gain authentic Islamic knowledge with five different streams of study to choose from. Many universities and colleges in United States offer English-taught Bachelor's degrees. Assalamu'aleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. 2nd International Conference on Nursi Studies in Bangladesh "Global Peace and Harmony: The Risala-i Nur Perspective" 28–29 January 2019. IU is four times champions in football, two times in basketball and fourteen times in volleyball at the Bangladesh inter-universities sports competition. I recommend that every Muslim join now. "Making authentic Islamic knowledge readily available to the world through the Internet solely for God's pleasure is a noble life-goal and a mission well worth sacrificing all of one's energies and means for."-Dr.